Karmic code: concept, definition, characteristic, calculation rules, value and influence on a person, his character and fate

Surely everyone heard the word "karma". It affects the fate of a person. Many believe that it can be changed. This statement is true, since karma is really capable of influencing a person’s future. However, is it possible to change it? This question remains controversial until now.

Everyone wants to know what awaits him in the future. To do this, it is worth studying the works of Kut Khumi "Laws of the soul or karmic codes." This book explains in a rather complicated language how you can understand by the date of birth what kind of life awaits a person. It is worth considering the main ideas of these works.

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The meaning of karma in human life

First, you need to understand the very concept of karma. In numerology and other sciences, it means those sins that a person committed while in his past incarnations. It does not matter to fate what kind of life this or that person is currently living. If in the past a person committed bad deeds, now he must pay for them.

In this case, we are talking about theories according to which absolutely every person lives several lives. Many people wonder why for so many years they have been unlucky. According to the interpretation of many books, this is due precisely to the fact that in his past incarnations, the person committed certain misconducts that negatively affected other people.

On this basis, the concept of “karmic duty” appears. However, do not go deep into the details of this theory. It’s better to go on to how to independently calculate the karmic code by date of birth. This will help you understand what to expect from life.

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It may seem that this is just an ordinary two-digit number, which cannot be of serious significance. However, it is not. According to Kut Humi, karmic codes hide information about the future and the present, which will help a person understand their mistakes.

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To make your own calculations, you just need to prepare the paper and pen or usually a calculator. After that, it’s enough to add all the numbers of your birth date. If a person was born on July 12, 1986, then after adding all the numbers (1 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6), he gets 33. That will be the right number. It turned out to calculate the karmic code? Further, it is enough to find its meaning.

Digits 10 to 15

In this case, the decryption of the values ​​will look like this:

  • 10. This number means the luck that accompanies a person. This testifies to the fortune that accompanies personality throughout its existence. This means that a person without problems will succeed not only in building a career, but also in his personal life. However, do not forget about self-development. Everyone should strive for more, even if practically no difficulties arise on his life path.
  • 11. According to the "Laws of the soul or karmic codes", in this case a person will have to face some difficulties. This is due to excessive credulity. Such people more often than others become victims of swindlers and scammers. As a rule, this number indicates that in a past life a person committed serious crimes, and now he will have to pay for them. However, you need to understand that happiness is in the hands of every person, so you need to go through all the trials and improve your life.
Number 11 is talking about.
  • 12. This number means naivety. As a rule, people with karmic code 12 are very often upset over trifles, and also suffer from low self-esteem and self-doubt. This prevents them from succeeding. If we talk about a past life, then this figure indicates that in the last incarnation, a person participated in conspiracies.
  • 13. Despite the fact that many are afraid of this figure, in the interpretation of the karmic codes of the soul, this number means that a lot of interesting and memorable moments in life await a person. Its existence will be filled with ups and downs, but at some point the person will find the meaning of life and understand his true purpose. The number 13 indicates that a person was once very independent and strived for freedom. However, this number does not indicate any crimes in a past life.
  • 14. Talks about the impending danger. If after calculations a person sees the number 14, then he should be very careful when making any decisions, since the consequences can be bad. Such people have to face a lot of difficulties. However, having overcome all adversities, they find their true happiness. It is worth noting that the owner of this karmic code should think about the profession of a psychologist or astrologer. It is in these areas that they can achieve the greatest success.
  • 15. The owners of this code will never be deprived of attention from the opposite sex. This means that a person has a very attractive appearance and a rich inner world that conquers all those around him. Those with a karmic code of 15 should not be very worried about choosing a life partner. However, these people need to avoid contact with unverified individuals.

Numbers 16 to 21

The meaning of the numbers will be as follows:

  • 16. Indicates that in a past life a person harmed people. That is why in the current incarnation he has to face a huge number of failures. Sometimes it seems that fate begins to test his strength. However, you need to be patient and endure all the hardships that come to life. People with a karmic life code of 16 are not recommended to contact magicians and psychics. In this case, there is a big risk of running into scammers.
  • 17. Holders of this code usually have no problems with members of the opposite sex. Such people easily find a common language even with the most complex personalities. In addition, this number is quite positive and indicates that a person will be able to live a happy harmonious life.
  • 18. This karmic code suggests that a person will face violence, perhaps he will become a victim of the struggle. Against the background of the events, there is a great risk of committing a rash act. People with code 18 become members of fraudulent schemes or gang organizations. However, this must be avoided.
  • 19. This number indicates that a person can become an excellent parent. However, only under the condition that next to him is a worthy second half. As a rule, these people create a harmonious family and live happily.
  • 20. This karmic code of life by date of birth indicates that a person sets goals and does everything in order to achieve them. As a rule, these people cope with any hardships. However, you need to be careful and not devote all your time only to work, forgetting about your personal life. Thus, you can blink your happiness and be alone.
  • 21. This number is a sign of good luck in life. Despite this, you should always rely only on yourself. A person should make efforts to any undertaking, even if he sees that everything is very simple for him.

