Tarot: what is it, layouts, meaning and description

There are many ways to know your future, but not all methods are reliable and credible. One of the most popular divination methods for many years is the layouts on the Tarot cards. The forecast of the future with their help can be deciphered only knowing the meaning of the cards and being able to read information from them.

In the article we will talk about what the Tarot is, describe the meaning of the cards of the major and minor lasso, and present the most accurate divisions of the Tarot for the future, present and past. Note that even the most correct layouts will not be accurate if you perceive the cards as simple pieces of paper. They will never reveal the future to you unless you establish a connection with them at the energy level.

fortune telling on tarot cards for a man

Tarot: what is it? Definition and Description

Let's learn what this method of fortune telling is. By definition, a tarot is a set of 78 cards that have mystical symbolism. The first mention of Tarot cards was recorded in the Middle Ages, approximately in the 14-15th century.

They are not ordinary eights, nines or aces, but some symbols embodied in graphic images. Let us consider in detail Tarot cards, what is it and how to interpret their meanings? According to the definition, fortune-telling on the Tarot is an occult technique, which allows using manipulations with cards and images on them to find out what awaits a person in the future or to answer previously formulated questions regarding the spheres of human activity.

To predict the future and answer questions with the help of the Tarot, it is extremely important to know the meaning of the cards. This deck type is divided into:

  • Major Arcana (22 cards).
  • Minor Arcana (56 cards).

Mages and esotericists recommend that beginners begin their fortune-telling practice using only the highest arcana. After remembering all the combinations and interpretations, you can add the younger ones.

Major Arcana - values

Many people know that twenty-two images belong to the major lasso. The following values ​​of the tarot cards should be considered in detail:

  1. The jester is a symbol of the trail that will surely lead to the abyss. This path can be fun and carefree, but in the end it will be fatal.
  2. The magician, as a rule, is the personification of the most fortunate person. This card is a leader. If you had to meet her in the layouts, this suggests that the fortuneteller has enough power for new achievements and victories.
  3. Priestess (Papess) - this card denotes the unity of opposites. In the layouts, it can mean the harmonization and balance of opposing forces.
  4. The Empress symbolizes female fertility and maternal origin.
  5. The emperor is a symbol of justice, power, order and strength. If you had to see this card in the situation, this may indicate that a person will need to show perseverance and confidence in interpersonal relationships.
  6. Priest (Hierophant) - this card is a symbol of trust or enlightenment.
  7. Lovers in the Tarot signify loyalty and heartfelt deeds. In some cases, this card symbolizes the danger in a love relationship. When fortune telling on Tarot cards for a man is a symbol of success for a girl.
  8. The chariot is a symbol of success and victory obtained through a responsible approach to business, diligence and diligence.
  9. Strength is a symbol of achieving a balance between natural instincts and the human mind. In the layouts, the card indicates that a person has become the master of his destiny. Now she is completely in his hands.
  10. Hermit - this lasso symbolizes spiritual search, victory over your desires, as well as control of emotions and loneliness. If this card has fallen out when dealing with professional matters, then one should expect changes; in love, it promises peace and the absence of quarrels and fuss.
  11. The wheel of fortune is a sign of chance, both happy and unhappy. A card may indicate a fateful act or decision.
  12. Justice - this lasso symbolizes receiving the “fruits” of previously done acts and deeds.
  13. The hanged man in the cards on the Tarot cards indicates that a person needs to rethink his position, thoughts and actions.
  14. Death is a symbol of change, separation and loss. If this card has fallen in the case of a professional activity, you should wait for its end, in love - this is a symbol of a break in relations.
  15. Moderation - this means peace, harmony, health and tranquility.
  16. The devil is a symbol of the death of a human person or blackmail.
  17. A tower means collapse and destruction, and can also promise impending life difficulties.
  18. The star symbolizes confidence in a good future, as well as success and stability.
  19. The moon is a sign of fear of the future. In predictions, the Tarot denotes indecision and timidity.
  20. The sun is a symbol of good health, a reliable union, a good financial situation, with some interpretations it can mean pregnancy.
  21. Judgment is a map of the revival and victory of the light side over the dark forces.
  22. Peace is a sign of happiness, as well as a long and productive union between people.
tarot coming

The Significance of the Minor Arcana

Consider the minor arcana in the Tarot cards - what it is, as well as their correct interpretation. These cards are in addition to what the senior lasso talk about, so, as a rule, beginners do not use them for fortune telling. However, thanks to just such secondary designations, you can get more accurate divination on the Tarot cards.

