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wire products

Wire products are amazing and unique due to their diversity and uniqueness. This material allows you to create gorgeous decoration, precious and semi-precious jewelry. Thanks to the use of wires of various diameters, it is possible to obtain interesting products for the home, garden and furniture elements. Jewelry made of gold and silver wire is very much appreciated nowadays.

To manufacture a high-quality wire product, it is necessary to obtain the required level of knowledge, gain experience and collect the necessary equipment for work. Talent, skill and imagination allow you to create truly amazing masterpieces. This process requires a lot of diligence and patience.

Weaving from wire is gaining its former popularity. Increasingly, you can find wire decor in houses and apartments. Modern galleries and exhibitions are also decorated with exhibits made of wire.

copper wire products


People began to weave in ancient times. In 3000 BC, wire products appeared in Egypt. Hair ornaments were also made of gold and silver wire in Sumer in 2600 BC. Later, this craft came to Europe. The wire was obtained by cutting pieces of metal and rolling between two flat surfaces to smooth sharp edges, or by spiral winding a thin ribbon on the core. In the VI century BC, the Persians began to produce wire by drawing. But in Europe, this method began to be applied only in the 10th century AD with the start of industrial production of this material. Many iron wire products have been lost since they are highly susceptible to corrosion. Currently, the processes of tinning and opening with varnish significantly extend the life of products.

Weaving tools

Today, wire weaving is thriving in Mexico and Africa. There was also a demand for similar products in Europe, which led to the revival of this craft.

To work with wire you will need special tools. You can align the wire with a mallet. To obtain rings and bends, use pliers. To achieve a corner bend, you will need pliers. The cuts are made with nippers, and if the wire is too thick, then it is chopped with a chisel. To eliminate roughness and roughness after cutting, files of various shapes and notches are used.

bead and wire products

Materials for weaving

The wire for weaving is of various sections and diameters. It can be round, square, hexagonal and semicircular. The coating on the wire may be polymer or enamel.

Copper wire has a warm, pleasant color. Due to the presence of a large number of different degrees of hardness, a variety of diameters and an abundance of colors of enameled coating, it is most often used in modern weaving. Silvered wire products look especially beautiful.

Brass wire is also divided into soft, hard and semi-solid. Good anti-corrosion properties and the presence of various alloys allow it to be used in many products.

Aluminum wire is very easy to operate due to its softness and flexibility. It has a bluish-gray color.

Galvanized steel wire is quite difficult to use because of its hardness. It is very springy, and when working with it, you must strictly follow the safety rules.

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Copper wire weave

A wide variety of products can be made from copper wire. Various toys and Christmas tree decorations, money trees, figures of birds and animals, fish and insects, flowers and lampshades, coasters and holders - these are just a few examples of such works. Separately, it is worth highlighting women's accessories. So, from copper you can make a belt, bracelet, ring, earrings, necklace, chain or pendant.

For weaving products from copper wire, material with a diameter of 0.2 to 1.5 mm is used. Thick wire is used to create the basis of the product, the middle is used for braiding, and the thin wire is suitable for weaving and finishing work.

The combination of copper wire and beads allows you to create not only magnificent masterpieces, but also helps children of all ages to develop hand motor skills and artistic talents.

Beadwork and wire

For weaving from beads it is possible to use both ready-made patterns, and develop your own. There are several weaving techniques that allow you to create various crafts. Children can be offered to make simple flat figures of animals or their favorite cartoon characters using parallel weaving techniques, while more experienced users will practice creating 3D figures or decorative ornaments. A wide range of colors and the size of the beads makes it possible to produce amazing jewelry and decor elements. Products from beads and wire allow you to create unique accessories and make life brighter.

Wire weaving at home

do-it-yourself wire products

To create a beautiful home decoration is quite real. Making a wire product with your own hands is a rather laborious and painstaking process. Depending on the complexity of the work, it takes from several hours to several days, or even weeks, to complete work on your creation. The correct selection of materials and the availability of the necessary equipment will make it possible to realize the wildest dreams. Many lovers are constantly improving their skills in making wire products. Photos of some works can be seen in this article.

Using wire weaving, you can make crafts of varying complexity and beauty. Modern materials and a large amount of training information will help everyone to try themselves in this craft and evaluate their capabilities.


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