Tarot cards for love and relationships

Tarot cards are a good tool for self-knowledge, as well as analysis of love relationships. Fortune telling uses both full decks and only the Major Arcana. This is a way to find out what awaits a love affair, which everyone can use.

Fortune telling tarot on love and relationships


Tarot cards for love in some cause concern. Especially for beginner fortunetellers. However, it’s okay to analyze the situation on the love front. Do not be afraid of those prophecies that may appear when divining for love. Tarot alignment provides a general idea of ​​how events can develop without imposing them. It is useful to listen to what the Arcana say, to change their attitude to the situation, to correctly prioritize. This will get rid of many troubles.

The clarity of the questions posed is one of the most important points during divination on the Tarot cards. The alignment of love should be carried out in a calm state, without unnecessary emotions. You can mentally ask for help from the deck.

The following rules should also be followed:

  • It is necessary to take into account all the specifics of the alignment, and not just the value of a particular Arcana.
  • Cards must be treated as living beings who have their own character, soul. This will help to find a connection with the deck, which will make the alignment more clear.
  • A faithful assistant in the layouts of Tarot cards for love - intuition.
Layout "Pyramid of lovers"

Pyramid of lovers

Tarot layout for love “The Pyramid of Lovers” is an easy way of divination using four Arcana. In the process of divination for love relationships, the questioner has the opportunity to get answers to all available questions. In this case, you can not use the younger Arcana, but take only the Elders and, if desired, the suit of the Cups. It is these cards that best help to reveal friendly and romantic ties. However, in the event that the situation between the partners is ambiguous and difficult, you can use the Tarot for love and the whole deck in the scenario.


Consists of four cards. They are laid out according to the scheme in the form of a pyramid. In this fortune-telling, you need to put the first card in the very center, then the second Arkan is put on the left, the third on the right. The final fourth card must be placed on top of the first.

What do the lassos in this Tarot card for love mean?

  • 11 - symbolizes the questioner, gives him a characteristic in the framework of those love relationships in which he is;
  • 2 - talks about a partner. Arkan allows you to understand his behavior, internal motives;
  • 3 - symbolizes the relationship at the current time. Using this card, we can conclude what is happening with the love affair in the present;
  • 4 - indicates that a relationship can be expected in the near future.

Interpretation of the Arcana in the Pyramid layout

Fortune-telling allows you to understand how controlled the relationship is for the questioner, to what extent he or she evaluates the situation.

  • 1st position - the identity of the questioner. This card does not fully characterize a person. However, she points to some of its essential features. This characteristic also affects relationships with a lover.
  • 2 position - the identity of the partner. Arkan is next to the person of the questioner. He also points to his most characteristic features that influence the situation. This card answers the question of why the partner acts in this way?
  • 3 position - features of the relationship. Arkan allows you to reveal the essence of the situation at the moment. It represents a reference point, from which should be based on in this scenario of Tarot for love. If, when using the Junior Arcana, the Elder falls out, then the situation is crucial for the questioner.
  • 4th position - the future. This Arkan sheds light on what tomorrow may be like in the current relationship. By analogy with the previous position, if the card is the Senior Arcanum, then the result has a very strong influence on the life of the questioner.
Fortune telling "Seven stars"

The layout of the "Seven Stars"

No less popular distribution of Tarot on relationships and love. It is ideally suited to receive information about the possible development of relationships, to obtain the characteristics of a love affair, to learn about the secret thoughts of the second half. This layout also shows what is good for relationships and what brings only one harm. Before you begin to make the alignment of the Tarot on relationships and love, you should focus your thoughts on your current partner. You can imagine his appearance, think about the name. Then cards are drawn that are laid out in the shape of a star. Positions are interpreted as follows.

