Gave a spa certificate! What to do?

Certificate for visiting the spa today is perhaps the most common and popular gift. It is presented on solemn and not very occasions to both women and men. Moreover, usually such a present is somehow expected by the recipient and is in tune with his character and lifestyle: it is unlikely that anyone would have the idea to give coffee scrubbing to their old grandmother or a ticket for a beauty massage - to a brutal informal biker. But it also happens that, despite the lack of reasons not to love the spa, the certificate for going to the beauty center does not cause joy to the gifted person, but ... confusion, as it is a completely new and uncharted territory.

So, what should you know and do if you were unexpectedly given a spa certificate?

Firstly, to calm down and not be afraid when you come to the center look stupid. Even if you have never crossed the threshold of a beauty salon, a trip to the spa is a great option for the first experience of this kind. It's all about attitude. People come to such places for relaxation, wellness and positive emotions, which is why they greet guests here appropriately: cordially and helpfully, telling and showing everything.

Secondly, it’s better to sign up for a session not by phone, but during a personal visit to find out about all the offers, look around, look through the catalogs, ask the price, compare what you want with the amount indicated in the certificate and discuss all the details with the master.

In a separate council should highlight the approach to the selection of procedures. If you have specific preferences for massage techniques, body wraps, masks, etc. - great. If not, and it so happened that all of these “care items” aren’t for you at all, that’s no reason to put the certificate in the dresser and forget about it. In any professional salon, in addition to the spa sessions themselves, more “familiar” services are provided. For example, here you can cut your hair, dye, measure, make a fashionable manicure or pedicure, etc. In a word, voice your wishes to managers and they will come up with something.

And the last: do not plan on the day of the trip to the salon of other things. On the one hand, it is completely unknown how much time you will spend with the master - even just a haircut, which in a regular hairdresser takes a maximum of 20 minutes, can stretch here for hours, because (it's still a spa!) It will definitely be accompanied by a wash and head massage, hair styling, tea and coffee making and other pleasant procedures. And on the other - whichever SPA salons in Moscow you choose and no matter what procedures you order, you will leave from there in a state of relaxed peace, in which you least want to solve working and domestic issues and strain ...


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