Ferromagnetic fluid

In the early nineties of the last century, the movie "Terminator 2" was released on the screens of cinemas. All viewers were amazed by the ability of the viscous metal cyborg killer, played by Robert Patrick, to take on various forms.

Ferromagnetic fluid

Then, delighted with the professionally made computer animation, we did not reflect on the fact that the effect of the fantastic transformations of the cyborg killer can be modeled in real conditions.

Ferromagnetic fluid is the material that allows you to see moving sculptural compositions. All substances can be attracted or repelled to the classical magnetic field . But the reaction of most of them is so weak that it can be detected only with special devices. It would be great if it were possible to increase the magnetic properties of materials without destroying their structure and radically changing their initial properties.

Ferromagnetic fluids

Everything changed when chemists intervened in the solution of this problem and created ferromagnetic fluids with good fluidity. They managed to get the smallest magnetic particles that were introduced into the liquid, and when exposed to a magnetic field they did not stray into a lump and did not settle, but made the liquid β€œsolid”.

A ferromagnetic fluid is a colloidal dispersion of ferrites, ferromagnets with very small particles stabilized in an aqueous or hydrocarbon medium, with the support of surface-active substances. Such liquids are stable for several years and at the same time have good fluidity in combination with the properties of magnetism.

Ferromagnetic fluid can be obtained in many ways. The process is quite simple and consists of two stages. First, it is necessary to obtain magnetic particles with sizes close to colloidal. And already further - to stabilize them in a liquid base.

The topic of the possibility of practical application of such liquids remains very relevant for researchers. In recent years, they have been working on the treatment of wastewater by such liquids from petroleum products. The principle of this process is the magnetization of petroleum products by introducing magnetic fluids into wastewater. And then magnetized petroleum products are separated by special systems.

Soap Bubble Solution

Ferromagnetic fluid will find its application in medicine. For example, anticancer drugs harm healthy cells. But if you mix medicines with such a liquid and inject the patient into the blood, and put a magnet in the tumor, the mixture will concentrate in the right place and will not harm the whole body.

Here is another example. Racing car companies pour ferromagnetic fluids into their shock absorbers. An electromagnet connected to them instantly makes the fluid viscous or fluid. Thus, the suspension of the car is regulated.

Such liquids also have curious properties. If a sound wave is passed through a magnetized fluid, an electric driving force arises in the inductive coil located nearby. And further. If you add magnetic liquid to the soap bubble solution, you will get a bewitching performance.

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