Characteristic of the car "GAZelle-Next". Tuning

The new model of the Gorky Automobile Plant "GAZelle-Next" in a short time won the hearts of many motorists. The premiere took place in 2012, and the model is already popular. Despite the common name, there are not many left from their predecessors Next: transmission, frame and rear axle. All other elements and details are new. A wide range of foreign-made parts were used to manufacture the GAZelle-Next automobile. Car tuning is already carried out by individual lovers of this process.

A bit of history

Initially, GAZelle-Next was made as a replacement for the well-known GAZelle. But in reality, Next is a new family that exists separately from previous models. Old "GAZelle" without any frills continue to be produced. According to its new characteristics, โ€œGAZel-Nextโ€ was supposed to compete even with products of the foreign automobile industry.

The car went on sale in the Russian market in 2013. But manufacturers did not stop there. For residents of Africa, India and the UK were released models with the right-hand drive.

gazelle next tuning

To date, it is safe to say that the release of GAZelle Next has been successful. This car is purchased not just because of the low cost. It fully complies with European standards.

GAZelle-Next: technical specifications and modifications

Based on the Next chassis, taking into account various add-ons for cars with a narrow profile, up to a hundred modifications are produced. This allows you to expand the scope of the car, which is equally successfully used for the transport of goods and passengers.

There are three main types:

  • On-board with an aluminum platform (extended).
  • Shortened, having a lower mass.
  • Passenger.

gazelle next all-metal

"GAZel-Next" all-metal speeds up to 134 km / h. The volume of its tank is 70 liters. Fuel consumption in the suburban cycle of 10.3 liters per 100 km.

The passenger version has 18 (or 19) passenger seats. The maximum speed does not exceed 110 km / h. Consumption on the highway 11.5 liters per 100 km.

The front bumper, large radiator grille, plastic body kit are those external elements of the body that distinguish them from the GAZelle Next predecessors. Tuning affects mainly them. But this is not necessary. The body of the new model is of high quality and attractive appearance.

GAZelle-Next is equipped with Cummins ISF diesel engines , a capacity of 2.8 liters with 4 cylinders and turbocharging. This unit has a capacity of 120 hp

Later, UMP-A274 Evotech gasoline 4-stroke engines began to be used. Rated Power 150 HP with a volume of 4.43 liters and 107 hp at 2.69 liters

GAZelle Next, tuning

Like all cars, the GAZelle Next is tuned. Begin to do this with simple floor mats and new mud flaps above the wheels. In passenger versions, additional driver fences are installed from the passenger compartment.

gazelle next technical specifications

But more serious changes to the GAZelle-Next body are also applied. Tuning consists in installing a spoiler, pipes under the bumper, fog lights, cilia on the headlights. Lighting devices are replaced by LEDs. A fairing is installed on the roof. In the cabin they put additional lighting.


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