How to create a resume kindergarten teacher? Feature Example

The profession of educator has a socially significant character. Unfortunately, not everyone can make a resume of a kindergarten teacher, the example proposed below will help representatives of such a noble specialty cope with a similar problem. This is not only responsible and hard work, but also the opportunity to show your creative abilities, to show love for children.

kindergarten teacher resume example

Features resume teacher

When compiling a resume on the work of a kindergarten teacher, it is necessary to note the availability of specialized pedagogical education. Without the knowledge of child psychology, physiology, methods and techniques of educating preschoolers, the ability to organize role-playing games, one cannot work in a kindergarten.

Profession specifics

The duties of the educator include the development of the individual characteristics of each child. The teacher should interest the baby, maintain order and discipline in the group. Representatives of this profession should have special emotional stability. In kindergartens people who do not like children do not linger, do not seek to find psychological contact with them.

resume for kindergarten teacher

Resume sample

If there is work experience in such institutions, the position held, the duties performed are indicated in the resume of the kindergarten teacher. An example is attached below.

Petrova Irina Ivanovna

Date of birth: 01/01/1968

Moscow city

Mobile Phone: +7 (000) 000 00 00

Home Phone: 8 (000) -00-00

The purpose of the filing: filling a vacant position as a teacher of a preschool institution


September 1989 - June 1994. Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Education, specialty "preschool education", full-time education (diploma with honors).

Additional education:

June 2004 seminar "Development of giftedness in preschool age".

May 2010 seminar "Psychology of preschoolers."

Work experience in the specialty:

July 1994 - August 2006 - teacher of kindergarten "Camomile", Moscow.

The resume of the kindergarten teacher, an example of which we have given, does not reflect functional responsibilities, professional skills. It is difficult to consider such a resume correct; getting a good job with him will be very problematic.

It is necessary to add functional duties performed during work at the previous place of work:

  • organization of classes in a group;
  • hardening in the fresh air;
  • scenario development, children's parties;
  • organization of a methodological work plan;
  • creation of "ecological paths"

Indicate professional parameters:

  • PC ownership at the level of a good user, work with office programs;
  • knowledge of methods for the development of preschool children;
  • the presence of organizational skills;
  • the ability to captivate kids, to interest them in a certain type of activity;
  • basic English, fluency in Polish, Ukrainian.

A good summary of the kindergarten teacher, an example of which is given, implies an indication of the personal qualities of the teacher: attentiveness, diligence, responsibility, punctuality, accuracy, friendliness, responsiveness, emotional stability.

As additional information, the summary indicates marital status, hobbies, and the absence of bad habits. If you have any additional skills, for example, driving, they should also be indicated.

caregiver responsibilities


A correctly compiled resume will certainly interest the potential employer, help the educator find a job. Despite the fact that the salary of representatives of preschool institutions is still low, the provision of a resume is a prerequisite for employment. The attitude of the kindergarten leader to a new employee depends on how well it is composed.


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