To understand the suits of low cards, you should take a look at the table below.



Side of the world





Will, order, control, energy, activity, physical strength, courage, perseverance.




Softness, sensuality, alcohol, volatility, emotions, peace, peace.




Spiritual strength, mind, intellect, science, creativity, analytical ability, activity, intuition.




Labor, fertility, money, practicality, body, economy, health.

It is worth noting that with the master designation of cards, the Wands and Swords are male, and the Pentacles and Tarot Cups are female.

Depending on the situation, figured lassos are also divided into elements:

  • Fire is King.
  • Water is the Queen.
  • Air is the Knight.
  • Earth - Page.

Next, you need to consider the digital values ​​of minor arcana, which are presented below in the table.



Interpretation of the definition


Initiative, activity, strength.

An opportunity to get something or a long-awaited chance.


Diversity, opposite, reaction.

Compromise or competition.


Fertility and stability.

Successful development of affairs.


Earthly affairs, reality and security.

Stability and security.


Sin, meaning, man.

Crisis approaching or challenge.


Love, harmony, strong relationships, sexuality.

Help from allies and success in business.



Depletion or tipping point. Sometimes - the end of the matter.



Change or update something.



The initial stage of new affairs.


Completeness and divine order.

Abundance and fullness.

After considering questions about the meanings of all lasso, it becomes clear that the Tarot is a set of characters that can describe the picture of what is happening in a person’s life and predict his future. Further in the article several layouts with their detailed description will be presented.

Alignment "Work and money"

the meaning of tarot cards

Thanks to this option of divination on the Tarot, you can find out the near future in the financial and professional sphere. The image shows how the cards should be laid out, and the numbers on them will help you figure out how to correctly interpret this layout.

S cards are a designation of the most fortuneteller who asks a question. This card is called a "signifier." Cards numbered one, two, three and four - this is a description of the current situation, namely:

  • The first card is moments of the past that affect the current situation.
  • The second card is a case summary.
  • The third card is the degree of satisfaction fortuneteller of his professional activity.
  • The fourth card is the possibility of obtaining benefits from work (intangible).
  • The following maps are a description of the situation in the future:
  • Fifth - the changes that must occur.
  • Sixth - the consequences.
  • Seventh - the impact of changes on the financial component.
  • Eighth - how changes can affect life in general terms.

Alignment “Children, their character and hobbies”

tarot cups

Every mother wants to know what awaits their child in the future in order to come to the rescue in time or to protect them from problems. This is where the Tarot hand comes to the rescue. It will not be possible to see the near future with this method of fortune-telling, but it will help determine talents and character, which will be the basis for his upbringing and future life. Lay out the cards in the order indicated on the image.

The current situation will be as follows:

  • Card S is a fortuneteller who turns to cards with a question about his child.
  • 1 - child’s health at the moment.
  • 2 and 3 are the character traits of the baby.
  • 4, 5, 6 - passion and natural talents.
  • 7, 8 and 9 - a description of the interaction of the child with the people around him.

Alignment "Oracle"

This method of fortune-telling is suitable for people who want to get an answer to a question in any difficult life situation. To do this, lay out the cards as shown in the image.

tarot for may

After this, proceed to the currenting:

  • S is a fortuneteller and a description of his personality.
  • 1 - description of the problem.
  • 2 - causes of the problem.
  • 3 - state or position of a person.
  • 4 - fears.
  • 5 - development of events.
  • 6 - warnings.
  • 7 - solution to the problem (advice).

Day breakdown

The tarot of the day allows you to find out what awaits a person over the next 24 hours, which should beware. To do this, do not resort to long hands, you just shuffle the deck and choose one lasso.

According to the selected card, it is determined what will be the coming day. For a more specific prediction, it is recommended to use only the major lasso.


