Green Environmental Tower (rotating tower) will be built in Dubai?

Dubai is a city that looks like an outdoor venue for architects from around the world. Here are the highest skyscrapers in original designs with an abundance of the most modern engineering solutions. In 2007, an incredible message appeared in the press - a rotating tower will be built in Dubai.

From idea to project

Rotating tower
The Green Environmental Tower project was developed by the Italian construction company Dynamic Architecture. It is worth noting that mobile buildings are being developed and prepared for construction around the world today. Nevertheless, the tower, the construction of which is planned in Dubai, has a number of features. The main author of the project, engineer David Fisher, says he is building housing for the future. The original concept of the building involves the mobility of each floor with the possibility of a complete turn. At the same time, the skyscraper will have a central fixed core, in which elevators, stairs and all communications necessary for a comfortable existence will be placed. The project quickly received an unofficial name - Dynamic Tower. The author himself compares his creation with a woman slowly moving in a dance. The rotating tower in Dubai will allow the owners of the premises to radically change the view from the windows to suit their own mood. At the same time, the general view of the building will also be constantly changing. In plan terms, the skyscraper does not have round shapes, with each floor moving independently of the neighboring ones.

The smartest home in the world

Dubai Rotating Tower Arab Emirates
The place where the eighty-story Dynamic Tower will be built has already been determined. The spinning tower should appear very soon near Sheikh Zayed Road. According to the project, the total height of the building will be about 420 meters. Inside the skyscraper there will be luxury apartments, offices, restaurants, shops and other public places. In addition, each floor will have a separate owner. For buyers, the greatest interest should be the opportunity to watch the sunset and sunrise from one room in full glory, as well as change the panoramas from the windows to suit your mood. Another feature of the project is its significant autonomy. A modern skyscraper will generate electricity in excess of its own needs. Power wind turbines will be placed between the moving floors , and solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building.

How will the rotating tower be built (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)?

Rotating tower in dubai
According to David Fisher, in the traditional way only the central fixed part of the building will be erected. Moving floors and other elements of which the rotating tower will consist will be prefabricated at a factory in Italy. At the chosen place in Dubai, it remains only to collect the floors of the skyscraper from separate triangular sections. According to the calculations of engineers, the construction of one level with such technology will take no more than three days. All necessary technical calculations have been made. The new skyscraper will amaze your imagination with its ultra-modern design and delight with high safety features. Curiously, Dynamic Tower has better seismological stability indicators than its fixed counterparts.

Mentions in popular culture

Rotating tower ofge of empires
It's hard to believe, but as soon as the first reports appeared in the press that a rotating tower would appear in Dubai, Dynamic Architecture began to receive messages from those wishing to acquire real estate in this unique building. Real sales are planned to begin immediately at the start of construction. It is planned to erect a modern skyscraper in just 18-20 months. The secret of such a high speed of construction lies in the prefabrication of about 90% of the entire building in an Italian factory. The author of the project does not get tired to maintain interest in the moving tower. Press conferences are held regularly and new publications appear in the press. Curiously, the Dubai Rotating Tower has already appeared in computer games. Forge of Empires is a prime example. This is a cult strategy in which today every player can build his own movable skyscraper. Curiously, bonuses in the form of goods are given for each level of construction. The finished building produces resources just like its real prototype. One can only hope that very soon the residents and guests of Dubai will be able to see the new attraction in the real city panorama, and not just on advertising layouts.


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