Armen Gasparyan: if the story is in the blood

Armen Gasparyan is a well-known Russian historian, journalist, writer, publicist, radio host and public figure. He gained his popularity thanks to a series of historical books devoted to the past of Russia. Winner of many journalistic and writing contests, as well as laureate of the award “Patriot of Russia - 2013”.

Armen Gasparyan

Story in my blood

Armen Sumbatovich Gasparyan was born in Moscow on July 4, 1975. There is no detailed information about his family, it is only known that he spent all his childhood in the capital. From a young age he was fond of the history of his native land and country. The boy was especially interested in important events of the last century, since it was they who determined the fate of Russia.

However, despite all his love of history, Armen Gasparyan entered the journalism department of MNU named after Lomonosov. This choice was not accidental. The thing is that a journalist’s ID could help open those doors where an ordinary “mortal” couldn’t just get there. Indeed, after graduating from Moscow State University, in 1996 Armen Gasparyan set about thoroughly researching historical archives.

The work completely swallowed him. Every day he more and more plunged into the abyss of the past, finding there answers to his countless questions. It was like a drug that Armen Gasparyan was hooked on with. The historian understood that the knowledge he acquired could not be stored only for himself. And so he decides to become the voice of the past, bringing the truth about the history of the homeland.

Armen Gasparyan books

Gaining popularity

The labor activity of Armen Gasparyan begins in 1999 at the Yunost radio station. Here he leads programs such as "Recent History" and "The Last Assault." For a young journalist, this work becomes an excellent opportunity to declare himself as a professional historian. And soon his expectations are met.

In the middle of 2000, Gasparyan was invited to the Mayak radio station. Here he acts as a specialist in charge of projects related to the Second World War. It was Armen who searched for topics that were most relevant to the broadcast and provided information on them. In addition, he was the leader in such programs as The Great Battles of the Great War and The Russians Outside Russia.

Armen Gasparyan has been working with these two radio stations until 2008. During this time, he gains the fame of a well-educated historian who is able to fight back anyone who dares to lie about the past of Russia.

New stage

2008 was a turning point for Gasparyan. First of all, this is due to the fact that his debut books “OGPU vs ROVS. Secret war in Paris. 1924-1939 years "and" Operation "Trust". Soviet intelligence against Russian emigration. 1921-1937 years. " And although his works could not cause more furore, they nevertheless presented the journalist in a new role.

An equally important event was the fact that Arsen Gasparyan switched to work on the Voice of Russia radio station. Here he continued to study history, releasing more and more new projects related to this topic. In early 2012, he was promoted to the chief editor of the Russian service of the Voice of Russia radio. And a little over a year later, Armen Gasparyan completely took up the post of head of special projects.

Armen Gasparyan historian

The beginning of a literary career

For the first time as a writer, Gasparyan announced himself on the pages of his own blog. It was called “The Blog of Armen Gasparyan”. In it, the publicist regularly uploaded materials on the White Movement. Soon, the journalist’s resource began to enjoy unprecedented popularity, however, like Armen Gasparyan himself. Photos of the writer more and more began to appear on the headings of articles related to problems of history.

The very first books of the writer were born in 2008. Unfortunately, then only a few readers turned their attention to them. However, this did not bother the young author: he still wanted to bring the light of knowledge to the masses. And therefore, in the future did not abandon its historical investigations.

Armen Gasparyan photo

Armen Gasparyan: books turning the world around

Between 2008 and 2017, ten books were published from the writer's pen. All of them are the result of long and painstaking work associated with many years of research on archives and historical reports. And yet, among them there is an undoubted three leaders, which fully reflects all the skills of the author:

  1. “The collapse of the great empire” (2016). In this book, the author spoke about why Tsarist Russia fell. All causal relationships that led to the October Revolution are painted here.
  2. “Russia in the fire of the civil war” (2016). If the previous book talked about why the war between the “red” and “white” began, then this work will tell how it went.
  3. “The war after the Victory. Bandera and Vlasov: a sentence without limitation ”(2017). The last book of Gasparyan is devoted to the problems of nationalism in Ukraine. In it, he talks in detail about who Stepan Bandera is and why his actions should be considered shameful.

It should be noted that today the author remains faithful to his convictions. As before, Armen Gasparyan devotes all his time to the study of history, and soon he is preparing to release another book. And therefore, all his fans and just history buffs in the near future will receive a new topic for thought.


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