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to sew a backpack do-it-yourself patterns
Jeans in our time are a familiar part of clothes for everyone. Children and adults, boys and girls, bank employees, students, artists and professors, thin and full, old or young people on the planet have at least one pair of these pants in their wardrobe. Jeans - a kind of indicator of mood and even the nature of the person who possesses it. To sew a backpack with your own hands, patterns can be prepared independently.

It is not clear why, but very often worn jeans become a source of various design novelties and ideas. The pattern of a backpack made from old jeans trousers can be one, but the backpacks decorated in different ways will always be favorably different from their store and bazaar counterparts.

Denim (denim) has a special secret to weaving threads. It is thanks to this feature that its strength and durability are achieved. According to the initial technology, twill diagonal weaving of cotton fibers (left down and right up) is used to create jeans fabrics. The warp threads are stained with indigo blue, the weft threads are not stained. Thanks to these features, only the outer part of the fabric is dyed. That is why the visual effect of scuffing even new material is created.

denim backpack pattern

What can be done with old jeans

Of course, you can simply throw away the old pants, worn out to holes, and that’s the end. However, the thrift of our and foreign people comes up with various unexpected solutions for reusing your favorite things.

  • You can rip jeans and sheathe the resulting fabric with a small cottage sofa. A backpack pattern for such use of an old pair of jeans is not at all useful. Other methods need to be applied.
  • Cutting the fabric from the pants into strips and interlacing them, you can get a beautiful rug under your feet.
  • What about unusual youth accessories? One can only make spring bracelets - baubles from double seams, trimmed with buttons, chains, pebbles and beads - a great many can be made.
  • Rugs and kitchen gloves, patchwork-style duvets, flower pots and soft containers for household items.
  • Separately, let's say about jeans shoes. Not ready-made sneakers or ballet shoes, but invented independently and sewn by the "crazy" hands of the craftswomen. Slippers and slippers, boots and socks - there is no limit to the fantasies of needlewomen.
    bag backpack pattern

Some more ideas

  • Covers and pockets for gadgets are distinguished by original solutions.
  • Cases for your favorite camera - just a godsend of design ideas.
  • Poufs and houses for mini-dogs, coasters for hot glasses and wall panels, peculiar baskets for newspapers and even flower pots.
  • Trousers were cut off, lace was sewn - this is the new skirt.
  • We cut off the legs, don’t sew anything, we cut the edges of the fabric into the fringe - these are new stylish shorts.
  • Make cuts on the front side of the legs or the back - you get almost new fashionable jeans (especially for girls).
  • Bags are, one might say, a classic of jeans alterations. Embroidered, decorated with colored shoelaces or rhinestones for more than a dozen years have been pleasing with the originality and originality of their hostesses to the envy of all girlfriends.

How to make a pattern for a backpack

backpack pattern

The pattern of a backpack, bag or thread case is always quite simple. It is necessary to use the cut of the jeans themselves - and everything will work out. It is not necessary to dissolve and rip apart the seams on worn out pants. You just need to separate the bottom of the legs from the top.

Usually for bags and backpacks use the top of jeans with pockets. Having inserted a belt or a silk scarf into the loops, making the lower seams, we get the simplest option: a bag-bag.

Another backpack option

In order to sew a backpack with your own hands, patterns are completely unnecessary. There are no standards for such design decisions, everything needs to be done “on the go”, that is, thinking quickly and efficiently, using everything that is at hand.

So, we put the cut off legs into one another. It turns out a double bag. It’s very good if they took flare jeans. Then the top should be made wider than the bottom. Sew one side, narrower - this is the bottom. The second, broader, must be processed to secure the straps and fasteners. Showing imagination, you can strengthen the straps of the backpack in different ways. However, it is necessary to firmly sew both in the center of the upper part of the backpack and on different sides - in the lower, for the seam of the bottom.

backpack of old jeans pattern

More complex work option

If you want to tinker a bit longer and sew a more complex backpack from old jeans, a backpack pattern can come in handy from the usual small hunting attribute. In addition, you need to stock up on some additional materials. Required:

  • non-woven;
  • plastic bottom;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • lining fabric;
  • threads, scissors, needles, laces;
  • old jeans of two colors.

It is necessary to cut the following details on the pattern of the backpack from the primary color jeans:

  1. Oval bottom measuring 13 cm by 22 cm.
  2. Two rectangles measuring 25 cm by 32 cm.
  3. A square pocket of second pants measuring 15 cm by 15 cm.
  4. Webbing, two pieces, measuring 10 cm by 60 cm.
  5. Flap on the pocket, cut for the handle.

All details must be processed with an overlock. You can use the line “zigzag” for this. If you leave the edges of the fabric unprocessed, you get a no less stylish finish that looks like a fringe, which is also interesting. Sometimes, the edges of the fabric are specially cut into small strips in order to achieve this effect.

Getting started assembly

To sew a backpack with your own hands, a pattern of parts is made, everything is prepared. First, both straps and the part for the handle are sewn from the inside. The edges of the pocket and the valve are trimmed with a contrasting color band. Then you need to sew the pocket to one of the rectangles with a double line to hold it tight. The bottom is glued with non-woven using an iron. Details of the body of the backpack (rectangular) are stitched together and with the bottom. The straps are flashed from the inside, turned and ironed. Straps and a handle are sewn - the product is ready. There is little left to finalize and decorate with decoration.

In order to make a denim backpack, a pattern is not always needed. Sometimes you can show ingenuity and ingenuity. If, when used for the manufacture of various products from old jeans, material of several colors is used, completely unusual and new little things are obtained.


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