Hernan Crespo: all the most interesting about the talented and legendary Argentine football player

Hernan Crespo was born July 5, 1975 in Florida (Argentina). At one time he was a rather famous athlete and promising footballer. However, today he is an ex-player of the Argentine national team and head coach of FC Moden. What are his achievements? This should be described in more detail.

Hernan Crespo

Club career

Hernan Crespo first entered the field as part of the River Plate Club. It was in the 1993/1994 season. He for him, by the way, became indicative. Hernan Crespo's career began very well, since in his debut season he scored 13 goals in 25 matches. Thus, he helped his club become the champion of Argentina. And he repeated the achievement as early as the next, 1995.

The career of a football player was advancing, and at the 1996 Olympics he won a silver medal (along with his national team), and also received the status of the tournament's top scorer. Then he chalked up six goals.

In 1996, Hernan Crespo changed the club, moving to FC Parma. There he continued to show true football prowess: in the first season he scored 12 goals in 27 matches. Together with this team, he won the Italian Cup and the UEFA Cup. In total, he spent 162 games for this team, for which he scored 72 goals.

You can talk about the career of this player for a long time. Therefore, I would like to note several indicative nuances. In “Lazio” Hernan Crespo played 54 matches and scored 39 goals. As part of Inter, he entered the field 18 times and scored 7 goals. For Chelsea, he played 49 matches and scored 20 goals. Then he returned to Italy, but to “Milan”. There he played 28 games and scored 11 goals. Then again “Inter” (62 games and 20 goals), and then - “Genoa” and “Parma”. These were his last clubs. In 2012, the football player decided to end his fruitful career.

career of hernan cresspo


This is another point that I would like to note with attention, telling about such a person as Hernan Jorge Crespo. The biography, the player’s career is interesting, but also do not forget that three years ago the football player decided to hang his boots on a nail and begin to train a new generation. True, the idea was not immediately realized. He became a coach only this year, 2015, on June 30. Hernan took over as head coach of FC Moden. The contract was concluded for a year, but it is likely that it will be extended by another two.

Hernan Jorge Crespot Biography Career


Hernan Crespo is not just an athlete. This is a man included in the official list of 125 best players in the world! And, remembering its performance, you can understand that it is deserved. But some other achievements are also worth telling. So, for example, he is a three-time champion of Argentina, the owner of the Libertadores Cup. The Super Cup and the Italian Cup, as well as UEFA, are also the trophies they have won. With Chelsea, he became the Premier League champion and owner of the English Super Cup, and with Lazio he won the Italian Super Cup (again). He managed to win this trophy when he played for AC Milan. By the way, at the same time he became a Champions League finalist. With “Inter” won Serie A three times and twice - the Italian Super Cup again.

With the national team, Hernan became the champion of the Pan American Games, as well as the silver medalist of the Olympic Games and the Confederations Cup. In addition to the above, he also has personal awards. Three-time top scorer, the owner of the “Silver Boot” and a member of the FIFA list - these are all his achievements. I must say, the list is impressive. Well, it remains only to wish Hernan the same stunning success, but already in coaching.

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