The best descaler for iron

Every year, many housewives want to find an effective descaler for the iron. After all, regardless of the cost of the device, scale may appear inside, and soot on the sole. During operation, we rarely use distilled water. Tap water contributes to plaque on the inside of the appliance. As a result, the iron works worse and may stain clothes.

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How to use the iron with a steam generator?

Modern models are distinguished by functionality, reliability, durability. But, unfortunately, the producers still have not succeeded in eliminating the formation of scale or carbon deposits. Housewives deal with such troubles in two ways, such as:

  • Prevention of unwanted formations.
  • Regular use of special descaling agents for iron.

Many women want to buy the latest model, not paying attention to its functionality. And you should adequately assess the planned intensity of use of the device.

If you use the device as needed (standard application), basic models should be preferred. To supply steam to them, select the desired mode.

If you need to buy an iron for frequent use or processing immediately an impressive amount of linen, it is better to pay attention to appliances with a steam generator. Such devices heat up quickly and supply an intense stream of steam.

descaler for iron

Cleaning the instrument is not an easy process. Therefore, it is better to immediately take care of preventing the appearance of scale in the iron.

Descale yourself

Plaque inside the surface may contaminate clothes during ironing. Yellowish spots can spoil the appearance of your favorite and expensive things. Many believe that such irons can no longer be used, and are acquiring new ones. Take your time, because there are many methods and means for descaling iron.

descaler for iron

Self cleaning

Responsible manufacturers care about their customers. Many new models can be cleaned without descaling for the iron. They have a special self-cleaning function that occurs when several steps are performed:

  • We study the instructions. Determine which water is best used for ironing.
  • Inside the device we pour the maximum amount of water.
  • We set the highest heating temperature of the device. We connect the device to the mains.
  • We are waiting for the device to heat up. We pay attention to the moment of automatic shutdown of heating.
  • Repeat the procedure.
  • Disconnect the iron from the power.
  • Tilting the device into a prepared heat-resistant container (you can use a metal basin), press the self-cleaning button. The location of this button on the case depends on the manufacturer and the model.

The inner surface of the iron is cleaned of plaque and dirt due to the intensive release of steam from the holes of the sole. After draining all the water at the bottom of the pelvis, you can see the dirt that accumulated inside the device.

For a more effective cleaning, it is recommended to shake the iron a little while draining. After cleaning, wash the iron several times with running water and wipe the appliance dry.

It is strictly forbidden to use the iron immediately after cleaning. After all, it can warm up to unacceptably high temperatures.

Often the instructions do not warn about this, but a very hot device can spoil not only clothes, but also an ironing board. During cleaning, do not touch its work surface.

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Special tools

The modern range of products for the care of household appliances is quite wide. Among them, you can find many special anti-scale products for iron. They are used if there is no self-cleaning system on the device. Such means are especially popular:

  • Topperr;
  • "Descaling";
  • Greenfield
  • Top house.

"Topperr" is a special descaler for the iron, which actively acts on the structure of calcareous deposits due to its high concentration. To prepare the cleaning agent , take 2 parts of water and 1 part of the substance. The solution should be poured into the iron. The device must be heated upright and placed on the sole, unplugged. In this condition, the iron should be left for 2 hours. After the solution is drained, the container is washed well and filled with water. The appliance is heated and steam is supplied, thus descaling the sole. To remove lime residues, iron some unnecessary fabric.

"Anti-scale" - a special tool for cleaning the iron from scale. The substance must be diluted with water in the proportion specified in the instructions. The solution is poured into the iron container and the device is connected to the mains. In this state, the iron should be 30 minutes. After cooling, rinse well with clean water.

scum cleaner for iron

Greenfield - a special pencil of chemical action. It is used to clean the ironing surface from carbon deposits and limescale holes. In this case, you should heat the iron to a temperature of ironing the wool (more than 100 0 ). A pencil should be carefully applied to the sole. After a few minutes, the surface can be wiped with a cotton or linen cloth. After cooling, the ironing surface should be washed with water. The disadvantage of this descaler is its unpleasant strong odor. Therefore, it is necessary to open all the windows and ventilate the room well. After all, having breathed such a smell in a closed room, you can feel dizzy.

Top house. To clean the container of scale, mix 50 ml of detergent and 100 ml of water. The solution is poured into an iron. The device is heated in the "cotton" mode in an upright state. After heating, it is necessary to switch to steam mode and turn the appliance horizontally. After waiting 10 minutes, drain the solution. It is necessary to flush the device in steam mode until particles of contamination no longer leave the holes.

Available descalers

There are ways to help every housewife cope with the scum on the iron at home. We will consider the β€œhot bath” method and an effective tool for descaling in the iron - citric acid.

means for cleaning the iron from scale inside

Hot bath

The β€œhot bath” method involves immersion in hot water. Chemical agents for cleaning the iron from scale inside and outside are dissolved in it. To do this, lay 2 slats of wood on the bottom of the pan. They put the device. A descaling agent is poured onto the bottom of the pan (you can use vinegar or citric acid). After boiling water is poured into a baking sheet so as to almost completely cover the lower level of the sole. Leave the iron for an hour. Then rinse with clean water.

Lemon acid

Descaling with citric acid resembles a self-cleaning process. To do this, we need 25 grams of citric acid, which should be dissolved in a glass of water. The resulting mixture is poured into the device and plugged into the mains. After heating, press the steam release button and turn off the iron. So the dissolved citric acid begins to corrode scale, the holes are cleaned not only from the outside, but also from the inside of the iron.

Best protection against scale

Means for cleaning the iron from scale inside and out are good. But how to get rid of this problem at all? What should I do to prevent scale accumulation inside the device?

The cause of scale is hard water, which contains particles of metals and salts. Therefore, many manufacturers in the instructions indicate that only clean water should be used.

But is it worth immediately with the purchase of the device to choose a descaler for irons with a steam generator? To date, experts have found the only way out of this situation - a magnetic water transducer. The technology and device of this method is simple. This is a metal tube that is installed directly on the water pipe. On its inner surface is a magnet that creates a magnetic field. Therefore, salts are not deposited. Water comes out purified. The cost of such a tube is relatively low. Its installation is simple, takes about 15 minutes.

descaler for irons with a steam generator

Another way to prevent scale formation inside the iron is to use distilled water. This will extend the normal operation of your device for a long time.


Iron is an indispensable assistant for every housewife. Unfortunately, over time, scale is deposited on its inner surface, which can not only ruin your favorite thing, but also disable the device. To cope with such deposits will help special means of scale for the iron, which were described in the article.


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