Addressless distribution of leaflets and advertising through mailboxes: features and recommendations

Addressless distribution of booklets, flyers, leaflets and other printed materials to mailboxes is a safe and quite effective form of targeted advertising. Usually it is used by small and medium-sized commercial organizations, individual entrepreneurs. How attractive is the distribution of leaflets in the mailboxes? Why businessmen choose this type of advertising ? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

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The choice of targeted ads

In order to evaluate the distribution of printed matter in mailboxes in terms of cost effectiveness and feasibility, let us look at this process as every potential buyer does. Any of us, entering the entrance of our own home, first of all checks the mailbox. Along with address correspondence, it may contain various advertising products. Many people are sure to familiarize themselves with the proposed range of goods and servants before sending the leaflet to the scrap. Or maybe some individuals will be interested in certain offers, and they will turn to company representatives for detailed advice. It is for them that this advertisement is designed.

distribution of newspapers in the mailboxes

Advantages of Targetless Advertising

Distribution of leaflets in the mailboxes covers various segments of the population and finds its customers. What else are the advantages of such a feed channel? There are several advantages:

  • Distribution of advertising in mailboxes pays off quickly enough and has a good indicator of efficiency. On average, one in five will be interested in a product. And every eighth wants to get more detailed information. He will come to the point of sale or contact the representative of the advertiser by phone.
  • A sufficiently long eye contact allows a potential buyer to remember the brand and further search for products highlighted by this trademark in the retail network. In this, it compares favorably with stationary and mobile types of advertising. Big billboards, sides of smart trucks see everything. But the maximum that an advertiser can count on is an increase in the recognition of the name of the company or the brand of its products. A leaflet in this regard is much more profitable. It provides a complete set of contact details and talks about the advertised product or service in more detail.
  • Distribution through mailboxes allows targeting local, local sales markets.

distribution of leaflets in mailboxes

Information for Advertisers

To assess the profitability of a particular advertising product, it is important to analyze the costs of its distribution in the mailboxes. The cost of such a service depends on the number of leaflets or newspapers to be distributed. So, one price is formed for distribution of leaflets in the amount of up to 10 thousand pieces, the second - for reaching a maximum of 20 thousand potential customers, the third - for products larger than 20,000 pieces. The cost may be recalculated depending on the weight of the printed matter or the scale of the territory on which paper advertising is to be distributed.

distribution of advertising in mailboxes

Tasks for Ad Distributors

First of all, distribution of leaflets to mailboxes is a responsible process that directly affects the success of the entire advertising company. It is impossible without the integrity and honesty of the bureau workers. Distribution of advertising in the mailboxes should be constantly monitored. For this, many agencies create special quality control services for executable services. There is also the opportunity to directly observe the work of peddlers. For this, the supplierโ€™s representative, together with the employee of the control department, anonymously visits the areas where the advertising product is distributed. If there is a flyer in every mailbox, then the agents did a great job.

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Who can use this service?

This is not to say that the distribution of newspapers through mailboxes, as an advertising service, is suitable for absolutely all businessmen. You should take advantage of this delivery and take into account the limitations of this method. For example, a small shoe repair center can distribute its promotional items in nearby areas. The workshop owner is not interested in wider market coverage. He does not have the ability to serve a large segment of customers. Therefore, such a local advertising is perfect for him.

On the other hand, the placement of printed matter in mailboxes can be targeted at a specific target audience. As a rule, in our time, mail is received by middle-aged people or pensioners. Therefore, flyers with the addresses of night clubs and fashion sales will not be successful. But the information about discounts and promotions on products in the nearest stores, the services of masters in the repair of household appliances, the installation of doors, plastic windows, satellite dishes will be much more interesting to them. The right choice of the target audience and the method of delivering data quickly pays for the costs of manufacturing and distribution of printed materials, increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Mailbox Distribution

Moscow, of course, is one of the world centers of industry. And in this city there are representative offices of almost all world brands. It may seem that this service is not interesting for large manufacturers, creators and distributors of world famous trading companies. Of course, no one will advertise a well-known brand of beer or popular household appliances in this way. But good advertisers can use the brand for their own purposes. To do this, a well-known logo is applied to a leaflet or a brochure, and a text about the sale is printed under it. But it is worth remembering that for this type of advertising the consent of the brand owners is required. Although on the scale of one district of the city such a violation of property rights is unlikely to be very noticeable.

addressless distribution in mailboxes

If you are interested in this advertising channel, please contact A-Iceberg Advertising Agency, distribution of leaflets in mailboxes allows targeted promotion of goods and services, receive an active feedback from potential consumers.

Spread and attract!

As you can see, even a small leaflet of advertising products, if it is composed correctly and designed for people of a certain level, can bring a lot of benefits to both entrepreneurs and potential buyers. If your product is not intended for a specific target audience, and you are at a loss to decide how to attract potential buyers, you can consult ways of distributing leaflets, newspapers or brochures with a representative of an advertising bureau.


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