Cream manicure: ideas and photos

In the beauty industry, women are said to be divided into two types. The former love everything bright, catchy, expressive. Others strive for naturalness. But in both cases, the fair sex is trying to diversify their image, to bring something new and original to it. In this article we will talk about the non-standard and rare color of the varnish - cream. Manicure, sustained in this tone, has many varieties and variations, and we will get to know them now.

What color is it?

Often, a creamy shade is confused with beige. It is believed that if it belongs to the pastel palette and is close to the color of the skin, then it is certainly beige or flesh. In fact, if you look at the photo of a cream manicure, you will understand that this tone is fundamentally different from the skin tone. Firstly, it is lighter, it has a whitish pigment. Secondly, the shade combines both a cold and a warm undertone, which cannot be said about skin color, which is almost always warm. It turns out that against the background of the skin, such nail art looks expressive, since the tones vary, but at the same time it remains gentle and light. A standard cream manicure can exist autonomously, and can serve as the basis for creating a unique design. About what variations on this subject can be thought up, just now we will talk.

Classic - single color fill

Due to the fact that the cream color is quite different from the skin tone (even from the lightest), it will be very noticeable on the nails. This is not the tone due to which the fingers and nails visually merge. He is more inclined to white, but, unlike his fellow, cream is not so cold and not so moody. Being very bright, this varnish nevertheless hides minor flaws in the manicure and errors of the master (while white, on the contrary, shows them with even greater force).

classic cream manicure

A cream-colored manicure will look great on nails of any length - both on short ones and on overgrown ones. It is also universal - it fits any image and is appropriate in any case.

Without a jacket, nowhere

French manicure is a favorite option for nail design in millions of women around the globe. Once upon a time, everyone was happy with this surprisingly gentle invention - the combination of white and beige colors was considered the most relevant. Then the rules changed, not only other pastel tones moved to the French, but also dark, bright colors - red, black, blue, etc. However, today, when fashion has turned back and the trend is again all the most natural and natural, an excellent base for creating a french coat became a creamy varnish. We remind you that it is fundamentally different from white, although it is close to it. Therefore, their combination is both an expressive and gentle union of colors. Cream manicure in the manner of French looks fresher and more original than the classic version, but at the same time remains restrained, gentle and concise.

cream french

Gradient in light colors.

A fashion trend called ombre is a favorite technique in nail art. To create a smooth transition from one color to another, both bright and dark, and light and pastel palettes are used. If we are talking about the latter, then the result can be admired endlessly. Incredibly delicate tones that smoothly blend into each other and shimmer under a glossy finish - this is probably the manicure of a real princess. The cream color of the varnish is in perfect harmony with the entire pastel palette. If you want to create a unique design, choose a mint, blue, lavender or pale yellow hue. If you are in pursuit of the most delicate decision - then the cream color is best combined with nude, coffee or pale pink. By the way, against such a moving gradient, rhinestones will look great.

cream ombre on nails

More shine

If you do manicures in cream colors for yourself, at home, and are in search of a simple but original solution, remember the good old sparkles. Firstly, this decor element is designed to hide minor flaws in the work - if the varnish is wiped off somewhere or a scratch appears, glitter will hide everything. Secondly, such a simple and uncomplicated design will look festive and magical even on gray weekdays. And yes, if you want to make yourself a cream manicure for short nails, then this option will be one of the most optimal.

cream manicure with sparkles

Minimalism style

As we already said, cream manicure can play the role of a base for creating any nail art. But since this color is gentle and restrained, we decided not to break traditions and came up with a strict and concise design. Just combine the creamy nail polish with the chrome accents. It is better to give preference to golden shades, since silver ones will look very faded against the background of almost white varnish and will create an extremely cold look. A kind of minimalism looks incredibly stylish, but remains restrained. Therefore, a manicure will be relevant both during working hours and throughout the rest. And depending on the chosen shape and size of the chrome insert, visually you can lengthen short nails.

cream manicure with chrome inserts

Bet on contrast

Due to its versatility, the cream color of nail polish can be advantageously combined not only with a pastel palette, but also with dark tones. One of the most successful tandems is considered to be Marsala and cream. Judge for yourself from the photo below. Both colors belong to the category of warm, but at the same time they have a little cold blotches. They contrast - light color acts as a background, and dark red complements it. This type of nail art is suitable for strong-willed, strong, self-confident women, it will be perfectly combined with evening dresses and non-standard business suits.

cream color and marsala

Wedding motifs

As a rule, the basis of varnishes, which are used to create a wedding nail art, are pastel and nude tones. Most often, brides choose a French ombre or just a French manicure, additionally decorating it with sequins or rhinestones. But we offer you an even brighter and more gentle solution - a cream-colored wedding manicure. The photo presented below partially conveys the atmosphere of magic and celebration.

cream wedding manicure

This design is not complicated, it looks simple, but incredibly gentle, touching and elegant. It will be perfectly combined with a dress of a milky shade or beige, with a translucent makeup and a slightly sloppy hairdo. It is also noteworthy that in this nail art we do not see rhinestones. Such accessories would look too heavy here.


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