What is VK status?

The word "status" in Latin means "condition". The concept is abstract, and denotes the position of the subject, his rank in a particular system, sphere or structure. On the Internet, status is a message, phrase, or a specific icon that is saved and broadcast along with the contact information of the user of the web resource or on his page.

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What is the status of VKontakte?

The status on the VKontakte social network is posted on the page, it is visible to all friends and users when they visit it. Thus, you report on how you feel at a given time, or on what you want to say to your subscribers. Often, winged expressions, quotes, aphorisms are used for statuses. Businessmen and entrepreneurs as a status provide a link to their site, thereby increasing its traffic. Lovers in this way communicate their feelings. In the status you can broadcast music files. Constantly changing new statuses of VKontakte make the userโ€™s page a fascinating and interesting resource that you will want to visit next time. This kind of service can be a great way to implement an idea. For example, you want to sell something or conduct a survey. If you report this, then all your active contacts will be in the know and will respond. Therefore, answering the question about what is the status of VKontakte, we can say: this is a kind of message board. To create it, you need to go to your page. Under the contact information there is a line โ€œChange statusโ€. If you click on it with the mouse button, a field for input will open. Here you need to enter the text of the message that you want to broadcast. If you check the box "Tell friends", then subscribers who monitor the activity of their friends and communities will see your message in the news feed.

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Create cool statuses for "Contact" to attract attention and ensure a constant visit to your page! To do this, use various icons and symbols, broadcast music along with the message. Imagine and experiment - and your public message will be original.

What is the status in other social networks

cool statuses for contact

Create an interesting message in Odnoklassniki, and it will always be next to your photo. However, note that only the beginning of the phrase is visible here. Social network users will see the entire message only if they come to visit you. The status is created in Odnoklassniki in the same way as it is done on VKontakte. Go to the page, write the text under the contact information, attach a picture or photo - and your message to your friends is ready. The social network Facebook (Facebook) offers to write what you think. Thus, in your chronicle you see all your statuses, and friends see them in the news feed. Here you can write tests, give links, publish pictures and photos, on which you can immediately mark friends, attracting their attention. You can do this by going to your page and clicking in the field entitled "What are you thinking?" Now that you know what status is in social networks, you can use this service with pleasure for your own purposes.

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