What qualities of a person for a resume are essential?

Most of us are accustomed to sharing "spheres of frankness" and try to present only our strengths with one, but with others, do not be shy to show flaws. However, let's think about what qualities of a person are important and essential for a resume, and which ones are better to be silent about?

human qualities for resume
So, a short biography in a variety of formats is written, as a rule, at the request or desire of the employer. Previously, the personnel department had to fill out questionnaires. Now everything is simpler and it goes without saying that if you are applying not only for the workplace, but even just for participation in some interesting project, you need to send your resume. What is included in it and how can it describe our personality? Let us make a reservation right away: as a rule, the employer has neither time nor desire for thoughtful reading and studying of this document. Rather, there is - but not to delve into the caches of your personality, but to quickly and efficiently assess whether it is worth dealing with you at all. Therefore, the first tip: the document should be short and concise, no more than 1-1.5 pages. Therefore, you should not describe in detail all the incidents from life, all places of study or work.
personal qualities of a person for a resume
Try to highlight and emphasize the main thing. In addition, focus on the fact that everything depends on the specifics of the work. Sometimes education is most important, and in other cases, the experience or qualities of a person. For a resume, again, do not go deep into all your inner experiences, apply test results and colorfully describe your character. It is enough to select up to ten most important properties, giving this three or four sentences. In addition, try to take the place of the employer and understand who he wants to find on your face. Atleast approximately.

In what cases are human qualities for resumes of great or even crucial importance? First of all, in any areas related to working with people, with leadership of at least a small team. However, even here there are no identical opinions and requirements. After all, for example, if the doctor is a professional from God, if he deeply knows his specialty, then his difficult or nonliving nature can affect the decision to find a job, but to a lesser extent than, say, in the case of a teacher or educator. Personal qualities of a person for resumes of social workers, teachers, correctional workers, psychologists can be of particular importance. What should be written and how?

weak person qualities for resume
First of all, although we are all inclined to speak well about ourselves, nevertheless, it is not always worth it to wishful thinking. This means that you can emphasize the positive qualities of a person for a resume, but it is not recommended to distort them too much. First of all, for your own good. The point, of course, is not that one needs to describe one’s shortcomings - but that would be inappropriate. But, for example, if you do not like communicating with people, if you prefer to work on projects on your own, rather than as a team, you do not need to write that you are open and love new acquaintances or are an excellent organizer. Even if it will be perceived as a virtue, then in the process of work it will bring you many inconveniences if you have to perform tasks that the soul does not lie to.

It is also worth remembering that the weak qualities of a person for a resume can be formulated as advantages. Only you need to clearly understand why this is done. For example, are you indecisive and do not like to take the initiative? This can be presented as a virtue, writing, for example, "diligence". And vice versa - such qualities of a person for resume, such as egocentrism, authoritarianism, or a tendency toward dominance, can be formulated as "a solid life position, activity, and leadership ability." Remember that a resume is a kind of your advertisement. Not only career development, but also lifestyle will depend on how you can sell your skills, knowledge, and skills. It is not worth describing non-existent qualities of a person for a resume. But to present oneself in a favorable light is desirable and necessary.

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