Value of karmic codes by date of birth from 22 to 26

In this case, the decryption of the values ​​is as follows:

  • 22. This number symbolizes calm. It is this character trait that helps a person cope with even the most difficult situations. With any difficulty, he is able to very soberly and calmly evaluate everything that is happening and make extremely correct decisions. However, it is worth at least sometimes listening to your emotions.
  • 23. This figure symbolizes talent and creativity. A person with code 23 realizes himself as a very versatile person without any problems. Many note that the owners of this karmic code are almost always lucky.
  • 24. People with this code, as a rule, are always lucky and in everything. Such individuals without problems build an excellent career and find a loved one. However, one must be very careful not to frighten away luck. If only a person harms one of those around him, then luck will turn him away.
  • 25. This number indicates that a person made a huge number of mistakes, which now have to pay. If the black bar makes you think about the saddest, then it will end soon. As a rule, by the second half of life, everything changes for such people. They begin to live very easy and carefree.
karmic number 25
  • 26. People with this karmic code of life have a very high intuition. Thanks to this, they easily overcome difficulties. However, it is more difficult for them to find true love. If a worthy person meets along the way, everything must be done to maintain a relationship with him.

The value of numbers is from 27 to 32

The designation of numbers will look as follows:

  • 27. This number often indicates that a person has to make hard choices between his beloved family and career. However, do not rush to make a decision, since in this case there are absolutely two different ways of the future. Nevertheless, any choice will still be correct, however, you need to accurately prioritize.
  • 28. People with this karmic code of fate have amazing abilities that help them realize themselves in creative and other fields. However, they have to overcome difficulties on the path to success. However, one should not be afraid to waste time on this or that idea, since in any case a person will succeed.
  • 29. Holders of this code need to be prepared for numerous life difficulties. Most often, difficulties will be associated with relationships with the opposite sex. In addition, people have to deal with a huge number of deceivers, scammers and other villains of life. However, this helps them to clearly determine who really deserves attention and respect.
  • 30. This number symbolizes financial well-being. As a rule, people with this karmic code are really interested mainly in money. Sometimes it comes to the point that they completely stop thinking about family, love and other high feelings. Having reached the top of his career, many remain lonely, so you need to be able to stop on time.
  • 31. This number indicates loneliness and a desire for solitude. As a rule, such people feel completely comfortable in the distance from others. However, you need to think about how to get out of this state and learn how to interact with the outside world. Otherwise, the person runs the risk of being alone until his death.
  • 32. The owner of this code has well-developed communication skills. He is also quite lucky. This number helps to prove himself in the field of trade, politics or journalism. However, people with this karmic code need to carefully listen to what people from the immediate environment are saying about it.
Number 32 is happy or not

The value of fate numbers from 33 to 38

The numbers of this series have the following decoding:

  • 33. The owners of this code can boast of loyal and good friends. Their comrades always help in solving serious problems and come to the aid without any hesitation. However, do not forget about your friends, even if your career and personal life develops very well.
  • 34. This figure indicates that a person at some point in his life will have to overcome a large number of troubles. However, after 35 years, his life has changed dramatically for the better.
  • 35. This figure indicates that in the past a person committed a great number of sins. Now luck is kept away from man. Everything must be done so that a person changes. It is recommended that you do many good deeds and help others.
  • 36. If we are talking about this karmic code of your life, then you will have problems with recognition of merit. As a rule, such people work a lot, but never receive well-deserved rewards. To change the situation, you need to overcome your complexes and stop being too shy.
  • 37. This karmic number portends a very long, happy life. Such people are often stubborn, so they easily succeed.
  • 38. This figure indicates a possible betrayal that will have to endure. Often, against this background, people are disappointed in everyone around them and prefer loneliness. However, very soon a person will appear in life who will truly be the most faithful and faithful.

Interpretation of numbers from 39 to 44

You can decrypt such karmic codes by date of birth as follows:

  • 39. People with this code, as a rule, absolutely do not know how to rejoice for others. This is due to elementary laziness, which does not allow you to independently earn the recognition of others. Very often, these people are unhappy with their lives.
  • 40. This number symbolizes too closed individuals who are afraid to admit the possibility of success or a happy life. They often have to face monetary problems.
  • 41. Such people are narcissistic, which is why there are very few true friends around them. If you constantly concentrate only on yourself, then it will be impossible to find your soul mate. To change the situation you need to learn to see something good not only in yourself, but also in others.
  • 42. People with such a karmic code are materialists. All they dream about is money. However, because of such a desire for financial independence, they have a great risk of becoming involved in criminal activity or money fraud.
  • 43. This figure portends a happy fate. The owners of this code are real luck, as they always achieve their goals.
Number 43 what a person promises
  • 44. Very often, such people have to face serious troubles and even life threats. This indicates that the owner of this karmic code in a past life has done a lot of bad things. To change the situation, he needs to level his past deeds and do only good deeds.

Interpretation of numbers 45 and 46

Code 45 holders need to learn how to evolve spiritually. If they are focused only on money, then you need to completely change your worldview. Financial independence cannot bring them happiness.

The number 45 that predicts

If, after calculations, the figure is 46, then this suggests that a person will have to make a very difficult choice between money and love. If he prefers financial independence, he will become a very rich and successful person, but he will not be able to build a relationship. If the choice falls in love, then you should forget about money.

Codes 47 and 48

If the result is 47, this means that he loves noisy companies and often becomes a victim of deceivers and scammers. To make only devoted and faithful friends, you need to be more serious and not trust the first comer.

The number 48 indicates that a person can become a successful activist, politician or leader of any movement. To achieve fame and success, owners of code 48 will have to make a lot of effort.

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