Resource Group LLC: employee reviews, address, founder

Going in search of work, many job seekers pay attention to the opinions of former and current employees, reviews of employees. Resource Group LLC is one of the largest organizations that regularly updates the list of its free vacancies. The company has a rather controversial reputation. What do they say about her? And is it worth going to work here?

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Company Brief

Before we pay attention to the reviews of employees about Resource Group LLC, we will tell a little about the organization itself. Currently, the company specializes in providing non-core types of outsourcing services to industrial enterprises.

The company is primarily engaged in the operation of real estate, cleaning of premises and office areas, the organization of industrial and corporate catering, as well as the management of vehicles and other non-core assets.

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Since what period does it work?

Resource Group LLC has been operating in Moscow since the end of 2010. Initially, the organization made a choice in favor of a shift method of work, mainly in industrial and construction areas. Later, the company began to expand its basic service portfolio in order to attract more customers.

Where is the organization’s office located?

The main office of the organization is located in the northern part of Moscow. Address of Resource Group LLC: second Khutorskaya street, house. 38 / A. The company’s representative office is located in Savelovsky district. Finding it is easy. It is located between Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage and Vyatka street.

If we talk about the legal address, the company was registered at the address: Krasnodonskaya street, 20, building. 2, room 1, room 10.

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Who are the customers of the company?

The company's customers are enterprises operating in the oil and gas, engineering, transport and metallurgical industries. According to the representatives of this outsourcing company Resource Group LLC, their clients are in most large cities of Russia. For example, among organizations closely cooperating with Resource Group, there are enterprises in Tula, Omsk, Moscow, Izhevsk, Rostov-on-Don and other cities of the Russian Federation.

What major projects did the company participate in?

If you believe the reviews of the employees of Resource Group LLC, the company regularly participates in various projects. Moreover, many of them have state or federal significance. For example, this organization acted as a contractor during the construction of the Kerch bridge. She also assisted the following well-known enterprises:

  • "Tulotachmashu."
  • TEMPO.
  • "Mashdetali."
  • Taif-NK.

Among the industrial and construction enterprises that have already managed to use the services of the Resource group, there are less well-known companies, for example, the Nika company.

Grishina Aliya Yermagambetovna

What are the principles of the organization?

Before starting their work, representatives of Resource Group conduct a full analysis of non-core assets in the territory of the employer’s enterprise. After a comprehensive survey, the company gets a general picture of the state of affairs of the client. Next, a detailed action plan is written, which is associated with improving the state of affairs of the client, and the calculation of the entire volume of services is performed.

Then a further action plan is presented, a cooperation agreement is concluded and the work of an outsourcing company begins.

A few words about the company founder

The founder of the Resource Group company is considered Grishina Alia Ermagambetovna. According to many employees of the organization, you can rarely meet it with your own eyes. But at a meeting she is always ready for dialogue. Despite all her busyness, the businesswoman has an excellent sense of humor and leaves behind an extremely positive opinion.

By the way, in addition to the Resource Group company, Grishina is a founder of such organizations as Techmarket LLC, Accent LLC, Media Factory LLC and others. But what about the organization of Resource Group LLC itself? Employee reviews will help to understand this difficult issue.

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Caring for company employees

According to the employees of this company, Resource Group cares about its employees. In particular, the company devotes a lot of time and attention to the advanced training of its staff. At the same time, the company itself does not just hire professionals in their field who have managed to perfectly recommend themselves. They also pay attention to the career and intellectual growth of employees already working for them.

According to the stories of the leaders of the organization, each of the employees is evaluated separately. This means that his talents and achievements do not remain invisible. All the pros and cons in his work, as a rule, are taken into account and fixed.

If necessary, the employee is sent to training, for example, planned courses to improve his qualifications, trainings, seminars, etc. Work from direct employers, which is offered to all "newly minted" employees at Resource Group, involves maintaining a personal file for each employee. This means that information about each of the employees, including information about their skills, abilities and aptitude for training, is with the company's management.

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Selective work with management personnel

In addition to the working team, experienced managers work at Resource Group. Moreover, they are in close contact with experienced and inexperienced staff. Consequently, those skills that ultimately acquire the junior employees of the enterprise will depend on their experience, knowledge and skills.

For the same reason, the company carefully monitors the competence of the management team, which by all means indicates Resource Group LLC in its vacancies. For example, when hiring the current managing partner, Vilensky Sergey Anatolyevich had to go through three stages of an interview and two serious tests. And this despite a fairly solid track record.

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Who can become a member of the team?

According to the leaders of the company themselves, an extremely good or promising specialist can become a member of their team. Since the work at Resource Group is from direct employers, future employees of the company need to fill out a special form. It should include not only information about their experience from previous places of work, but also write down their "strengths".

According to the story of a representative of an organization engaged in hiring new employees and evaluating their job qualities, the applicant needs to “sweat” a lot. In this case, he has to prove what benefit he can bring to the enterprise.

Opinions on staff training

Most of the organization’s employees who have ever worked in the team of this company leave pretty good reviews. For example, some of them delightedly talk about rapid career growth. According to their story, it becomes clear that they managed to rise from the bottom and break out into the leadership team.

According to some employees, Resource Group is doing everything to ensure that their employees have acquired sufficient experience and gained specialized knowledge. For this, the company provides a variety of training programs, conducted trainings, seminars, lectures. Moreover, it is expected that both field training of employees and advanced training at the place of their employment. In the second case, qualified trainers, lecturers and other experts are invited to train staff.

Features of teamwork

As some employees say, work in the Resource Group team is associated with certain nuances. In most cases, it all depends on the management team. For example, good and moderately strict managers work in some divisions of the company.

They regularly communicate with their wards, are interested in observing schedules and operating standards, monitor the health of equipment, establish clear plans and require full feedback. With such leadership, employees say, it is always a pleasure to work.

However, in some representative offices of the company there are less pleasant managers. According to the stories of employees, this is a very demanding boss, which promises a lot, but does not do much. In such areas, there is a big "staff turnover", many complain about the delay in wages. There are cases when, according to the workers, they did not pay the money at all, referring to the mythical failure to fulfill their plans, etc.

In general, teamwork is rated as good and satisfactory. The team itself is very friendly. The company provides employees with housing and meals. In “Resource Groups” there is a bonus system for personnel, a bonus program is in place. Employees are regularly sent on planned leave, which is paid and calculated according to the current labor code.


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