Installation of a septic tank: instruction

Most city dwellers like to spend their free time in country houses and cottages. The only minus of being outside the city is the lack of amenities, since all the necessary living conditions are most often located on the street.

septic tank installation

The appearance of septic tanks has changed the life of country residents for the better - now private sector owners want to purchase and install a convenient and easy-to-use plastic septic tank.

Installing a septic tank is a snap. The owner of the cottage can do it personally without outside interference.

Installation of a septic tank

installation of a septic tank

Previously, the sewer device was made of concrete - a reliable but heavy material. Installation of such equipment is time-consuming, it requires the use of heavy special equipment.

But the size of the yard of the cottage does not always allow to drive heavy special equipment. Often there is nowhere to make a U-turn and there is no way to approach a specific area in the yard. Concrete rings are difficult to dock and seal.

After time, home-made concrete rings under the influence of adverse factors are destroyed, the sealed layer between the elements of the septic tank is deformed.

installation of a septic tank

The advantage of a reinforced concrete septic tank is that groundwater and soil shifts will not be able to affect bulky equipment that will be located at the primary installation site. It does not need additional strengthening, with proper installation it will serve for a long time.

Today, not only concrete septic tanks are produced. Specialists have developed a wide variety of equipment made from different alloys. Modern septic tanks have a long service life, easy assembly, they can be installed in a suitable place.

Septic tanks are made from high quality artificial materials:

  • polypropylene;
  • polyethylene;
  • fiberglass;
  • other polymer raw materials.

The above-described polypropylene material is not susceptible to aggressive environmental influences, and is not afraid of corrosion and fungal damage. Therefore, the container is used to save alkali and various acids.

What you should pay attention to?

septic tank for home

The polypropylene tank is lightweight, intuitive and easy to install. Polypropylene septic tanks are characterized by a relatively low price for the device and installation. This is the most sought-after product among consumers with private land.

Polypropylene septic tanks have one small drawback - low strength and a tendency to mechanical damage.

Fiberglass devices described above have no disadvantage. Therefore, they are not afraid of soil shifts and freezing, close in quality and characteristics to metal equipment.

It is not for nothing that a hull of a small vessel is made from fiberglass raw materials.

Design and principle of operation

septic tank design

A septic tank is a container consisting of two or three compartments through which sewage flows progressively. Upon receipt from the effluent, a suspension is decomposed that decomposes biologically. Sludge settles from the spent organics, and pure liquid penetrates the earth.

In most cases, septic tanks are made up of several compartments.

The first compartment is carefully sealed, it settles and decomposes a larger number of incoming wastewater. After this, the fluid enters the next compartment, from where it enters the third compartment, which is virtually clean of impurities and dirt.

Further, the purified liquid enters the soil or for ventilation through a laid sewer pipe, and the sediment collected below is sucked out of the container with a suction truck or with the use of a pump. Cleaning the septic tank is required once a year, and the beds are perfectly fertilized with sediment.

Preliminary work

Experts recommend:

  1. Before installing septic tank for home , you need to consider its exact placement.
  2. The capacity is dug at a distance of more than 5 m from the residential building.
  3. All drain pipes must be mounted without turns. This is due to their frequent clogging. If cornering cannot be avoided, mount wells in the corner where you can easily repair and clean forced blockages in the future.
  4. The septic tank is installed in a pre-prepared hole, the size of which should be larger than the container itself. This makes it easier to lower and lock the container.
  5. Before lowering the tank, the bottom of the dug hole is covered with gravel and poured with concrete mortar.
  6. The pit prepared by this method will help keep the container intact.
  7. If groundwater is present on the site, then the bottom of the pit is mounted with an anchor concrete slab equipped with special straps.
  8. It is necessary to prepare a wooden formwork throughout the volume of the formed pit. Next, reinforcing bars are attached and poured with cement-sand mortar.
  9. The weight of the prepared slab should be equal to the weight of the liquid-filled container. Anchor belts must be fastened with stainless steel anchor bolts every meter. It is best to use kapron belts with a special fastening mechanism.
  10. 10. Before lowering the polypropylene container in the pit, it is necessary to form a sand cushion with a layer of 20 centimeters and carefully compact it.

