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This year, professional tennis player Leonardo Mayer led the Argentine team to the Davis Cup finals. For thirteen years now, an athlete has been moving up the career ladder and achieving good results.


Leonardo Mayer was born on May 15, 1987 in the city of Corrientes. He is a citizen of Argentina. The athlete grew up in an ordinary large family. His father Orlando works at a bank, and Estela's mother works as a teacher at school. The full name of the tennis player is Leonardo Martin Meyer. He has two brothers, Walter and Gabriel, and one sister, Veronica.

Leonardo Mayer

The height of the athlete is 1 m 88 cm, weight - more than 80 kg. A strong man leads a rather aggressive style of play. His working hand is right. He has a great one-handed backhand and forehand. Argentine tennis player has a strong serve and good stamina. Leo has an excellent attack and game on the net, which is distinguished by powerful punches from the back line of the field. The athlete's coach is Francisco Eunice. In his spare time, our hero is happy to devote himself to football.

The beginning of a sports career

Mayer Leonardo, tennis for whom has become an integral part of his life since 1996, has trained hard for seven years before reaching a professional level. He began to perform in junior single and double tournaments. At the age of eighteen he took part in the French Open Tennis Championship. In these competitions, Leonardo Mayer won his first significant victory among junior men in doubles. Also in 2005, he performed at the annual Dunlop Orange International Tennis Championships tournament in the United States in Florida. And again he won in pair.

Mayer Leonardo Tennis

Mayer Leonardo participated in ITF competitions. In the Challenger singles tournament, he ended up four times in the finals, but only once won. It happened in 2008. The athlete then won against Sergio Roitman.

Participation in the largest tournaments

In 2008, Leo made his debut at the Grand Slam. Tennis player participated in three tournaments. In each of them he dropped out of the second round. The athlete, not used to giving up, in 2011 again participates in the Grand Slam. And again, defeat befell him. A year later, Leonardo Mayer makes a third attempt to win the tournament and falls into the third round, from which he still drops out. After participating in Roland Garros in the Grand Slam series, he finished 51st in the ranking. In 2009, the Argentine tennis player showed a good game in the USA at the LA Tennis Open and Pilot Pen Tennis competitions. He was able to go to the semifinals and quarter finals respectively.

Mayer Leonardo

At the age of 21, Leonardo Mayer's rating allowed him to get on the list of the ATP tournament. In Kitzbuhel he reached the second round in the main draw and lost to the competition finalist Jรผrgen Meltzer. In February 2009, the tennis player broke into the quarterfinals in Acapulco.

A year later, for the first time in his professional career, he made it to the APR finals in San Jose in the men's doubles. Leonardo Mayer, along with partner Benjamin Becker, lost to two Americans - Mardi Fish and Sam Querrey. It was a worthy defeat. In 2014, the Argentine tennis player won one ATP tournament in Hamburg alone.

Mayer Achievements

Over the entire career of a tennis player, Leo's highest rating was 21st in 2015. As of 2016, its indicator has significantly decreased. Now he occupies the 132nd position. It is known that in 2015, Mayer played in the national team of Argentina at the Davis Cup. The team reached the semifinals, where they lost in the battle with the Belgians. A year later, a native of Corrientes was able to advance the Argentine national team to the final. He won the decisive fight in singles against English tennis player Daniel Evans.

Leonardo Mayer

Leonardo Mayer will definitely join the Argentine national team at the Davis Cup final, which will be held in November 2016 in Zagreb. The team will fight with Croatia.

It is worth noting that Leonardo Mayer won the prestigious Olimpia Award for two consecutive years. In 2014 and 2015, according to the results of the seasons, he was awarded the title of the best tennis player in Argentina. In addition, Leonardo Martin Mayer took place not only as an athlete, but also as a family man. He is married and is waiting for the first child.

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