Calorie celery per 100 grams

The beneficial properties of celery have been known since time immemorial. In ancient times, there was such a belief that if you hang celery stalks throughout the house, then happiness and prosperity are guaranteed. And the medicinal properties of this plant were used by Hippocrates in his medical practice. In addition to attracting happiness and treating unpleasant misfortunes, celery was used in ancient Greece in wreaths for the winners.

How is it used?

Today, of course, nobody decorates the house with celery, but for those who are losing weight and those who follow their figure, this is the number one product. Scientists have long found that a seemingly simple plant has the ability to burn fat due to the so-called negative calorie content. Celery is on the list of the lowest-calorie foods, so if you want to say goodbye to hated kilos, then go faster to buy this useful plant. Dietitians do not set restrictions on the use of celery, so if in the evening I really wanted to have a bite, the green savior will come to the rescue. The lowest calorie content in celery stalks is 13 calories.

celery root

Types of Celery

In nature, there are three species: leaf, root and petiolate. In cooking, odorous celery is used, and you can eat both the roots and stems of the plant. They are equally useful and safe for the figure, but their calorie content may vary. For example, the calorie content of root celery per 100 grams is 42 calories. It is also worth noting that it is the raw product that is useful for weight loss, because a long heat treatment robs it of all useful components.

Regular consumption of celery, whether raw or in combination with other products, will provide the body with the necessary dose of vitamins and minerals. To add a drop of good to soup, salad, or even a drink, seek help from celery. Even if you adhere to a strict diet, this green plant will help to maintain tone and energy, support strength and prevent breakdown. Especially useful is the use of leaves after intense training or hard mental activity, for example after a difficult exam - this will help restore strength and in a cheerful state of mind take up a new job.

olivier with celery

Nutritional value and calorie content of celery

In addition to unprecedented benefits, special attention should be paid to calorie content, which is quite low, despite its rather useful composition. The calorie content of stem celery per 100 grams is 13 calories. Ideal for overweight wrestlers.

raw celery

What is rich in this plant?

First of all, it is water (95 g), proteins (1 g), fats (0.2 g) and carbohydrates (2 g). Although in small quantities, but they are present in the roots and leaves of celery. The list of useful substances is the following: vitamins C, E, B9, B6, B2, B1, A. As we can see, celery is rich in many such vitamins necessary for the body. But the benefits do not end there, celery includes such useful macroelements and microelements as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron. There is only one conclusion: the chemical composition of the plant is very diverse.

Celery can also be used as a seasoning: two tablespoons of chopped leaves will make the dish not only more useful, but also add a piquant flavor to the products. And this is just 3 calories and as much as 15% of the required daily intake of vitamins C and A.

For losing weight, raw celery, which can be used as healthy snacks, is of great benefit. Do not forget that the highest calorie content is at the root of celery.

celery dish

Dishes with Celery

For those who strictly follow proper nutrition or diets, it will be useful to know what calories in dishes, which include celery.

  • If you squeeze a glass of juice from celery leaves, we get 29 calories.
  • Dietary soup with celery, green apple, nuts and natural yogurt is only 140 calories, and saturates all 300.
  • Chicken soup with celery, carrots, green peas and onions - 60 calories.
  • Radish, celery, cucumber, pepper and Beijing cabbage salad seasoned with natural yogurt - 38 calories.
  • You can even bake celery from celery if you really want to treat yourself to delicious, and you get only 80 calories.
  • Surprise guests with a useful gazpacho with celery? Not a problem - tomatoes, cucumber, basil, parsley, red pepper, olive oil and a little celery - and the gourmet dish is ready. And its calorie content is only 55 calories.

Celery is a great opportunity to dilute already familiar dishes with a spicy taste and without harm to the figure. The calorie content of celery per 100 grams is only 13 calories, it’s worth considering and include this product in the diet.

celery salad

What is the use?

No matter what odes nutritionists sang celery, since ancient times, the main task of the plant is health benefits. What does it consist of?

  1. Celery is a storehouse of vitamins that will not only enhance immunity, but will also contribute to brain activity, this is an excellent prevention of senile dementia.
  2. Celery is a natural antioxidant that removes all harmful toxins and wastes from the body, and this reduces the risk of cancer cells.
  3. Another big plus is the slowdown of aging by improving cell regeneration.
  4. The plant dulls hunger and helps not to lose diet.
  5. Doctors recommend consuming this product for people with diabetes.
  6. Celery is a negative calorie food. This means that the body spends much more calories on its digestion than is contained in the plant.
  7. Improves digestion and eliminates the processes of decay and fermentation in the stomach.
  8. It has an analgesic effect. Useful for gastritis and gastric ulcer.
  9. Helps fight insomnia. Instead of one serving of sleeping pills, eat a stalk of celery.
  10. Reduces blood pressure, tones and relieves feelings of fatigue. Great for restoring strength after an intense workout.

The benefits of celery know no boundaries, and this product is suitable not only for those who want to get rid of extra pounds, but also for those who simply monitor their health.

celery with cheese


However, despite such a lot of useful properties, celery, like any product, has its contraindications:

  • Postoperative condition and recovery after heavy operations and previous diseases.
  • Celery increases blood coagulation, so it’s worth it to be careful who suffers from varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.
  • Diseases such as colitis and a tendency to diarrhea.
  • Celery contains a considerable amount of essential oils, so you can not abuse the product with bronchial asthma.

If none of the above bothers you, then it's time to go to the store and buy celery for the future. The main thing is not to forget that good should be in moderation, do not abuse even such a useful product as celery. Otherwise, instead of benefit, you can harm the body.


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