  • “The star of the questioner” - Arkan talks about the circumstances in which a person is.
  • “Star of the chosen one” - talks about what constitutes the personality of a lover.
  • "Star of love." Shows the features of emotional and love relationships between partners.
  • “Danger” - talks about the difficulties and traps for love that await.
  • "Luck". Arkan will talk about what needs to be done so that the relationship develops in the best direction.
  • Secret Thoughts. Lets learn about what is happening in the head of a lover (s).
  • "Future". Talks about what can expect a relationship in the near future.


The Tarot card for love “Three cards” is well suited for beginner tarologists. In this fortune telling you need to pull out three Arcana. It has no strict rules or restrictive framework. The alignment gives a general description of the situation and describes the relationship in terms of the present and the near future. If, for example, fortune-telling immediately after a strong quarrel, then dropped out "Tower" Arkan will not talk about parting. Rather, the map will indicate the disharmony of today.

A clearly posed question is the main thing in this scenario. Fortune-telling of love according to the Tarot should in principle be accompanied by a clear statement of what may be of interest to the questioner. But in this fortune-telling, this is especially important. You need to not just ask the deck: “What awaits the relationship tomorrow?” Fortune-telling will become much more revealing after the question “Will he give me a new car?”

The alignment allows you to find out the features of relationships in the past, present and near future. The first card talks about what were the most important moments of yesterday. The second makes the present clearer. Finally, the third Arkan will talk about the possible outcome of current events.

"One card"

This fortune-telling allows you to get a definite answer to an exciting situation. The main task is to articulate your thought as clearly as possible. This is the simplest alignment on the Major Arcana Tarot for love. Professional tarologists advise using the trump cards for this fortune-telling. First you need to shuffle the deck, and separate the Minor Arcana from the Seniors. Then the remaining "trump cards" are shuffled, "and one card is pulled out - as if in an exam. In interpreting the alignment of the Tarot on relationships and love, "One Card" should be guided by the position of the Arcana. If the card is turned upside down, the answer is no. In the upright position, you can interpret it literally.

Fortune telling “When I meet my love”

The layout is performed according to the scheme, which is indicated in the photo below. Maps have the following meanings.

  • 1 - talks about the difficulties in finding a lover (s);
  • 2 - will talk about how to overcome the difficulties of the first map;
  • 3 - the greatest effort that the questioner can make to achieve his goal;
  • 4 - talks about the type of person with whom you can find happiness;
  • 5 - where, perhaps, an acquaintance will occur;
  • 6 - under what circumstances will the meeting take place.

This Tarot layout “When I Meet My Love” is ideal for those people who are guided by both mind and feelings. Fortune-telling should be taken seriously - then it will clarify the situation, push for the necessary actions.

"Oracle of love" will tell the future

Most often from questioners one can hear the following question: “Does he love me or not?” With the help of the “Oracle of Love” tarot cards, you can find out what the person of interest thinks. Cards carry the following meanings:

  • 1 - what is the situation in the present, the relations that have developed at the moment;
  • 2 - what is the questioner's motivation, how can he be characterized in this love affair;
  • 3 - the main card, which speaks of the attitude to the questioner;
  • 4 - deck advice - this Arkan applies only to the fortuneteller, and tells what can be done to improve relationships.
Gipsy tarot fortune telling

Gypsy fortune-telling

Using this scenario, you can conduct a detailed introspection, explore the hidden nuances that drive relationships. The gypsy distribution of Tarot for love speaks of how the situation will develop in the near future. To conduct it, you need to carefully focus on the issue of interest, shuffle the deck and pull out 7 Arcana. Their interpretation is as follows:

  • 1 - the internal state of the questioner;
  • 2 - characteristic of a person who has warm feelings for a fortuneteller;
  • 3 - which adversely affects the state of the questioner;
  • 4 - that teaches him a lesson;
  • 5 - what awaits in the future;
  • 6 - what or who will remain with him after all the difficulties;
  • 7 - the result of the alignment, advice from the Tarot.
Fortune telling "Future love"

Dreams of tomorrow

The alignment on the Tarot for future love is suitable for those who expect a meeting of the one and only second half - those who are alone or divorced. However, this type of fortune-telling is in greatest demand among young ladies who would like to experience the inspiring feeling of love.

