How to permanently delete a resume on hh - step-by-step instructions

This article is devoted to the resume, its features, purpose, as well as the subsequent removal of the completed application form when it loses its relevance. The question will be examined in detail and step by step: how to delete a resume on This article is basic, is for guidance only, and is intended for users who have not yet figured out on their own with a personal account on HeadHunter. The material is intended for those who are interested in the algorithm of how to delete a resume on

What is a resume?

A resume is a type of document that reflects the applicant’s personal data and information:

  • about education and specialization;
  • about the presence or absence of work experience ;
  • work experience;
  • about professional and personal qualities;
  • as well as other information that a person wishes to indicate about himself.

how to delete resume on hh

Why do I need to create a resume?

As a rule, the need to compile your personal data appears when looking for a new job, when moving up the career ladder. It is the presence of a resume that allows a potential employer to preliminarily learn the basic information about a person in order to make a decision: consider this candidate further and invite him for an interview or refuse the proposed services of the applicant. Such a short document is needed exclusively in the process of finding a job.

What to do next?

After the candidate has successfully completed all stages of the interview, he is accepted by the authorities to work and proceeds to fulfill his duties. From this moment, a file with brief information as such will no longer be useful. It can be put in the farthest drawer of the table, if it is printed on paper. If the resume is in electronic form on a flash drive, it can be left as a document, which will then continue its history, or, if desired, deleted.

Before you start parsing the question of how to delete a resume on hh, you need to understand why this is necessary.

Why is it advisable to delete an irrelevant resume?

If the resume is registered on the sites that search for employees for employers and offer vacancies from them to applicants, then it must either be deleted or removed for the time being and hidden from public view. It is important not to miss and go through the removal / hiding procedure. Firstly, if only because it is your personal information that is put on display. Secondly, this is already irrelevant information. To avoid wasting time on phone calls with new job offers, it would be better to immediately delete your data.

Let's take a look at the following steps: how to delete a resume on hh.


HH is an abbreviation for Internet recruitment company on the page with the address It helps job seekers find jobs, and employers hire staff.

As already noted above, in order for the applicant to see the proposals for available open vacancies, you must first fill out the application form, create it and put it in a common database.

Accordingly, now we are interested in the process of how to remove it from this database, that is, how to delete a resume on hh.

Step-by-step instruction

There is one more tip that will be useful to share right before the deletion of the resume. After some time, for example, after six months (a year, two or five years), it may be needed again in case of a new job search. Filling out information about yourself in the attached form is a matter of time. Why spend it on creating a document again, if there is an opportunity to pick it up from your personal account, in which information is hidden from any user views? If adjusting the visibility of a document attracts more than the need to find out how to delete a resume on hh, then you can immediately proceed to the next subheading.

  1. Go to the site by typing in the address bar in Latin letters
  2. In the right part of the visually highlighted window in the upper line indicate your email, line below enter the password that was used during registration. If you forgot your password, you must first restore it by pointing the phrase "Forgot your password?" Under the second line, and then continue.
  3. Next, a page opens on which the mouse cursor hovers over the Summary tab and the first section “My Resumes” is selected from the bottom by clicking once with the left mouse button.
    how to delete a resume on hh forever
  4. On the next page is the summary that needs to be deleted. Perhaps you previously created several files with the search in different positions. Now the mouse cursor is over the name of the resume being eliminated and left-click is made once.
    how to delete resume on hh
  5. The completed resume form will open. You need to look to the right and find the trash can icon on the screen. You need to click on it once.
    how to delete a resume on hh ru
  6. A warning window appears confirming the deletion. You should select - “OK”.
    how to delete resume on hh
  7. Then a page opens with all the other resumes, if they are, of course. If they are not there, then you can take a deep breath: the question of how to delete a resume on hh forever will no longer arise, because next time it will be easier to repeat such actions.
  8. At the end - leave your personal account on HeadHunter.

Visibility Settings

If a decision has been made in favor of saving it in your account, you should configure visibility.

how to delete resume on hh

The actions are as follows:

  1. Go to the page with your resume and open it (how to do this, see the step-by-step instructions on how to delete the resume on hh).
  2. On the right, find the line “Change Visibility” by clicking once with the left mouse button.
    how to delete a resume on hh forever
  3. In the open window, select the second sentence for the visibility settings and check the box opposite.
  4. Be sure to scroll down by clicking the "Save" button.

Now you can be calm that personal data will not fall into anyone’s hands and at the same time the resume will be stored securely on a “black day”.


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