How to make a fireplace portal with your own hands: the choice of materials, installation features

The fireplace is a decoration of the whole interior. It gives the design a cosiness, creating a comfortable home atmosphere. And it doesn’t matter at all whether this is a real fireplace or its decorative versions. The portal for the fireplace bays the composition style. It is quite possible to create it yourself. This will give the design of the room an original look. How to make a portal for a fireplace with your own hands will be discussed later.

Selection rules

A do-it-yourself portal for a fireplace (a photo of the finished work is presented below) is a relatively light construction, so it does not need a foundation.

do-it-yourself portal for a fireplace photo

If a brick fireplace is built, its base is necessarily strengthened. But for artificial framing, you need to add weight purely visually. It should look natural in order to harmonize with the interior.

It is important to design a portal in accordance with the existing interior style. At the same time, the appearance of the focus with which they create a single image is also taken into account. Some fireplaces are sold with a portal, the design of which can be quite simple. To decorate it, add originality, you can create additional decor for an existing portal.

Some fireplaces do not have decoration at all. This is a hearth-insert, which can become the basis for a portal in any style. Without decoration, electric fireplaces are often made. They need to create a decorative facade separately.

Making a portal for a fireplace with your own hands is not difficult. It can be assembled from various materials that are at hand. At the same time, the appearance of such a frame will be spectacular thanks to some of the techniques discussed below.

Before dulling the work of creating a frame, you will need to buy a fireplace. Otherwise, the finished frame will not fit perfectly, and the work will have to be redone. Therefore, first acquire a fireplace, the surfaces of which should not be heated. Also, such a technique must have appropriate certificates that confirm the safety of its operation.


The portal under the fireplace with your own hands can be made in different configurations. The choice of model should be done in accordance with the features of the room. If the room is spacious, you can create a classic version of the frame. The fireplace is located on one wall below. The framing will be installed on the floor. For such a fireplace, it is required to provide sufficient space in front.

make a portal for a fireplace with your own hands

If the room is small, it is better to give preference to the model mounted on the wall. It will be located at some distance from the floor. Also, the fireplace can be hinged. The choice depends on the features of the interior.

The fireplace can also be straight or angular. It is not difficult to mount both varieties with your own hands. Direct fireplaces are often installed in a proportional, spacious room. If the room is elongated, it is better to make a corner portal for the fireplace with your own hands. So the room will look more harmonious.

Portals can be created both for a real fireplace, and for its decorative versions. There is a false fireplace, which can be made of a variety of materials. There is no flame in it. For example, you can instead create a woodpile or bookshelf inside the fireplace. Electric fireplaces look more realistic, the screen of which can imitate a real flame.

The portal may have a top shelf, on which you can put various objects, as well as side cabinets. Design can be the most diverse.


Traditionally, the framing for the fireplace was made earlier of stone. But even when using artificial varieties of materials, the weight of the structure is significant. If it is decided to make a portal for a fireplace from a brick with your own hands, you will need to create a foundation for it. This greatly complicates the work.

do-it-yourself wood portal for a fireplace

It is much easier to make light framing. For this, different materials are used today. For example, it can be drywall. From it you can make a portal that will look like it was created from stone. At the same time drywall is easy to process.

You can make a portal of wood for a fireplace with your own hands. This material looks noble, is environmentally friendly. If it is processed correctly, the wood will acquire the required appearance. A cheaper option is MDF, particleboard and plywood. Of these, it is better to make false fireplaces, which only create the likeness of such an element of the interior.

As materials for finishing, plaster, matte and glossy paints can be used. Wood can be coated with stain, creating the desired shade. Then it is varnished.

You can create an imitation of a brick, making the cladding much easier than using real blocks.

Design style

Wanting to create a portal with your own hands for a fireplace of a wood, electric or other type, you will need to create a design project.

do-it-yourself portal under the fireplace

On paper, you need to work out all the decorative elements, the configuration of the hearth, etc. Only then can you start work. The style of the fireplace may be different. It should be combined with the interior:

  • Country. This is a small design, which is suitable for rooms with modest dimensions. The portal can simply be painted or varnished. If the room is large, it is better to cover the frame with decorative brick or plaster the surface.
  • Victorian. It will be required to make a portal from sound wood. It can be decorated with gilded decorative elements, moldings and monograms. You can use plates that mimic natural stone. Their color should be dark.
  • Classic. The design is necessarily symmetrical, may have a marble finish. You can plaster the frame, decorating it with stucco. It is recommended to create columns or at least designate them by making vertical stripes on both sides. You can create such a portal from polyurethane or gypsum.
  • High tech. The portal looks light, has a modest design. It is best to use metal or stained glass for this. The fireplace should be compact.
  • Chalet. This is a romantic style that welcomes the presence of a bulky design. It is recommended to overlay it with a stone, and to make a shelf of solid wood of a saturated shade.

Drywall Portal

Do-it-yourself decorative portal for a fireplace is the easiest way to do it from drywall. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary materials, tools. Actually, gypsum board will be required for work quite a bit. The scraps remaining after the repair will come in handy. If it is planned to tile the portal, the drywall must be waterproof.

do-it-yourself fireplace portal

The frame is made of galvanized metal profile. It is easy to process, allows you to create different geometry of the structure.

