Motor ship "Mikhail Frunze": description, reviews

River cruises are increasingly gaining popularity among Russians and tourists. They are not only full of romance and adventurism, but, most importantly, they are safe and allow you to feel the contrast between city bustle and harmonious, majestic Russian spaces. The ship "Mikhail Frunze" was just created for exciting walks. Its peculiarity is a combination of relaxation with spa treatment. Let's get to know better the look of this service and reviews of experienced travelers.

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The ship "Mikhail Frunze" was built in 1980 in Czechoslovakia. It is a four-deck vessel equipped with modern technology and navigation equipment. The ship reaches 135.7 meters in length and 16.8 meters in width. The maximum speed that he develops is 26 km / h. Thanks to its three powerful engines, the ship gently navigates the water, excluding pitching.

Amaze not only the size of the ship, but also a surprisingly harmonious, cozy atmosphere reigning on it. The design is designed in a marine style, but the decoration of cabins, halls and other rooms speaks of luxury and the high status of the service.

Mikhail Frunze is owned by Vodokhod LLC. The company has more than two dozen ships at its disposal. She is considered one of the largest in Russia, supervising cruises along the country's major river arteries.


The motor ship Mikhail Frunze is designed for 300 seats. Cabins are presented in six types. Among them are two luxury cabins and six junior suites. The rest belong to the economic variant, single and double, single and two-tier. Each cabin is equipped with a bathroom, shower, air conditioning, wardrobe, radio and a viewing window. “Suite” and “Junior Suite” are designed for four beds and additionally include refrigerators and televisions. Cabins “with shared accommodation” are not provided. Each room closes securely inside and out. Bed linens and hygiene items (shampoo, soap, shower gel) are provided by the administration.

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The ship "Mikhail Frunze" is not just a pleasure boat, but also has the status of a sanatorium. On board, you can get advice from professional doctors, as well as wellness procedures (physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage). Healthy tea includes herbal tea and oxygen cocktails.

There are also two restaurants and two bars for passengers around the clock. Service in restaurants with a full landing is carried out in two shifts. With free seating, a buffet is available. On the second day of the cruise, a custom menu is provided. The bars offer a wide variety of drinks and free Wi-Fi.

In addition, there is a music room and a reading room, an ironing room on board. You can sunbathe on the upper sun deck or in the solarium. For children, a game club is provided.

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Departure point for the cruise is the berths of Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan. The exact address is always indicated on the boarding pass. Optionally, the cost of the tour may include a cultural program and excursion service. Children from two to five years can stay on the boat for free.


Long-term practice of cruises has created an excellent reputation for Vodohod LLC. But lately, the discontent of passengers has begun to grow noticeably. In particular, on the forums and the official website of the company, you can read unflattering comments about the service that the Mikhail Frunze motor ship provides. Reviews note a sharp rise in prices and a drop in service quality. Among the complaints:

  • Poor ventilation and air conditioning system for cabins.
  • Parking is often carried out on dirty beaches, where garbage and broken glass. According to tourists, such stops are not made for passengers on the shore, but for the sake of visiting certain attractions.
  • The staff of the ship seemed insufficiently welcoming to some travelers. In particular, sailors who refused to bring things to the ship, and bartenders who were constantly busy and delayed service.
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However, there are still more positive moments in the reviews. Passengers gratefully recall the medical staff, high-quality and conscientious approach to their business. The pluses include the kitchen on board the ship, varied, tasty, healthy. All this magnificence is complemented by cleanliness on the ship, its calm course, comfortable equipment of rooms, fresh air and picturesque Russian landscapes.


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