Installation of septic tanks

installation of septic tanks

When preparing a pit, you immediately need to prepare a trench for draining sewer pipes.

Before installing the sewage system, you need to think ahead and calculate the exact metering of pipes with a small margin.

It is important that the trench is with a minimum slope from the structure to the installation point of the equipment. Such measures are necessary so that the liquid can move through the sewage pipes without obstacles.

When choosing pipes, pay attention to the inner surface - it should be smooth, which will minimize the clogging problem.

Deformation of the laid pipes will not occur if the trench is in the form of a trench filled with mortar.

After full installation, sewer pipes are filled with expanded clay or sand.

Experts recommend placing the septic tank at a depth of one and a half meters to avoid freezing in the winter.

The polypropylene container is filled with liquid before digging. Such a procedure is inevitable to prevent deformation of the tank when falling asleep with sand or earth.

The gap between the container and the ground is insulated with foam or expanded clay.

It is important that the tank cover protrudes above the ground. This is to prevent rainwater from entering the septic tank. In the cold season, the tank cap is insulated with heat-insulating material.

Before proceeding with the assembly of the sewer system, it is necessary to prepare a sketch of the future drain tap. With the installation plan, complete and accurate calculation, it will work easily - and the system will fit perfectly.

When planning the drainage system at a large distance from the bathroom, it will be necessary to install several additional wells throughout the sewer pipeline, which will make it possible to easily maintain and clean the pipes at the time of clogging without digging and dismantling the system.

When installing a sewerage system, it is necessary to equip the septic tank with ventilation shafts that discharge the gases emitted during the filtration of purifications from the tank.

The mounted system before falling asleep gravel docked with a cleaning pit pipes. This is done using docking couplings made of elastic fabric. Plastic couplings provide thorough sealing of joints, which is important when sinking soil.

At the end of the complete installation of the cottage septic tank, the bypass pipe joins the perforated pipes placed on the expanded clay pillow.

Rules and regulations

Before you install a cottage septic tank on your own personal plot, you need to perform the necessary steps:

  1. Get permits in the sanitary-epidemiological service.
  2. Get affirmative documents for the installation of a septic tank in environmental authorities.

The above services will require you to show a sketch of the desired sewer system, which fully complies with the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation.

It is worth paying special attention to the item on the location of the sewage system: from the boundary line of the neighbors section there should be at least 4 meters.

This rule should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid conflict situations with neighbors. If you violate these standards, they can legally force you to move the sewer device or completely dismantle it.

It is important that the installed cleaning system function correctly in compliance with sanitary and hygiene standards. In case of improper operation of the sewage system and pollution of nature, rivers, underground waters, the environmental service may force the device to be removed.

A protective zone with a diameter of 15 meters should be created around the septic tank, since during operation the device not only cleans the system, but also emits gas. A correctly installed septic tank will function smoothly, and the liquid processed by it will meet regulatory requirements. Purified water can be watered.

Sometimes you can even get permission to throw filtered fluid into the river, but it will not be easy. This is explained by the fact that even in filtered effluents there are harmful microbes in an amount significantly greater than in natural waters.

Therefore, when planning and assembling the drainage system, try to adhere to all the requirements for installing a waste tank in a manor site. Otherwise, you will have problems with SES. It is better to immediately do all the installation work correctly, focusing on the requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological station and environmental authorities, than to further disassemble the sewer system.

Septic tank service

septic tank service

The modernized sewerage septic tanks are easy to install and easy to use. There is virtually no need to take care of the sewage system. Only once a year, it is necessary to remove the accumulated sediment with the help of a pump or a hired car carrying out sewage disposal. Such a procedure will be appropriate in the autumn season, when microorganisms inside the container are less active. Purified drains are perfect for fertilizing flower beds.

It is very important that the sewer septic tank is installed in the access point of the machine's hoses when draining the drains. Usually the hose can reach from 110 to 175 meters. But the distance from the septic tank to the machine affects the cost of the service of the cesspool. Therefore, it is better to take everything into account and think over in advance, having prepared the access road to the purification system. With these steps you will make the cleaning process easier and more affordable.

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