Original nail design with black polish - interesting ideas, features and reviews

Nail design with black polish is very popular because it looks expressive and elegant. It will never be banal and boring, as the nail service masters offer many options.

Black varnish helps to give a feminine image personality and dynamism. It can be used as the main color of nails or just draw individual details and patterns to it.

Manicure Features

Nail design with black polish looks very stylish and elegant. Such a manicure should always be perfect. Dark colors emphasize the contour, so the uneven edges of the nails will look messy.

Stylish manicure with black polish

Before applying black varnish, you need to carefully treat the cuticle and give the nails a perfect shape. The coating is applied in 2 layers so that there are no gaps. Before applying patterns, it is worth pre-training to make the drawings perfect. Black looks best on nails of medium length, rectangular in shape.

Manicure Options

Nail design with black varnish can be varied, you can easily embody the most daring ideas. There are many options for creating a beautiful manicure. You can highlight just a couple of nails by applying a geometric or abstract pattern to them. The original idea would be to use adhesive tape in silver or gold.

The trend is curls, snowflakes, flowers, lace. The gradient looks stylish on the nails. Black color harmonizes well with rhinestones, which help to give the manicure a special chic and luxury.

Matte manicure

Matte manicure has gained incredible popularity. The matte surface visually resembles luxurious velvet and looks most advantageous in deep coal tones. The design of black matte nails is just a great choice. It looks very impressive with rhinestones or pearls, and also combines with a classic glossy finish.

Matte manicure

A french jacket will be unusual, where the entire surface of the nail is matte, and the free edge is glossy. You can also apply a matting agent on the entire surface, and glossy dots on top.

A combination of black matte varnish with other colors distributed on all nails or with an emphasis on only one finger also looks interesting.

Holiday option

A festive design of nails with black polish will be appropriate for any special occasion. For such a manicure, masters recommend a combination of black and gold.

The nail can be decorated with pieces of poured. This allows you to maintain the solemnity and brightness of the color scheme.

Black nail design with flowers or patterns made in gold looks very stylish. The manicure looks beautiful, along the edge of which there is a golden floral pattern.

Black with gold

A more refined is the combination of black with silver. Matte black nail can be decorated with small silver leaves. This decor is perfect for both evening outfit and regular jeans.

A more solemn option would be an intricate floral ornament in eastern traditions. Such a nail will be a real work of art.

Combination with other colors

There are many ideas for black and white nail design, since such a combination is considered classic, a similar option will be relevant at all times. It could be:

  • French;
  • all kinds of patterns;
  • holes in white and black;
  • painting.

In addition, you can choose absolutely any geometric combination. Black and white manicure is always contrasting, it at the same time looks strictly and extravagantly. Nails of any length are suitable for this color scheme.

Such a manicure is perfect for any occasion, both for office work and for special occasions. An interesting design of white and black nails with complex patterns and delicate curls. The original solution will be a checkerboard pattern.

French is considered a classic of style. The snow-white tip of the nail just looks perfect on the black nail plate.

Black and pastel colors.

A combination of red and black is considered equally popular. For those who prefer bold and unusual solutions, you need to pay attention to the lunar and French manicures made in these colors.

Ombre looks no less chic. However, there may be another nail design red with black.

Various bows, patterns and hearts look interesting.

If you need to bring a little tenderness to the created image, then the black color can be diluted with a pink tint. Such a design will look stylish and elegant. You can also take a pink tone as a base and apply various patterns on top of it. Openwork drawings will especially look refined.

The combination of black and yellow looks stylish. Yellow will help to make the created image more vivid. The most popular design option will be black and yellow stripes that look colorful in the summer. If you need to visually increase the nail a little, it is recommended to do a gradient manicure.

Turquoise color in combination with black can add a little freshness to the created image. Very stylish and bright gradient manicure looks. On black, any ornaments will organically look.

Original options

A manicure made in marble technique looks very unusual. On the nail plate, you can draw only small streaks that resemble natural stone in their appearance, or cover all the nails with a bright pattern. In this way, you can arrange all the fingers, or only some of them.

Lunar manicure and jacket are very popular around the world. Making them is very simple on your own. You can also decorate such a manicure with patterns or rhinestones. Black nails with various patterns and drawings look very beautiful - this is a great option for a vacation or celebration.

A common design option for black short nails is the floral theme. Flowers of different shapes and sizes look very impressive and stylish. The design is very original, in which 3 nails are painted black, and the other two in pastel colors.

Black and white manicure

One of the latest trends is lace. This design looks sophisticated and elegant. Black color can be used both as a base and for applying patterns.

A stylish and original version is a leopard print, which is easiest to do with water stickers or a regular image of leopard spots. Rhinestones will help diversify any manicure and make it more expressive. In a black jacket, pebbles adorn the hole or edge of the nail.

Fashion trends

Despite the fact that black is considered a classic, on the nails it looks quite bold and bright. Often a similar design is preferred by confident and courageous girls. There are several options for such a manicure, which is very popular and looks pretty impressive. These include:

  • contrasting combinations of white and black;
  • French or moon manicure;
  • combination with any tones and the use of ombre technique;
  • the use of rhinestones and other decorative elements.
Manicure with decor

Black nail polish is the best way to make the image fatal and somewhat aggressive. Recently, he has gained great popularity.

How to make a manicure

It is quite possible to make a beautiful manicure with black varnish yourself. Before varnishing the nail plate, it must be pre-treated and prepared. To do this, you will need:

  • scissors;
  • nail file;
  • tweezers;
  • alcohol lotion;
  • cream.

Initially, you need to remove the old varnish from the surface of the nails. Then remove the cuticle. To do this carefully, hands must first be steamed in a warm bath. Using a special stick, push the skin to the root of the nail and carefully cut it with tweezers. To prevent inflammation, after the procedure, lubricate the cuticle with healing oil.


Then smooth the surface of the nail plate with a nail file, give the nail the desired shape.

After all these manipulations, degreasing of the surface of the nail is required. Before coating, roll the varnish bottle a little between the palms. The main color must be applied in two layers. At the tip of the brush you need to take as much varnish as you need to stain one nail. The second coat needs to be applied after the first is slightly dry. If there is a fixer, then you can fix it with a manicure.


According to reviews, a manicure with black varnish looks very elegant and stylish. It suits almost any created image and is considered an excellent option for every day and for special occasions.

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