How to wash a down jacket?

How to wash a down jacket at home? Pretty simple! Just keep in mind that if you want your product to serve you as long as possible, you will have to follow the rules for caring for it. Most often, the housewives are interested in the answer to the question of how to wash the down jacket in the washing machine.

How to wash a down jacket in a typewriter?

Quite often, people are faced with the fact that after the puffs have been washed in a typewriter, its fluff is knocked into unpleasant lumps, which are then quite difficult to bring back to normal. Can a similar problem be avoided? Yes. And you don’t even have to use any special tools and techniques. All you need is to wash the down jacket at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

For washing such products, liquid products are most often used. Know that if you use ordinary powder when washing, you will only remove surface contaminants, while dirt from the fluff itself will not be washed out at all.

When you wash the down jacket, you need to rinse it at least twice. This is the only way to avoid a situation where many unpleasant white stains remain on the surface of the product.

Before washing the down jacket, it is very important to fasten all the zippers and buttons on it. All this is necessary so that the zipper does not deform due to washing. Otherwise, it can be quite difficult to fasten it in the future. But not buttoned buttons lead to the fact that the material wears out at the place of their fastening, and this greatly spoils the appearance of your down jacket. In addition, before sending the product to the machine, be sure to turn it on the wrong side.

After washing, whipping down will not be difficult. Surprisingly, tennis balls, which are so easy to buy in any of the sports stores, provide great helpers in washing down jackets.

When you will lay the product in the drum of the washing machine, put 3-4 balls there. Thus, when the thing is erased, tennis balls will whip the fluff and will not allow it to gather in unpleasant lumps.

It is necessary to squeeze the down jacket only at low speeds, without pulling the balls out of the drum. The product is dried indoors, do not hang it on the balcony. Before hanging the down jacket on your shoulders, shake it well a couple of times so that the down is distributed throughout the product.

How to wash a down jacket manually?

Not everyone has the opportunity to wash things in a typewriter, so you should learn how to properly wash the down jacket manually. Conventional down jackets deteriorate very much due to the use of aggressive cleansers. In addition, they really do not like humidity in general.

If only some parts of the product are very dirty, it is best not to wash it completely, but to wash it in fragments. This is done with shampoo or laundry soap. In this case, the solution should be applied with a soft brush or hand, and then thoroughly rinse off with a soft cloth.

In the case when you just can not do without a full wash of a down jacket , carry out the procedure in this way:

  • the product is suspended above the bathtub on a rope;
  • completely lather all the material;
  • the most polluted places are wiped with a brush;
  • all wash off with warm water from the shower head.

If your down jacket has a special water-repellent impregnation, this will allow the product inside to remain almost completely dry. This is the best option. But if your down jacket does not have such a water-repellent property, try to make sure that only the top layer of filler gets wet.

Down jackets from sintepon are not afraid of water, so you can safely soak the product completely. But remember that in no case should you leave it in water for a long time.

When the wash is finished, do not squeeze the down jacket by hand, this can lead to deformation of the lining and deterioration of its appearance.


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