How to make gradient manicure at home?

How to make gradient manicure at home? In our article you will learn the answer to an exciting question. Regardless of time and fashion, women's hands and especially fingers attracted the attention of fashionistas. Hands, and with them nails, attract attention today, especially if they are well-groomed. If in more ancient times clean hands and neatly trimmed nails were sufficient, now the variety of shapes, colors and types of processing is amazing. Modern women, both young and older, have plenty to choose from. After all, you can build up your nails and cover them with a special gel composition or gel-based varnish.

Why is it popular?

A fairly popular option is a gradient manicure, a photo of it is presented for clarity in the article. Such nail art can be done not only in the salon, but also at home on your own, which will be cheaper. And before you make a gradient manicure, you need to arm yourself with certain knowledge. It is easy enough to get the necessary information about the methods and design in our article.

Gradient manicure at home.

Why is gradient manicure popular? The reasons for the popularity of this new type of manicure can be called:

  1. The beauty of the end result, which additionally creates a mood.
  2. Practicality. Since such a manicure will suit any outfit, no matter what color it is, and if the outfit is difficult to choose, some accessory can always save the situation.
  3. When using gel polish to create a gradient manicure, you can not worry about the look of the nails for a long time, which also saves time. Even the use of high-quality varnish and fixing agent will make it possible to forget that you need to update the coating.

What do you need?

First of all, we determine that gradient manicure is a special technique for applying varnish, which involves a gradual transition from one color to another. Compliance with all application rules guarantees a spectacular appearance of the final result.

To create a gradient manicure at home is quite possible. True, you need to get a minimal set of tools in advance. What is needed to create such a nail art?

How to do gradient manicure at home
  1. Any sponge for gradient manicure is generally suitable. You can use household. The sponge for manicure is small, about 1.5 cm by 3-4 cm. That is, if you use a household sponge, then you need to cut the necessary number of pieces in advance.
  2. Food grade polyethylene, foil or regular bag.
  3. Matches or toothpicks, a couple of pieces.
  4. Base for varnish.
  5. Fixer on top of varnish.
  6. Coating different colors to create a gradient.
  7. Means for removing varnish, cotton buds, a vice or just cotton.
Snow gradient manicure

All of the above will be required if you plan to make gradient manicure with varnish. But it is possible to use a slightly different coating.

Gel polish

If it is assumed that gradient gel manicure will be performed with varnish, then you may also need:

  • lamp for drying;
  • special means for its removal;
  • special base and topcoat.

It should be noted that before creating a manicure yourself, you need to decide what materials it will be performed on. Since the technique using traditional coatings and gel-based coatings is still different.

Preparatory stage

Gradient manicure is created on prepared nail plates. It is necessary to process the nails, arrange them in the selected form and trim the excess cuticle. That is, in a word, to make a full-fledged high-quality manicure. After the nails have dried after water, they must be degreased with alcohol or nail polish remover, this guarantees the durability of the coating. After you need to make the coating base. To do this, you can use a special composition designed for this or any other colorless therapeutic varnish.

Gradient manicure gel polish

If the gradient manicure is created using gel polish, then before applying the base, you can lightly treat the surface of the nail with a soft file. Then only degrease and apply the base, which must be dried under a special lamp. When the nails are ready, you can proceed to the coating of several colors.


Before you make a gradient manicure, you need to decide which gradient is needed. It happens:

  1. Horizontal, the arrangement of colors at which changes from right to left or vice versa.
  2. Vertical. Colors in which they change from top to bottom.
  3. Original. It differs in color change from one finger to another.
  4. French, which has a transition from white tips of nails to a transparent base.

How to make?

The principle of creating a gradient of options is the same for any of the options, with some features. Before making more complex drawings, with a large number of shades, it is best to start with the simplest option, that is, using a small number of colors. So how to do gradient manicure? To understand the process, we divide it into stages:

How to do gradient manicure at home
  1. It is necessary to prepare the work surface by spreading foil or film on it.
  2. Next, coat the surface of the nail with the main color varnish. This applies to both traditional varnish and gel polish. Then dry the coating well.
  3. After that, the pre-selected colors for the gradient should be applied to the prepared surface in the form of blots, and the toothpick will blur the boundaries between them.
  4. Transfer the workpiece onto the sponge for the gradient. By lowering it into the prepared template.
  5. At the next stage with a sponge, printing movements, apply a colored blank. Care must be taken to ensure that the colors are transferred to the nail plate in the selected sequence. This method of application is also suitable for gel-based varnishes.
  6. Next, drying of the applied layer is necessary. For gel polish, drying is only suitable in a special lamp.
  7. The complete drying of the created gradient makes it possible to proceed to the application of a top coat, which will add shine and preserve the manicure for as long as possible. For gel polish, this coating is called topcoat. It is also dried only in a lamp.
  8. At the last stage, it is necessary to clean the skin stained with varnish. This should be done as carefully as possible, using cotton pads and sticks.


In addition, it should be noted that it is not necessary to make a blank for applying flowers to a sponge. You can apply the selected shades liberally to it with overlapping colors with each other.

How to do gradient manicure at home

In this case, the consumption of materials will be greater. You also need to clarify that to create a vertical gradient, the color of the varnish can be applied directly to the nail, maximally joining them. In this case, you can blur the borders immediately with a sponge to the desired result. You also need to consider that as the sponge hardens and crumbles, it is necessary to change it. When creating a gradient using glossy colors, you may have difficulty with the tone associated with changing it when stretched. In this case, the number of layers of the applied finish will have to be increased. Such problems with matte varnishes, as a rule, do not arise.

Different methods of application techniques

In addition to applying a gradient using a sponge, there are other techniques. Their difference is that they require more skill and more difficult to perform. Only after a certain training can you use them to achieve the desired result. These techniques include:

  1. Brush application. In order to get a good result, the layers of color must be applied very thin. And then, due to light movements with a moistened brush on the surface of the nail, blend the applied layer. Such manipulations are carried out until the desired result is obtained, which must be fixed using the finish coating. We must not forget that each layer must be dried.
  2. Create a gradient using stencils. To do this, select a pattern and colors that will go from one to another. Each section of the image is applied with a thin layer and dried. Due to which the final result is obtained.
  3. A gradient effect manicure can be created using a special device called an airbrush. It is good in that you can get accurate coverage with minimal time.

Little conclusion

Despite so many ways to create a fashionable manicure for a beginner, at home, applying with a sponge will be the most optimal option that does not require additional training. Learning this way at home will be easier and cheaper than everyone else, and the result is comparable to salon care.

Gradient manicure at home.

Having gained some experience in the technique of independently creating a gradient manicure, a woman can not only look great, remaining, as they say, in a trend, but also earn extra money. After all, everyone wants to look good, but not everyone has the time and opportunity, and sometimes patience and the ability to learn how to create. When mastering such skills, earning, without leaving home, becomes quite real, which can be important, for example, for a mother with children. Given the current prices of nail care services, such an income can serve as a good addition to the family budget.


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