Using such a fortune-telling on Tarot cards for a man or woman, you can understand what is happening in the relationship at the moment. This alignment is able to reveal the most secret thoughts of partners and point out the real problems between them.

In order to tell fortunes on the Tarot cards with your loved one, you need to arrange them in the order shown in the picture below.

tarot forecast

The layout should be interpreted as follows:

  • 1 - thoughts of a fortuneteller about his partner.
  • 2 - the true feelings of a fortuneteller in relation to a partner.
  • 3 - actions of a fortuneteller in relation to a partner.
  • 4 - thoughts of a partner about a fortuneteller.
  • 5 - the true feelings of a partner to a fortuneteller.
  • 6 - actions of the partner in relation to the fortuneteller.
  • 7 - a description of the situation and the relationship between partners.

The layout of the "Pyramid of lovers"

This method of fortune-telling is one of the simplest and fastest, which is very convenient in cases where you need to quickly understand what is happening in the relationship between two lovers, what to expect and what to hope for in the near future. Only four lasso are involved in the alignment, which are laid out in the order indicated in the image below.

accurate divination on tarot cards

The first card evaluates a fortuneteller and his thoughts within the framework of the relationships that are being laid out. The second card describes the partner. The information read from these two cards is extremely important, as it helps to better understand and match the characters of people in love.

The third card is a description of the relationship, and the fourth is a forecast of the future of two people in love within the framework of this relationship.

Three Cards

This layout, like the previous one, is very simple, but its purpose is to provide an answer to a specific question. The cards are laid out as shown in the image.

horoscope tarot

Before the beginning of fortune telling, the question should be correctly formulated, and the information received will tell the following:

  • S is a description of a fortuneteller and his personality.
  • The first map is a description of the fateful phenomena of the past, which affect the current situation.
  • The second map is a description of the present (current events).
  • The third card is the answer to the question formulated and posed before the fortuneteller.

Forecast on Tarot cards for all zodiac signs

According to the forecasts of astrologers and esotericists, in the case of the Tarot for May it becomes clear that the month will be calm and will not cause big problems. However, minor troubles cannot be avoided. Throughout May, the Tarot horoscope, representing a joint interpretation of the cards and the traditional horoscope, recommends not to succumb to their own emotions.

  • Aries throughout May need to concentrate on their victories, and let go of all failures and forget about them. If life comes to a standstill, it is important to remember that everything is fixable, you only need to make a little effort.
  • In May, Taurus was recommended to try out new ways to solve problems, find non-standard ways and forget about the usual patterns of action. Also, this zodiac sign should look at the world more calmly, without unnecessary emotions.
  • Gemini will be annoying a lot this month, but these representatives of the zodiac circle should remember that emotions are always temporary, and actions and decisions made will be difficult to change.
  • Rakov in May will not have everything as smooth as we would like. However, do not despair, as these are temporary difficulties that will end very quickly.
  • Lions in May will take on any work, wanting to prove to others that everything is “easier than a steamed turnip”, but this will certainly lead to various difficulties and complicate the lives of these representatives of the zodiac circle.
  • Libra has to learn an important life lesson.
  • Scorpions should remember that in May they need to be always in sight so that their successes are not attributed to anyone else.
  • Sagittarius will have a hard time in May, but it is worth remembering that problems in life should be seen as a new chance to build everything anew.
  • Capricorns in May will have to take the first step towards their happiness. Do not be afraid to go in front of a dream.
  • Aquarius is recommended to look at the world easier this spring month, otherwise complications will lead to problems with loved ones and relatives.
  • Fishes should pay less attention to others, especially to look for any flaws in people.


To summarize all that has been said, it is worth noting that there are many layouts and methods of divination. Tarot cards are just a glimpse into the future. However, it can change every second, so the result should never be considered the only possible scenario.

Beginners often have problems understanding and interpreting maps. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the person is still poorly versed in the values ​​of the cards and does not know how to connect them into a single whole. The second reason is that a person does not take cards seriously, considers the hands only to be an interesting pastime.

For Tarot cards to help in real life, you need to practice and constantly improve in this direction. Also, before divination, you need to tune in to a kind of dialogue with them. It takes a few seconds to hold them in your hands, imagining that they will now answer questions of interest, and then slowly begin to shuffle them.

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