Vietnam: Phu Quoc - a tourist's dream

Vietnam is a country that preserves centuries-old traditions, a special culture, an interesting history. Excellent landscapes, where no corner is like the other, delight tourists.

If you have chosen Vietnam for your vacation, Phu Quoc is the place you want to pay special attention to. The largest island of the country is located at a distance of 4 km. from the coast of Vietnam. It is 15 kilometers from Cambodia. The length of the island is more than 50 kilometers. You can get here by plane from the city of Ho Chi Minh City. It only takes about an hour.

Phu Quoc Vietnam

Unusual, but very beautiful nature with lush tropical vegetation, unique marine cuisine, snow-white sandy beaches - these are all Vietnam. Phu Quoc is no exception. This island has all of the above charms of Vietnamese flavor. In addition, there are low prices for everything. In a word - this is a real dream for a tourist who plans a quiet and measured vacation in an ecologically clean area.

The capital of the island is the small town of Duong Dong. Despite its small size, there is something to see. One of the most interesting buildings in the city is the Kau Palace, built right in the rock. Regarding its history, there is a legend according to which the sea goddess Thien Hau lives in it now. Therefore, it is here that fishermen come before going to sea to pray for a big catch and a quiet sea. But these are not all the interesting places that Phu Quoc is famous for. Vietnam is ready to show another attraction located on this island - this is Coconut Prison. The architectural structure has a dark past, reminiscent of torture rooms, dark passages and barracks. Near it is a museum where you can find detailed information about this attraction.

vietnam fukuok

Tourists who come to rest in such an exotic country as Vietnam, Phu Quoc offers the best conditions for diving. The waters of the South China Sea, which wash the island, hide in its blue abyss the unique beauty of the mysterious underwater world. In 2002, the island opened a diving center "Rainbow Divers", which is the cheapest in the world.

The island is famous for its beaches, which stretch along the coast a whole string. The largest and most popular beach is Long Beach. It is near it that the most comfortable hotels rise. Arriving for a vacation to Vietnam, Phu Quoc offers to visit another, no less popular beach - Boy Sao. Its landscaping is a bit easier than Long Beach, but it is also cozy and calm.

Can you assume that there is a place where rice is not grown, if we are talking about a country like Vietnam? Phu Quoc Island is one of those. Instead of rice fields, here you can see whole plantations of black pepper. In addition, Fokuok is famous for its pearl farms. Their visit is included in any sightseeing tour of the island. During such a trip, you can see in detail the process of not only growing pearls, but also processing them. Here you can buy pearl jewelry or other products.

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You can go on vacation to Phu Quoc at any time of the year, with the exception of October. At this time, it rains heavily, and the rest will be boring and inferior.


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