If you plan to build a portal for an electric fireplace with your own hands, it can be tiled or covered with a layer of plaster. In both cases, you will need to purchase a primer designed for drywall. For plaster finishing, a finishing mixture based on gypsum, a reinforcing tape (sickle) will be required. You will also need to cover the surface with a layer of paint of the appropriate shade.

To finish the surface with tiles, you need to purchase tile glue. You can also fix tiles to liquid nails. Ceramic tiles are chosen medium or small. You will also need grout for joints of the corresponding shade.

The countertop can be made of drywall, but the massive board looks more impressive. Can be used for this MDF or plywood. In this case, you will need to purchase an additional special tape. She paste over the edges of the panels.


Do-it-yourself portal for a false fireplace should be created on a frame made of a metal profile. For this, a drawing is preliminarily created. On its basis, the amount of required materials is calculated.

In accordance with the drawing, markings are created on the wall and floor. For this, chalk or pencil is used. Next, you need to cut the metal profile with scissors for metal. A profile is installed on the floor, which in cross section has the letter β€œP”. It is necessary to check the level of horizontal rails.

The profile is fixed using dowels, screws. Next, the same horizontal parts of the frame are mounted on the wall.

After this, you need to screw the vertical strips from the wall profile. They are additionally fixed on the created basis of the structure. Next, create the upper harness.

Racks need to be additionally connected by stiffeners. Their step should be no more than 60 cm. The podium also needs to be strengthened. To do this, install short vertical sections of the profile on the mounted frame. They are set in increments of 20 cm.

Where the furnace will be installed, you will need to make a horizontal strapping, then the vertical guides are fixed. They will frame the screen.

Drywall Finish

After the frame is mounted, you can proceed to plating it with sheets of drywall. This material is easy to cut, so there are no difficulties during installation.

do-it-yourself decorative fireplace portal

Sheets of material are fixed on the frame using self-tapping screws. They are drowned lightly in drywall. Each self-tapping screw should be screwed into the center of the profile. Assembling the fireplace portal with your own hands, you should glue the corners with a serpentine. In this case, a gypsum solution is used.

If you plan on the top shelf of the fireplace things, it is recommended to strengthen the corners with an appropriate profile. The following is a decoration with decorative material. If this is a putty, first you will need to process with the solution all the recesses remaining in the places where the screws are screwed in. Next, the entire surface of the portal is treated with a layer of finishing putty. When it dries, the solution is ground and coated with paint.

If you plan to finish the tile, it is mounted on the appropriate solution. Seams are treated with grout. It is best to use for these purposes tiles that mimic natural stone or brick. In this case, the fireplace will look natural, as if built of brick. After that, you can install the countertop.

Wooden portal

A portal made of wood for a fireplace with your own hands will be no harder to build than a plasterboard. But when using natural material, it should be noted that its weight will be more. In this case, wood is a combustible material that is susceptible to pest attacks. It will need to be processed correctly before installation. To do this, use a flame retardant and antiseptic. Also, natural materials are thicker than drywall.

do-it-yourself corner fireplace portal

This feature of wood is an advantage if you need to install a heavy electric fireplace or additional equipment. For example, on the shelf it will be possible to install a TV, make bedside tables for storing things on both sides of the fireplace.

To assemble a similar design, you will need to prepare the appropriate materials. It can be a beam with a cross section of 50x50 cm. Also, for the frame, plywood with a thickness of at least 12 cm will be needed. Fixation of materials is carried out using wood screws.

To cut natural wood or plywood, an electric jigsaw is used. Assembly is much more convenient to do with a screwdriver.

Finishing is done using different materials. To emphasize the natural beauty of wood allows varnish. You can change the shade of the natural massif using stain. If it is planned to color the wood, a primer is used. You need to choose a special paint. It must be resistant to high temperatures, should not emit an unpleasant odor. There are special formulations that can be used indoors.

Overhead decorative elements (if applicable) will be fixed with wood glue.

Fireplace assembly

First you need to make a drawing. In accordance with this scheme, it will be necessary to cut the beam. The support structure is assembled from it. Previously, all structural elements are treated with a fire-fighting composition and antiseptic. Assembly begins with a pedestal. Next, the rear wall of the fireplace is mounted.

When assembling, it is important to check whether all elements are evenly assembled. If everything is done correctly, you can start cutting plywood. Assemble the fireplace portal with your own hands carefully. For this, self-tapping screws are used. Previously, their installation sites must be countered so that cracks on the surface of plywood sheets do not go.

Finish clearance

After assembling the fireplace portal with your own hands, you need to complete the finish. The panels are treated with sandpaper. Then you can walk along the surface with a stain. This will give the material the desired shade. When it dries, you can cover the surface with two layers of varnish. You need to take a break so that the first layer is completely dry.

You can also cover the fireplace with a layer of interior paint. The shade is chosen in accordance with the style of the interior. The surface is primed beforehand. After that, you can apply a decorative coating.


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