Original nail design for short nails "French": interesting ideas and recommendations

To put your nails in order, it is not necessary to build them up. Many people think that it’s difficult to choose a nail design for short nails: the “jacket” will not look, the drawings will not fit. How to choose a suitable design? In the article we will talk about this.

If the nails are too short

There are times when the nails are badly damaged. Or nibbled under the root. How to give them a well-groomed look? There are two myths about this:

  • Myth one: short flared nails cannot be given a beautiful shape. Yes, you can’t make them square or almond-shaped, but oval - you can. To do this, almost the entire free edge is cut off with the approach to the side rollers. The smile line is a thin thread. You can decorate nameless nails with acrylic sculpting or come up with your own unique design for short nails. Gel "French" is better than shellac and sweeps for a long time.

French short nails design

  • The second myth: if the nails are nibbled, they can not be cut even shorter. This is not true. The nail plate can be gently cut to any length. This often occurs in male manicure. You just need to try to get the nails in the same style: square or oval.

When the nails are heavily launched, it is better to do a trim manicure. Removing the cuticle will add one millimeter to the nail. And this is after all 8% of the length of the nail bed.

What design visually lengthens short nails

This may seem paradoxical, but the design of nails on short nails "French" can visually lengthen them. To do this, you should choose the classic version: a pink nail bed and a snow-white smile of the free edge.

Do not make the smile too wide so that it covers part of the nail bed. Of course, with the growth of nails this will do a good job - the border will not be visible for a long time. But so harmony is broken.

gel polish short nail design

There is such a thing - the "golden section". This is a beauty formula that is programmed in nature. The human eye captures the smallest proportions and it becomes clear whether it is beautiful or not. The same thing happens if you hit the nail bed with a white strip strongly - this will violate the proportions of the nail. It will seem that the roller at the free edge is too large.

For this reason, it is better not to make a transparent haze, but pastel pink, on a strongly sawn length of the nails, choosing a fairly opaque material. Then the nail growth line will be camouflaged, and the smile can be drawn a little further. This will add a little more to the nails.

What type of "jacket" to choose

Depending on the shape and length of the nails, there are different types of smiles:

  • Wide nails fit an oval shape and a smile with high antennae.
  • By nature, a narrow and long nail bed is the best option for giving the nails an almond shape. When their owner wants to make a nail design for short nails, “French”, then it is better to choose a strict square. The smile line will then be almost straight.
  • Decorative "French tick" is made using the appropriate stencil.

shellac french design on short nails

The color of a French manicure can also be different. A smile is not only white, it is subject to the whole range of colors. Haze covering the nail bed for a short length looks better pink, peach or soft pastel colors.

Drawings: which are suitable for short nails

French nail designs with short nails require caution. If the girl wants to have a graceful cat perched on her fingernail, the master can only portray an obese animal that is wider across itself. Or the picture will be so small that you can admire it with a magnifier. This is due to the small area of ​​the picture.

design of short nails gel polish french

In this case, you can do this: toenail on the middle finger, as the largest room for creativity, cover with white. Place one figure on it, choosing neither long nor wide.

The photo above shows a dragonfly. Her long tail did not fit all - one could bend it, but try to fit it on the nail. Wings, too, did not all fit, but this does not spoil the picture.

How to diversify the "French"

One smile can be boring. Especially if the dress code at work requires neutral shades of varnish. A lunar manicure comes to the rescue - highlighting a white hole near the cuticle with white.

Nail design for short nails "French" can be done with a gradient - the transition from one color to another. It is called ombre. It is made both vertical and horizontal. Stretching the color from white to pink will completely replace the smile line. And if you add more holes, it will be elegant.

French nails with short nails

This design is suitable for gel strengthening and shellac. Stretching the color can be done from lemon to white, from light green to yellow, from turquoise to blue. And draw the holes in white.

Two nails - usually on the middle and ring fingers - are sometimes not made in a French style at all. They will stand out, turning into a decoration, if you apply such designs:

  • mirror;
  • rhinestones on a dark background;
  • a sticker;
  • a cameo;
  • gem “Gemstones”;
  • Cat Eye design.

Shellac. French: design on short nails

Shellac holds well on short nails. Even thin and weak. This strengthens them and allows you to grow the desired length. For the "French", you can choose the classic version, and with original drawings.

Because gel polishes cure quickly, a layered design will be easier to implement than varnish. These options include the technique of applying a screen pattern using adhesive tape.

Thin scotch tape is sold in specialized stores and is inexpensive. A beautiful design is obtained if a so-called ring is put on a classic jacket already completed. This is done as follows: two strips of adhesive tape are glued to each finger. Gold gel polish is applied and polymerized. Remove the tape. Swarovski crystals are placed on the ring. Design is ready.

French short nails design

The design of short nails with French gel polish goes well with various large nail decorations. They can not be put on a regular varnish, but on the gel they hold well. These are all kinds of products imitating coinage, casting, precious stones with various facets. Figures can be on any topic.

Do not try to decorate every finger with such a design. It will be clumsy and rude. This is a solo for one finger. There is a technique of “chasing” on the nail. This design is beautiful in combination with stained glass gel.

The design of nails for short nails "French" has not gone out of fashion for a long time. It modifies, expands the boundaries, attracts new colors. But one thing is certain - he was and remains a classic in the art of manicure.

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