For the deal, you need to draw out 9 Tarot cards. The meaning of the Arcana is as follows:

  • 1 - how soon will I meet my lover?
  • 2 - under what circumstances;
  • 3 - the first impression that the future admirer or lady of the heart will make;
  • 4 - his or her first impression of the questioner;
  • 5 - features of his character;
  • 6 - difficulties that may arise on the way to happiness;
  • 7 - his true intentions in relation to the questioner;
  • 8 - does the fortuneteller expect a bright future with this person;
  • 9 - the development of a love affair in the future.
Three tarot layout

Three Blocks Relationship

This type of fortune-telling allows you to clarify the situation in the relationship, get a fairly clear picture. It is well suited to someone who has been in a love affair for a long time. A similar situation is addressed by both young girls who want to get clarity about the intentions of their lovers, and ladies in age. However, sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex also resort to the alignment - the Tarot does not limit anyone in its use.

The first block will talk about the features of partner motivation. Arcana has the following meaning.

  • 1 - the main motive of the relationship;
  • 2 - what the partner demonstrates in relation to the fortuneteller externally;
  • 3 - how the lover relates to the questioner.

The second block indicates goals and aspirations.

  • 4 - how important is the questioner for the partner;
  • 5 - is his mood serious?
  • 6 - the main objective of the partner in relation to the questioner.

The third block will talk about the development of a love affair. Here it is necessary to guess in advance the time period regarding which the alignment is made for the future.

  • 7, 8 - describe the expectations of the partner;
  • 9, 10 - whether the questioner will be pleased with the development of events;
  • 11, 12, 13 - how the relationship will develop in the expected time.
The layout of "Harmony"

Fortune-telling "Harmony"

In the event that the relationship is romantic, you can use the deck of Tarot Manara. If they are more likely friendly, the deck of "78 doors" will approach. The layout works well on other decks.

  • 1 - the card speaks about what the interrogator sees a love affair;
  • 2 - what does not suit him in the relationship;
  • 3 - what the partner sees as the future of a love affair;
  • 4 - what needs to be changed in oneself in order to achieve success and happiness;
  • 5 - which approach is more suitable for the mysterious man (woman).
  • 6 - what happens if you listen to the advice of the deck.
The layout of the "Swing"

Fortune-telling "Swing"

This fortune-telling is carried out in order to analyze the existing love affair. He needs two decks. For example, for the Arcana characterizing a woman - Manara; the man - Tarot Casanova. Maps have the following meanings.

  • 1-2 - the meaning of the question: what are the true desires of a man and a woman, should they be together?
  • 3 - what stands for the development of this connection?
  • 4 - what is against?
  • 5 - what should each of the participants do?
  • 6 - the general result of fortune telling, the result, the advice of the deck.
Tarot rules

The meaning of tarot cards in the hands of love

Consider how you can interpret this or that Arkan in the layout.

