Manicure navy: options and ideas

This season, a dark blue manicure is very popular . After all, with the help of this palette you can come up with many interesting options for nail art. A wide variety of shades makes it possible to combine blue not only with other colors, but also with various patterns. Drawings, sparkles, rhinestones, french, moon manicure and many other ideas will make nails unique.

manicure in dark blue color

Shade selection

There are a lot of varnishes. And even after you decide to make a manicure in dark blue, in specialized stores from a wide variety of eyes will start to run up. The color should be suitable for the type of skin, clothes, shape of the nail. It should be combined with the time of year and just like its future owner. If a woman has fair skin, it is better to choose darker tones. For those who have a darker skin color, light shades of blue and blue will look good. Before buying varnish, you must examine the presented palette, which should be in every store. Using a dark blue manicure, it is possible to emphasize any outfit favorably, especially if it is a blue dress.

Blue french manicure

French fell in love with many girls. And if several years ago classical tips of white color were appreciated, now various experiments are in trend, using different colors both for the edge of the plate and for the base of the nail. The dark blue hue itself looks good on the hands. Therefore, it is often used. In addition, matte varnishes are now popular. They are successfully combined with glossy coatings. The β€œsmile” line can be outlined in gold or silver. One thin strip will make the manicure more festive. On individual nails, drawings, prints, rhinestones, foil, sliders and newspaper clippings are used.

manicure dark blue

Using other colors

Blue color refers to the base. It blends wonderfully with other tones. The warm season requires bright colors, so you can use a dark blue manicure, combining it with yellow. A juicy sunny hue resembles golden warm sand, and blue - a deep, rippling sea. Those who can draw beautifully often depict the famous characters of the cartoon Minions on the nails. The simplest option that does not require special skills is the usual combination of colors. We cover all nails, except the middle and nameless, in blue. And on those that have remained untouched, apply yellow. Fast, interesting, catchy.

Alluring ombre

Ombre is another trend of the season. It can be done using any two colors. The main thing is that the tip of the nail is decorated with a darker tone, and the base is light. To create a stylish ombre, not only different shades of blue are suitable, but also a successful combination of contrasting tones. This nail art is very stylish and at the same time festive. Manicure with a dark blue varnish, in particular ombre, is done very simply.

To create it, you need to apply two colors on a sponge and thoroughly blot a nail with the base light coating applied to the plate. Get a smooth transition between colors. In this case, the border can be made both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction. In this case, it is necessary to use a combination of white, yellow, blue, light green and blue. Such a manicure will be relevant in any situation. It can also be decorated with rhinestones, foil or patterns.

dark blue manicure photo

Using patterns

All the girls are so different, but everyone wants to have an individual dark blue manicure. Photos of various options flooded magazines. There are so many ideas that you don’t need to invent anything on your own! In the modern world, you can do whatever you want. Therefore, using a different pattern on each nail is a great option. For those who do not know how to draw, there are sliders that stick to the entire plate and cover it with a dense pattern. Whatever pictures are sold: flowers, space images, animals or geometric shapes. Many craftswomen stopped painting with a brush and use only stickers.

dark blue manicure

A few quick tips

Navy blue manicure can be done in different ways. There are some good tips for a stunning effect:

  • The night sky is based on a dark blue color. You can convey this beauty on your nails. If the first layer is blue, and the second is transparent with sparkles, then you can achieve the effect of the night sky.
  • The matte varnish or the one with a sand effect will emphasize the naturalness of your hands.
  • Denim will never go out of style. Therefore, the minds of the fashion industry invented indigo blue varnish, which has a special structure resembling denim.
  • Looks great varnishes of the same color with a different structure. For example, dark blue glossy and matte. Apply matte varnish to the entire nail plate, and outline the free edge with a strip of glossy product.
  • Marine style is a successful combination of blue and green. It can be performed in the form of a water manicure or to make stains with a needle.

Moon manicure

Lunar manicure has long been popular. It is as basic as the French. In a similar design, you can make a manicure dark blue, and it can be combined with other shades, or leave the beginning of the nail plate with a natural color. The hole can be decorated with rhinestones, as well as draw a contrast line or line with sparkles. This part of the nail is sometimes painted in a different color. For example, in white or gold. Also, between the hole and the plate as a whole, you can leave a thin unpainted line. The moon manicure is universal and suitable for any length of the nail. And considering that shorter plates are in fashion now, it will be an ideal option for those ladies who give them preference.

dark blue polish manicure


Rhinestones look very good on nails. They decorate them and make them richer. But to perform a beautiful manicure with such a design is somewhat more difficult than regular nail art. After all, often you need to first draw something on the nail, and only then add a beautiful stone to the pattern. Now they often use different shapes and sizes of rhinestones, successfully combining them with each other. And even the simplest varnish coating can be revived by simply gluing one stone at the base of the nail.


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