Giant flower made of paper: step-by-step instructions with descriptions and photos, original ideas

A single flower or floral arrangement is an excellent accessory in the design of interiors and photo zones, regardless of size and shade, creating a festive romantic atmosphere. Original huge inflorescences - wonderful decor for rooms where weddings, corporate celebrations, and just parties are held. Creating such beauty will take very little time, but the result will be simply amazing! Let us learn how to make giant flowers from paper with our own hands.

Tools and materials for work

To obtain a beautiful and spectacular product, you must responsibly approach the choice of material. Corrugated paper is taken in good quality, elastic, dense, fairly large thickness. Only such paper will retain its shape perfectly, will not tear, will not change color when interacting with glue. The best material for these purposes is Italian-made material. For the manufacture of realistic colors you will need several shades.

giant flower making process

Pva glue or silicone masking tape is also needed.

Prepare the wire if the flower is hanging, or a piece of metal-plastic pipe for the stem.

Well, and, of course, do not forget about scissors, stapler, threads and needles.

Do-it-yourself simple giant flowers made of corrugated paper

It will take about half an hour to create a simple inflorescence in the form of a stylized peony. So how to make a giant flower out of paper?

It is necessary to take 3 sheets of corrugated paper, lay them on top of each other and fold them in a large accordion (about 6 cm for each addition). In the middle, tie with a strong thread, leaving long ends for fastening on a stand or ceiling. Make the edges curly - to give the flower a natural look.

Now you need to straighten all the sheets, and fasten their edges with a stapler. The result was a lush flower basket, to which you need to add a core. To do this, take 2 appropriate-sized rectangles from paper in a different shade, fold them in the same way as for a flower and tie them with a thread. You can cut it into strips, or you can leave it as it is. Spread and stick in the middle of the main workpiece. So, we got a fluffy volumetric flower.

Heavy Duty Dahlia

Let's try ourselves in making the simplest giant flower from paper - dahlia. For this beauty, it does not take particularly much time or any special skill. Take:

  • thick double-sided colored paper;
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • glue gun.

First of all, it will be necessary to cut out a circle - the base of cardboard. The next step is to cut a large number of squares - details of the petals. The longer the side length, the larger the resulting inflorescence.

dahlia from paper "horns"

Next, we turn all the squares into horns, gluing the edges. We collect the flower by gluing the horns on the basis of cardboard, without leaving gaps.

Glue double-sided tape on the back side for fastening in place.

Giant flowers for the photo zone

Unusually elegant in the rooms look decorative panels. A stunning solution for finishing the photo zone is the composition of giant flowers made of paper - colored or plain. For example, a wall that is made of white flowers of various sizes is very stylish and delicate.

For work, prepare thick paper of the required color, cardboard. Do not forget about scissors and glue.

Master class: giant paper flowers

1. We begin to prepare the templates for the petals from thick cardboard. We need 6 pieces of various sizes - large, medium and small. We cut them out of the main paper, making cuts from the bases.

2. We shape the petals by wrapping the edges. We glue the edges of the paper at the incisions.

3. Now we glue the largest leaves roundly to each other - there are 6 of them. We attach medium-sized leaves to them, and then small ones.

flowers to create a photo zone

4. From a cardboard sheet we cut out a circle and fix it on the bottom of the inflorescence.

5. We make the core. To do this, take a piece of paper, fold it in half and cut it into strips until the middle. We do such manipulations with one more leaf. We turn them into a tube, creating fluffy stamens.

6. Glue to the center.

7. At the back we attach a double-sided tape or eyelet so that you can fix the product on the wall or screen. Thus, you need to make a lot of flowers: very large and smaller, and fill them with the entire space of the wall.

Be sure: such a zone for a photo shoot will be appreciated by your guests!

Rose from paper on a stalk

Wonderful roses are always and everywhere relevant, so why not make it to decorate your home? Its inflorescence is never monophonic, so pick up paper of several close shades, to give naturalness.

So, the toolkit is common:

  • various shades of colored paper;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • ribbons or braid;
  • newspaper;
  • piece of wire.

Cut out the templates for the original blanks. The shape of the petals is a drop and a heart. “Drops” will need 8 - pcs., “Hearts” - 17. We give the petals a shape: stretch in the middle and twist the edges.

hall design

For the stem, cut the required length of wire and wrap it with green paper. It can also be made from a newspaper rolled up into a tight tube.

Petals are gradually gathered around the stem, tied with braid or thread: first drop-shaped, then hearts. At the end, we wrap the place of attachment of the petals of a green strip of paper - these are sepals.

Everything, the giant queen of flowers is ready!

Production of hanging peony

Delicate peony, made in the form of a giant flower made of paper, will be a harmonious addition to the interior or make a wonderful decorative element of the party. With this flower you can make costumes for children for a holiday in kindergarten.

In addition to the above materials and tools you will need:

  • small balloon;
  • skein of masking tape;
  • thick thread needle;
  • metal eyelets;
  • napkins;
  • silicate glue.

Getting to work. We inflate the ball to a diameter of 27-30 cm. Papier-mâché principle is pasted over with several layers of napkins. Dry well.

Now we cut the workpiece into 2 parts - in half. We put one in the other and sew along the edge with thread and inaccurate stitch under a scotch tape.

We fix the place of fastenings for rigidity with adhesive tape and attach the grommets. We will sell in them a wire for hanging a flower.

corrugated ranunculi

Now cut out the petals (several patterns are located below) in the following quantity:

patterns for peony petals
  • 1 - 12 pcs.;
  • 2–4 - 20 pcs.;
  • 5, 6 - 14 pcs.;
  • 7, 8 - 8 pcs.;
  • 9 - 22 pcs.

Give the shape to the finished petals and in a circle begin to mount from the ninth number, attaching them only 10 pieces. Now we take the petals No. 2. Squeezing each leaf at the bases, gently glue it around.

So we move to the center, in order to glue the entire surface of the hemisphere, without leaving gaps.

Glue paper stamens in the middle.

With the remaining petals at number 9, paste over the frame from the outside, hiding it.

Big sunflower

To create a bright sunny flower, you must:

  • several rolls of corrugated paper (brown, yellow, green);
  • some wire for leaves;
  • glue;
  • twig.

Let's get started!

We will make a basket of brown paper. We cut it into long and wide (10 x 14 cm) stripes and cut each of them in the form of a fringe.

Roll it up with a strong roller and fix it with wire.

Cut petals for inflorescence. First, we will prepare the required number of rectangles (8 x 6) from yellow paper, then we will form petals from them.

From green paper we cut several sepals and leaves. We cut pieces of 8-10 cm long from the wire: these are cuttings. We wind green paper on them and glue the leaves.

paper sunflower

Now we will collect all the details together. Middle - fringe glue with petals, leave a space between each. In the second row, we glue the petals into these gaps and so on, in layers. The inflorescence is ready, it remains to make a stem.

To do this, wrap the branch with green paper, while attaching the leaves to the right place, glue the flower on top.

Giant paper flowers for hall decoration

Tools and materials are the same. Here 2 shades of petals will be combined - red and beige. You can choose any shape of the petals - oval, round, etc. The size is also, according to your desire, from small to largest, 12 pcs. each.

flowers for the wedding ceremony

Work progresses from the smallest to the largest, gradually gaining value.

Glue without spreading. At the end we attach the green sepals.

Let the flower dry and begin to form it. We expand and stretch each petal separately. Here we have such a giant flower made of paper!

If desired, you can attach the stem, or you can hang it from the ceiling.


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