  • Jester (Fool). Most likely, in these relations partners are prone to irresponsibility, a childish position. If the Arkan Sun is present in this scenario, an unwanted pregnancy is possible. In some cases, the Jester may say that one of the partners already has a child. If Arkan Moon also falls out, then a person seeks to hide his presence.
  • Mage In a love relationship is always an experimenter. Most often, this Arkan characterizes a man. Often we are talking about a man who does not disdain to engage in pickup (love hunting).
  • High Priestess. As a rule, he speaks of a woman who loves to dream with a book in her hands by the fireplace. This is an ideal bride who seeks to maintain a wait and see attitude. In relationships, this Arkan says that there is a secret used to hold a partner.
  • Empress. A good mistress, mother, mistress - in the event that she is not clouded by negative cards in the layout. If the Arkan Tower, the Moon, Justice are located next to her, most likely, the mother interferes in the relationship due to the unsettledness of her own life. If the overall situation is positive, and the Empress falls in it, this suggests that the beloved will be a good mistress.
  • The emperor. This Arkan Tarot, in the scenario of love, gets his interpretation in accordance with the principle: "I will show who is the boss in the house." Depending on the rest of the cards, it may have a positive or negative connotation. In a relationship, he talks about the struggle for power. If the Arkana the Hanged man, the Moon, the Tower are present in the layout, then we can talk about negative experiences with the father of the family. If the Emperor card is dealt to a friend, she should ask her some questions about her relationship with her father. If the Emperor falls out with the Devil or the Tower - it is a question of jealousy or despotism in a relationship.
  • Hierophant. The lasso is the bearer of a certain fix idea, which in the love sphere is manifested by the desire to choose a partner with certain features. If the cards include the Hanged Man, the Jester, the Wheel of Fortune cards, it’s worth considering whether the questioner wants to “save” his partner from drug addiction or drunkenness. If the Hierophant falls out together with the Abstinence - this may indicate problems in the sexual sphere. The presence of the Hierophant, along with the Beloved card, may indicate a desire to get married in the temple.
  • Lovers. One of the most favorable Arcana among Tarot cards for relationships and love. Even if the connection does not end with the wedding, a very fascinating romance is expected. If there are Power or Devil cards nearby, this indicates that the relationship is sexual in nature. The Empress, the Wheel of Fortune, the Sun, the World speak of luck in a love affair. Jester, Hermit, Hanged - talk about the difficulties.
  • Chariot. If the alignment is made on the girl, this suggests that she will be able to conquer the "prince on a white horse", and literally - on an expensive foreign car. If a girl makes fortunetelling, then her lover is clearly fond of cars. A fiancée may also be a soldier, a policeman, a firefighter - in short, a person whose working life is connected with traveling. If a Mage or Wheel of Fortune falls nearby, it means that we are talking about an entrepreneurial person, the master of his word.
  • Justice. Talks about the official marriage. The Tower's neighborhood speaks of divorce and division of property. In a good relationship, the card suggests that the couple is able to look at difficulties without romantic illusions.
  • Hermit. It can talk about a big difference in age, maturity, the presence of a deep life philosophy among partners. If the alignment is negative, Arkan indicates loneliness, cooling, unpleasant caresses. The neighborhood with the Star or Magician cards indicates that the partner prefers to head to work with his head.
  • Wheel of Fortune. He talks about material profit, luck, the appearance of new friends through a love affair. The appearance of the Devil next to the Arcana card indicates that the partner is inclined to make money in an illegal way.
  • Force. Most often, this Arkan has a pronounced sensual character. , . . , , .
  • . . , . , , , . , .
  • . . , . , , , . – , , , . , - «» . , . . – , .
  • . , , . , . . .
  • . , , . , . , . , .
  • Tower. This Arkan, in principle, cannot portend anything good for a relationship. Conflicts, quarrels and even violence can be expected. Sometimes the Tower speaks of provocations, the desire to destroy the created. If the Moon or the Priestess is nearby , this indicates the presence of a hidden mental disorder.
  • Star. Despite the positive value, it can be insidious. The star says that a person is waiting for good luck, but does nothing. The card also suggests that one of the partners is a convinced romantic, dreamer, art person.
  • Moon. Talks about the importance of the emotional component in a relationship. Death or the Devil speaks about the hysterical nature of any of the partners. Next to the Priestess or Justice, indicates idealization.
  • The sun. Talks about sincerity, simplicity, clarity. Relationships are full of lightness and warmth.
  • Court. Indicates karmic relationships, practicing old debts in a love affair. Another meaning - it can talk about the occurrence of surprises, pleasant surprises.
  • World. He talks about the integrity of relations, emotional closeness, the ability to empathize. The partner is a rich person, comprehensively developed personality.

The layouts of Tarot cards for relationships and love are a great tool in order to clarify a situation of interest. With their help, you can find out what the partner thinks, how best to do to the questioner, and whether the love affair has a future.

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