Ivan Kochetkov: biography, competitive activity

Ivan Kochetkov is a bodybuilder originally from Russia. The athlete was born on January 20, 1988 in the village of Chulkovo, Ramensky district. Today its location is Moscow. Even in his student years, Ivan had a great desire to earn his own living. For this reason, the athlete did not graduate.

The first steps in bodybuilding

Ivan Kochetkov

Ivan began to engage in sports from an early age. At first it was amateur training in the yard, but already at the age of 15 he went to classes more seriously.

The athlete came to the gym with great inspiration. At that time, Ivan Kochetkov was fond of basketball. Not far from his house was a school rocking chair where the athlete came with his friends. Ivan was a little surprised by the fact that many guys in the gym easily perform a chest press with large weights. The athlete had a goal - to conquer Moscow and become a champion.

When Ivan began to engage in bodybuilding, his weight was 72 kg with a height of 175 cm. To date, the competitive weight of a bodybuilder ranges from 89-90 kg. In the offseason, Kochetkov is gaining up to 108 kg.

The first 6 months, Ivan intensively trained on a program printed from the Internet, but this approach did not bring any results. The athlete decided to change the specifics of training and turned for help to the owner of the hall. It was this man who helped the athlete prepare for the first performances.

Competitive activity

Ivan Kochetkov bodybuilding

Second place in the regional district championship of the capital of Russia is Ivan Kochetkov. Bodybuilding athlete does not cease to conquer and continues to actively prepare for the competition. In 2012, he met Dmitry Yashankin, who later began to train him. Professional training does not leave without a decent result - Kochetkov knocks out prizes at competitions in Russia.

Soon he takes part in the championship of Russia and he gets the third place on the podium.

At the capital's championship, he occupies a leading position and conquers the stage. In 2013, Ivan Kochetkov goes to Spain to take part in the Arnold Classic Europe competitions. The athlete was not able to get into the top three, but he was able to gain valuable experience in world competitions.

Ivan, thanks to enhanced training, achieves the title of master of sports. Sponsor his sports food stores. Athlete's partner in the gym is Alexander Tumashevich.

Hobbies and work

In addition to bodybuilding, the athlete is fond of snowboarding and successfully coaches people in this sport. Ivan's hobby is photography. He has little free time, but as soon as it appears, the athlete immediately devotes it to his friends and relatives. For beginners in the gym, who have a great desire to grow in bodybuilding, Ivan Kochetkov wishes patience and endurance.

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