Do-it-yourself inspection pit in the garage: construction features

If you have a car and you are able to repair it yourself, then you need to prepare a special place for this. A self-made inspection hole in the garage in this case will be the best option. The fact is that you can build it on your own plan and equip it as you like.

do-it-yourself inspection hole in the garage
Do-it-yourself inspection pit in the garage is built quickly enough. First you need to calculate what size it will have, and draw its outline on a piece of paper. Naturally, it is necessary to take into account the depth at which groundwater is located. The minimum indicator should be 2.5 m. During construction, you should pay increased attention to the pit waterproofing, otherwise the bottom, as well as all the metal parts of your car will be constantly exposed to moisture. The structure must be closed additionally.

Do-it-yourself inspection pit in the garage is built quickly. Preparation begins with earthwork. The excavated soil will have to be removed somewhere. Depth should correspond to the growth of the person who will repair the transport. At the same time, another 15 cm should be added. Regarding the width of the structure, it should correspond to the dimensions of the car. The standard figure is 80 cm. The pit should be located in the middle of the race.

make a viewing hole in the garage

When digging a pit, one should not forget about allowances (10-15 cm), since inside we will strengthen the pit with a brick. The bottom of the trench must be covered with a sufficiently thick layer of gravel, as well as sand. Moreover, the resulting pillow should be well tamped. Drainage trenches must be excavated around the perimeter, the depth of which is 30 cm. Next, geotextiles are laid on the bottom, which is covered with a small layer of gravel. Naturally, drainage pipes are laid on it.

A self-made inspection hole in the garage provides for the additional use of rolled waterproofing, which is laid on top of the prepared pillow and a layer of rammed clay. Now you can put reinforcement on the floor and pour concrete. Naturally, it should be done according to the level.

inspection pit device in the garage

Next, we make an inspection hole in the garage as follows: we cover the concrete floor with another layer of waterproofing and begin to lay out the brick walls. During their installation, you must provide lighting for the trench, the supply of electricity to connect various devices. In addition, you can equip additional niches in the pit in which you can put keys and other tools for the duration of the repair. In principle, walls can be poured out of concrete, however, all the nuances mentioned should be taken into account.

The design made should be protected from accidental collision of the car. To do this, install a safety rail (corner) before the trench. In addition, to make it convenient for you to go down, build steps that can be poured out of concrete.

The device of the inspection hole in the garage is considered not difficult, but a responsible occupation, so first do all the accurate calculations and thoroughly prepare for work.


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