Strength training at home. Strength training program for women and men

A difficult, but quite effective strength training at home will help to find a slim and toned body, as well as strengthen your own health and increase muscle elasticity. The usual morning exercises, of course, have not harmed anyone yet, but it’s better to supplement it with a set of exercises consisting of cardio and weight load.

Each subsequent strength training at home accelerates the metabolism, which helps to break down fat and get rid of extra pounds. The combination of load power and endurance is guaranteed to lead to excellent results that others will envy.

strength training at home with dumbbells

Basic Rules

Both complex exercises and elementary strength training at home with dumbbells require compliance with certain rules. To avoid unnecessary problems, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Constancy. If it was decided to engage in strength exercises, then there should not be any excuses for breaks in classes. You should not pay attention to the fact that while the desired results are not visible, and quit training, in any case, you should continue to carry out the program. A really noticeable effect will be visible only after a month. In addition, when practicing at home, you will need to develop good willpower so as not to abandon the training process.
  2. Warm up. First of all, you need to "wake up" your own muscles and prepare them for the load, which will help to achieve the best effect from the workout. The simplest warm-up is running on the spot, jumping rope or exercising on a stationary bike.
  3. Power workout. After warming up the muscles, you need to add load. For this, as a rule, dumbbells or a bar are used. Each person chooses weight for himself, but it is worth considering the fact that a power workout should not take too much energy, because the main energy will be required for basic exercises.
  4. Breath. Like any sport, strength training at home requires utmost care for breathing. Cells must receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, and for this you will need to learn how to breathe without any pauses.
  5. Nutrition. Within an hour before and after class, food should not enter the stomach. The fact is that after training, the body loses a lot of glycogen, which is just replenished through the transformation of fat. Therefore, doctors recommend that you do not interfere with the formation of this element and do not rush to immediately snack on something. This should be especially taken into account by people who set the main goal of losing weight. Those who want to lose weight sooner need to eat only a couple of hours after class. But men who absolutely do not need to count kilograms are allowed to consume carbohydrate food, after which the muscles recover much faster, although the weight remains in place.

weight training at home with kettlebell

Exercises for Athletes and Goddesses

Strength training for women and men have some differences among themselves, since the goals of athletes differ. The stronger sex, as a rule, is primarily important for muscles and beautiful relief, but thin feminine natures prefer loads that will help to find a thin waist and elastic buttocks.

In terms of quickly achieving goals, men are much easier. In order to become the owner of a gorgeous relief, you absolutely do not need to spend money on additional equipment, because the best option would be a regular horizontal bar, which almost everyone has at home. Pull-ups on the horizontal bar will perfectly replace the fitness room, and if you combine them with squats and push-ups from the floor, the desired effect will not take long.

Beautiful goddesses do not have biceps at all, so exercises for women do not increase muscle volume, but strengthen them well. Stretching and a little more time for cardio - these are the main additions to the main activities that will provide quick weight loss.

weight training for women

Features of home training

Before you begin to perform exercises for strength training at home, you should consider some of the nuances. The main problem is the limited amount of sports equipment, because in the living room it will not be possible to place the large-sized equipment that is present in the fitness rooms. Proceeding from this, it will be necessary to spend money in order to ensure for itself an increase in the load.

There are also people who can easily equip a room with the necessary equipment, but this is not so simple.

strength training at home


Among other things, the strength training program not only affects the appearance of a person, but is also beneficial for health. The load strengthens the cardiovascular system and develops the musculoskeletal system. Paying time to classes in youth, you will notice the effect in adulthood, because athletes feel cheerful and can easily lead an active lifestyle in old age.

Comprehensive strength training for women and men will help achieve all this. Today this is the only optimal way, since all miracle drugs and modern simulators advertised by beautiful people cannot guarantee a really good effect.

Beginner Exercises

Many beginners start playing sports right away with difficult exercises, which require a kettlebell, thereby checking their own strength. Unfortunately, strength training at home with a kettlebell is not suitable for beginner athletes, but it can be easily replaced with more interesting exercises, the effect of which will also be good.

strength training for men at home

The best complex

A simple complex using dumbbells consists of only four exercises, each of which needs to be paid attention to:

  1. Standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells bent so that the palms are at shoulder level. Then a squat is done (with emphasis on the heels), while the hips should be parallel to the floor. Next, you should take the initial position, while raising your arms with weight up. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the hips, buttocks and back, and you need to perform 8-10 repetitions.
  2. The starting position is the same. One foot takes a step forward, the second bends at the knee without touching the floor, and hands with dumbbells at the same time fall clearly down. Then, straining the muscles of the legs and abs, you should return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other leg. When performing, body weight should be distributed evenly on both legs. You need to perform 10-15 times.
  3. Legs are wider than shoulders, dumbbells in hands. An inclination is made forward (the body should be parallel to the floor), and the arms are lowered down. On inhalation, the hands are spread apart, on the exhale, they fall back. For beginners, 10 repetitions will be quite enough, but at the same time the back should be in a level position.
  4. Legs shoulder width, dumbbell in hand. Hands should be straightened in front of you, while the palms should be turned inward. Then a half-squat is done, and the body bends slightly forward, hands with dumbbells should be at the level of bent knees. During execution, the back should be straight all the time; dumbbells should not be lowered below the knees. In this position you need to be about a minute.

Complex for men

Strength training program is the right decision when you want to look athletic. A professional trainer with a special education can help with its preparation. You can create a program for yourself on your own, but for this you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

strength training program

An excellent strength training at home for men, which can easily enter the program, contains the most popular exercises:

  1. Press with a weight on the chest - 20 repetitions.
  2. Squats with a bar on the shoulders - 15 reps.
  3. The pull of the bar to the chin (in a standing position) - 20 repetitions.
  4. Deadlift - 10 reps.
  5. Pullups (any grip) - 20 repetitions.

These exercises are ideal for training. The number of repetitions should be increased every week, taking into account the capabilities of your own body. Strength training at home of this type will suit every man and will give the desired result quite quickly.

The program for the fair sex

Women to perform strength training will need only dumbbells as additional equipment. The program includes the following exercises (the number of repetitions each woman should choose on her own, based on her health):

  1. Arm curl with dumbbell.
  2. Raising straight arms with weight forward (alternately).
  3. Squats with dumbbells on the shoulders.
  4. Press with minimal weight on the chest.

strength training exercises at home

Workout for kids

Warming up before strength training at home can include the simplest exercises, which will be a good activity for young athletes. Kids aged 3-4 years old can also perform strength exercises with dumbbells or special balls. They must be combined with gymnastic exercises that develop agility and flexibility. Parents should set an example for their child, and not just force him to perform movements incomprehensible to him. In a sports family there is always a positive mood, therefore, a love of sports should be gradually inculcated from childhood.


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