Do-it-yourself barbecue and porch in the country: building tips

How wonderful it is to go to the cottage on a sultry day away from the bustle of the city, exhaust fumes and the scorching sun. Is there anything better than relaxing after a busy day in your quiet paradise, where you can escape from the frenzied rhythm of the metropolis and enjoy the birds singing? Cottage vacation is becoming increasingly popular. One has only to imagine a small cozy house, around which there is a green area with fruit trees, fluffy grass, like a Persian carpet, and a parade of colorful flowers. Oh, how wonderful, if you add a veranda to this picture, where you can hide from the sun or gather a large group of friends!

It doesn’t matter if at the moment the mentioned stroke in the country house is not enough, it can be added with your own hands. Do-it-yourself veranda in the country house can be built without any effort for two weeks. But how much pleasure and enjoyment the result of the work will deliver! The undoubted advantage of the veranda is the ability to spend the whole day outdoors with the whole family or company.

So, you decided to build. First you need to decide on the project of this architectural structure. The veranda in the country with his own hands begins to be built from the preparation of the architectural plan. If it’s difficult to compose it yourself, then it is advisable to turn to specialists for help. In order for the structure to be reliable and strong, it is necessary to lay the foundation under the veranda. It all depends on what kind of future porch you see. If a capital and independent room is planned, then in this case the foundation is also necessary, at the same depth as the foundation of the house itself. Easy construction does not require such serious decisions, and it is quite possible to get by with a columnar foundation.

When the foundation is laid, you can begin to build walls. The veranda in the country with your own hands can be built of brick or wooden materials. Subsequently, at the request of the owner, its walls can be sheathed with plastic. In addition, one more question has to be solved: whether it will be a glazed veranda or an open one. But, as a rule, it is customary to finish building glazed verandas, because on rainy or cold days it will serve as protection for the house from cold and noise. As for the roof, you need to try to get it under the roof of the house, and for this you need to make the floor of the veranda about two or three dozen centimeters lower than the floor in the house. Among summer residents, sliding walls are in great demand, thanks to which the veranda easily turns into an open room on a hot day. When the veranda in the country house is built with your own hands, you should take care of its interior. In solving this difficult, but very interesting task, they can help: unusual and practical furniture, beautiful curtains on the windows, various photographs and pictures on the walls, white lace tablecloth. Everything that the imagination prompts can do an excellent service in the design of a new room.

In order to complete the picture of the perfect summer vacation, you need to take care of the construction of a barbecue. After all, how cool it is to gather all your friends on the new veranda, and even treat them with your signature dishes! If you decide to make a barbecue for a summer residence with your own hands, then you will need to start with its location. First of all, we take into account the necessary amount of free space, as well as the direction of air flow. Smoke should not be annoying for you and your neighbors. Barbecue must be installed near the house. Hand-made construction will take you no more than ten days. First you need to dig a trench for the foundation with a depth of about 25 cm. Next, we lay the reinforcement and fill the entire trench with concrete. Now it takes time for the concrete to harden. After that, we begin to lay out the walls. During construction, a place should also be provided for storing firewood. We also build an arch, install a pipe and a canopy. The floor near the barbecue must also be laid out with stone.

Whatever the result of your work, in any case, it will fit perfectly into the design of your summer residence, because at all times manual work was valued above all.


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