How to strengthen nails after gel polish? Brittle nails

Today, eight out of ten women make manicures with gel polish. It is very beautiful and convenient, you do not need to spend a lot of time on nail care, and it becomes possible to devote the family hours to rest, raising children and preparing dinner. This is so, but many girls face a problem with nails after such a manicure. The plates become thinner and brittle. What to do and how to restore nails after gel polish? This is what we will talk about in today's article.

Why do nails become thinner when using gel polish?

This manicure does not harm the nails, if done correctly, do not remove on your own, do not use constantly. Most women make mistakes themselves, but there are times when the master is to blame, and after his unprofessional work, girls complain that their nails hurt after gel polish, become thin and ugly. What are the most common mistakes made by the masters and the owners of persistent manicure?

  1. Some girls neglect trips to the salon in order to remove the applied gel, and begin to get rid of it on their own. Peel off the applied varnish along with the upper living layer of the native plate, file it incorrectly, use acetone. If you want to keep your nails after gel polish healthy, contact a professional to remove the manicure .
  2. Not always we get to real professionals. There is a risk of making an appointment with a novice master. This is normal, because we all need practice. A novice specialist does not take large amounts for manicure and therefore attracts many clients. If your nails are dear to you, it’s better to overpay, but make an appointment with a professional, as a beginner can remove an extra layer of a plate when grinding, thereby injuring it.
  3. Visit the manicure regularly so that the master removes the damaged gel polish on time. It is possible to catch on a fingernail and tear it together with a layer of a natural plate.
  4. Do not neglect hand care. We will talk about the most effective methods of restoration of the nail plate in the subsequent contents of the article.

nails after gel polish

Let's rest your nails

Nails after gel polish need rest. For a long time they were deprived of the normal access of oxygen and moisture, which is why they became tired and thin. In no case can brittle nails be covered even with ordinary varnish, not to mention gel. Girls want to look perfect and therefore resort to the help of a long-term manicure, not realizing that they need treatment, not camouflage.

Get a special medical varnish in the pharmacy and use it only until the plate is completely restored. The color palette and gel polishes can be returned only after a full recovery of the nails.

Short manicure

Brittle nails should not be grown. They will stratify and break anyway, they will look unaesthetic. Cut the overgrown edge as short as possible, this is very important. Thin nails after gel polish can break, crack, and this is dangerous to health. A broken or damaged nail easily breaks, and usually it occurs under the root, at the most inopportune moment when there is no first-aid kit at hand. An infection can get into the wound and inflammation will begin. After this, about a manicure and speech can not go quite a long time.

Short nails look great if you cover them with transparent medicinal varnish, bought at a pharmacy. Hands will look neat and tidy.

how to restore nails after gel polish

Professional restoration

Nails after gel polish need real professional restoration. A set of products can be bought in a specialized cosmetic store or in a beauty salon, where the gel nail coating service is provided. Such a complex is rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the full restoration of the plate. The advantage of this method is that the funds create a protective layer on the nail. Hands look well-groomed and beautiful, nails become healthy in appearance. These funds will allow you to painlessly survive the period of time when you can not use any varnishes.

On the Internet there are phone numbers and addresses of stores where kits for professional restoration and treatment of nails after removing the gel are sold. Also, these funds can be purchased through the online store, and they must be in service with every woman who does such long-term manicures, even if the nails are not damaged.

how to strengthen nails after gel polish

Lemon juice

Every girl has a lemon in the fridge. Even if it is not, then there is always an opportunity to buy in the store. After removing gel polish, the nails will be thin and need vitamins for recovery. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is ideal for treating a damaged plate.

Cut the fruit in half, squeeze the juice of one half, leave the second the next day. There are two options for using lemon.

The first way: you need to squeeze the juice from the lemon, soak a cotton pad in it, rub your nails, apply a greasy cream on them so that evaporation does not occur. After this procedure, you do not need to wash your hands.

The second way: remember a little half of the lemon so that it gives juice. Immerse the nails in the pulp for twenty minutes, then wash your hands, apply the cream. This method cannot be used if there are injuries and wounds on the fingertips.

brittle nails

Sea salt baths

How to restore nails after gel polish? This question interests many women, and they don’t even imagine that the bathroom has an excellent remedy - sea salt!

In a small container, pour a glass of hot water, dissolve in it three tablespoons (tablespoons) of sea salt. Wait until the water is at a comfortable temperature. Dip your hands in water and hold them there for twenty minutes.

Such a procedure has to be done for at least two weeks daily. After baths with sea salt, the nails will again become strong and beautiful, and the skin of the hands - elastic and toned.

Vegetable oils

A variety of oils of plant origin do an excellent job of caring for skin, hair and nails. Fats penetrate deep into the structure, delivering all the necessary trace elements. Due to the prolonged presence of gel polish on the nails, the plates become dry, weak. Removal and coating procedures that use various degreasing agents and solvents also negatively affect their condition. Nails need additional help with recovery. Brittle and thin plates after application of oils become strong, elastic and healthy.

How to restore nails after gel polish with oils? To do this, you will need to buy any vegetable oil: almond, castor, olive, burdock, from grape seed or another. You will also need any essential oil: orange, lemon, grapefruit or another at your discretion. Selected oils are mixed in equal proportions and carefully rubbed into the nail plate with your fingertips.

In order for the nails to recover as soon as possible, it is necessary to perform this procedure daily. It is advisable to use oil at night, so as not to wet your hands.

nails after removing gel polish

Iodine for healing nails

Many from their youth remember this proven method. Moms and grandmothers advised before bedtime to strengthen the nails to put on them a cheap tool - iodine. This component is simply necessary when restoring the plate, and not a single iodine-containing agent will help as much as using it in its pure form.

Do not forget that after applying the product, the nails will be painted in an unpleasant brown-yellow hue, so do the procedure before bedtime. During the night, iodine is absorbed, and there will be no trace of it.

To quickly restore the nails, smear them with iodine every other day. When the product stops being absorbed and the plates are painted the next morning, the procedure should be stopped, since the nails received enough iodine. Do not forget that there is nothing easier than how to strengthen nails after gel polish with this affordable tool.

nails hurt after gel polish

Refusal from grinding

After removing the next gel polish, refuse sanding. Before applying this product, the protective layer was already removed from the surface of the plate, and therefore it is highly likely that the next grinding will reach the living layer.

Of course, the nails will not be glossy, but this is not for long. Soon a new protective layer will form, and again the plates will be beautiful. Treatment of nails after gel polish should be done carefully, and you do not need additional damage, they will only extend the recovery course.

For healthy nails you need to eat right

So that the process of nail restoration is not delayed, you should take care of them not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Introduce more fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet. Refuse coffee during treatment, drink more freshly squeezed juices, kefir and milk. If you like yoghurts, then do not deny yourself the pleasure of eating them again.

For the health of nails, you need a complex of vitamins, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. These are Complivit, Vitrum, vitamins with zinc and others.

thin nails after gel polish

Nail Care Every Day

Even at the time when your nails are decorated with a manicure, it is worth taking care of them, so that later you do not wonder how to strengthen the nails after gel polish. To do this, you need to pamper the handles with oil baths every day. Of course, they will not be able to completely protect the nails, but still help them stay healthy longer.

Take a quarter cup of sour milk, add three drops of coconut, olive and castor oil to it. Mix well, bathe your fingers in the resulting product for half an hour. After the procedure, wash your hands well, apply a moisturizer.

Nails after gel polish are damaged in any case, even if you do not notice the changes. Use the prescribed tips in order to prevent thinning and brittleness of the plates, and the nails will glow with health, making you happy!


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