Chocolate bar Max Brenner: address, menu, reviews

In the capital of the Russian Federation, many establishments are opened every day, from beer halls to, for example, pastry shops. But there is one institution that combines the concept of both a candy store and a bar. This is Max Brenner - a chocolate bar of the famous Israeli brand.

Max Brenner establishments open worldwide, including countries such as the USA, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. In Europe, there are no such chocolate shops. Russia became the first European country to open the Max Brenner chocolate bar. Well, today we’ll talk in detail about this institution in our country. In addition, we will discuss reviews and much more, which is equally important!

Ironic interior

Despite the fact that the brand comes from Israel, the desserts here are treated as reverently as in France, which is known for its luxurious pastry shops.

Chocolate bar Max Brenner

Max Brenner has a huge selection of original chocolate desserts (there is even a sweet pizza here) from the highest quality source products (carefully selected cocoa beans from trusted suppliers).

The interior of the establishment is very elegant, but with amusing details, for example, for drinks, an interesting branded tableware of an unusual shape is used. On the wall there is an inscription in large multi-colored letters, which says: "Chocolate is good for you." The interior in "sweet" colors is fully consistent with the concept of the institution. Here, chocolate plays the main role, which is emphasized in each design element.

For example, under the ceiling there are pipes with the inscription “Pure chocolate”, along which, supposedly, the melted liquid flows (this, of course, is a fiction, but the impression is indelible). Lamps in the form of brown drops hang from the ceiling, and the bar counter is made in the form of sweet tiles.

What's in the candy store for a business lunch?

The Max Brenner Chocolate Bar itself resembles a bar of chocolate. From the threshold you can understand what is the main ingredient of all dishes here.

Chocolate is everywhere - in the form of tiles, sweets, cakes, drinks. This is a sweet paradise that you don’t want to leave until you try all the items on the menu.

There is also a “Chocolate Shop” where you can purchase any sweet product in beautiful packaging. In the store you can choose a dessert gift for any special occasion.

Max Brenner: menu

Recently, you can even eat here not with desserts, but with ordinary dishes like salads, pancakes and sandwiches.

Where is the pastry shop located?

If you visit the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar on weekdays from noon to four, you will receive a 25% discount. And if you know the code word (“poster”), you can take advantage of a ten percent discount, regardless of the day and time of the visit.

On weekdays, the bar opens at 8 a.m. and is open until 23:00, on weekends Max Brenner starts at 9 a.m. and closes at 23:00.

The menu includes breakfast all day, and from noon to four business lunches are offered.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar accepts credit cards and has Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, there is no private parking here, and it is also impossible to order food delivery and there is no banquet service - accordingly, there is no catering.

Metro "Trubnaya"

Such an extraordinary institution as Max Brenner is located at the address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, house number 2, metro station Trubnaya, BC Legend of Tsvetnoy, ground floor.

Kosher chocolate

In the Max Brenner confectionery, the menu is appropriate: chocolate in different variations. Although recently, the bar began to serve light snack dishes for those who want to have lunch or breakfast fully.

This place at the Trubnaya metro station surprises with its approach to sweets. Here, for example, there is no definite time, but there are sessions of chocolate therapy. A strange medical theme is supported by syringes with white and dark views, which can be ordered on the menu. By the way, all desserts, except sweets, are prepared in the kitchen of the confectionery from the purest chocolate raw materials. Sweets are brought from Israel, they are kosher, like other sweets.

Chocolate Elixir

At Max Brenner, the menu may surprise someone who does not know what to expect from this place. Indeed, chocolate is always present in every dish. Except for traditional teas or coffee. Although there are chocolate variations of coffee.

By the way, the client is given the opportunity to participate in the preparation of his dish, for example, decide how many ganache to put in Belgian waffles, or make your own filling for crepe pancakes.

Chocolate bar Max Brenner on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

The menu card at Max Brenner is elegant and concise, made in light chocolate tones. There you can order a hot drink with different tastes, for example, branded cocoa “From Max”, cocoa with marshmallows, Italian cocoa, with salted caramel. These drinks are available in small and medium size, at a price of 280 rubles or 360 rubles (depending on the size of the serving). The menu has chocolate cocktails called elixirs, which are served in branded Ellis Cap mugs and cost 285-295 rubles. You can order chocotail with the taste of Oreo cookies, peanut butter, salted caramel and others.


Desserts in the Chocolate Legends category are pizza with baked marshmallows or toffee sauce, fondant, syringes filled with melted white or dark chocolate. There are other original sweets. The main ingredient is our own high-quality chocolate. The menu also has thin French crepe pancakes with fillings to choose from, Belgian waffles, coffee, tea, ice cream with different toppings and fondue.

Chocolate bar Max Brenner on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is the best pastry shop for those who like to eat sweets. Here you can order a fondue or a sweet pizza for two and have an extraordinary date, or you can come with a friend to chat over a cup of spiced cocoa.

A lot of sweet things!

There are a lot of reviews about such an institution as Max Brenner Chocolate Bar: chocolate lovers are certainly delighted, and those who are not so eager to love it are still impressed by the general atmosphere of this amazing place.

Max Brenner Moscow

Most often, visitors are delighted with such an abundance of sweets around, but a little disappointed when they find out that nothing flows through special pipes. Many people like the passion with which this institution is concerned with cooking: this means that all the dishes served are delicious in taste.

It is felt that the main ingredient of the institution is of very good quality (it is rare to find something similar in Moscow). This confectionery can be described with these words: chocolate chocolate in chocolate. So many interesting and unusual dishes can be tasted only here.

The institution employs real professionals, so customers can see that they love their work and want guests to like the bar. It is a pity that there is no food delivery, but here you can choose a chocolate gift for a loved one or friend, especially since the choice is really just huge.

Sweet therapy

Max Brenner Bar-Boutique (Moscow) is a place not only for chocolate lovers, but also for those who are looking for miracles in everyday life. Who can easily imagine that chocolate flows through huge pipes, and you should definitely drink from a cup with the inscription “Drink me”. This is a place for sweets and dreamers, as well as for those who just need an unforgettable sweet therapy.

Chocolate bar Max Brenner: reviews

Everyone who wants to have a great time in the company of their friends or in the family should like it here. Are you ready to visit this restaurant? Well then, a pleasant stay, good mood and unforgettable emotions from visiting this bar!


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