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Human society is rapidly developing technological innovations, quickly getting used to its inventions. And for a long time, a device that was useful on the road, a navigator, has become a familiar attribute of a car for most drivers. Currently, it is rarely seen how a motorist chooses a route on the map in front of him. A familiar sound from the speakers warned of an approaching turn.

From the very beginning of the twentieth century, people began to think about how to facilitate their journey by car. And the first navigator manufactured in the nineteen twentieth year in the UK was the Plus Fours Routefinder handheld device. It was a system of paper cards and two scrolling wooden handles.

navigators reviews

Ten years later, simple mechanical navigators appeared, reviews of which testified to the simplicity of their device. The paper map, which the motorist could see on the screen, was scrolled with a cable similar to a similar detail of modern speedometers. The speed of movement of graphic objects on the device was in accordance with the speed of the machine. If the car turned off the road, then had to make a replacement card.

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Currently existing navigators, reviews of which indicate the simplicity and ease of use, were called GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System. They owe their appearance to the military industry. The history of modern navigators began with the appearance in orbit of the first artificial satellite of our planet, launched by Soviet scientists in 1957. When observing this object, it became clear the relationship that exists between the frequency of the radio signals and the parameters of its movement and the coordinates of the location.

Already in 1960, American satellites put into orbit formed the first system for monitoring and determining the coordinates of objects moving on the Earth’s surface. Due to the high commercial interest of civilian designers, military developments began to be used for peaceful purposes. Since 1983, the GPS satellite system has become available for car enthusiasts.

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Modern navigators, reviews of which indicate that it is easy to find your location using only one compact device, allow you to forget about thick atlases and meter maps. The device installed in the car will pave the optimal route and warn about traffic jams and traffic police posts on the road. He will indicate the location of gas stations, roadside service facilities and other necessary places.

Currently available navigators, reviews of which speak of their indispensable functional capabilities along the way, will allow you to listen to music and view photos, read a book or enjoy your favorite movie. Without interrupting the driving process, the compact device via Bluetooth will allow you to conduct mobile conversations and scroll through the phone book.

Navitel navigators are considered to be one of the best among similar equipment , reviews of which confirm the detail and vastness of their maps. In addition, fast, without any interruptions guarantee the work thought out by the company software. Navigators have a number of additional features that simplify their use. Traffic information can be obtained every two minutes.

Japanese navigators Pioneer will also be a faithful assistant to the driver, reviews of which indicate the perfect combination of reliability, prestige, practicality and price. These devices will always correctly and quickly indicate the optimal route and inform about the congestion of the route, its condition and the location of nearby service facilities.


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