How to dilute moonshine to the desired strength?

All people who make moonshine at home know the recipe for how and with what to dilute moonshine so that its strength becomes necessary. And those who first encountered this production often make mistakes, and their product can be safely poured out, because it will be unsuitable for use. Most often, home-made alcohol is diluted to forty degrees, but this is a matter of taste. In this article we will explain how to brew moonshine to the desired fortress and how to do it correctly.

how to dilute moonshine

Why dilute moonshine?

Before starting to talk about the correctness of the technology, we will consider cases where moonshine needs to be diluted.

Firstly, it is necessary to dilute it with water for those people who will do re-distillation. Raw alcohol, or, as it is also called, pervach, after the first distillation, it is simply necessary to dilute it for repeated run to 20-25 degrees. Only after such dilution can we proceed to the second distillation.

Secondly, moonshine at 85 degrees is very difficult to use in its pure form, unless, of course, a person is not used to such alcohol. In this case, it is necessary to dilute the moonshine so that after the first glass not to fall into unconsciousness and not to burn the mucous membrane of the esophagus.

how to dilute moonshine to 40 degrees

Fertman table will help

I want to say that you should not be afraid of so many numbers. Everything is simple here: the top row is the necessary strength of moonshine after dilution, the vertical column is the strength of moonshine before dilution. At the intersection of the moonshine fortress before dilution and the desired number of degrees, then there is the amount of necessary water.


Counting Example

To make it easier for beginners, consider an example of breeding. How to dilute moonshine to 40 degrees, if the feedstock has 60 degrees? To get started, you will need clean bottled or spring water, once again cleaned with a filter, an alcohol meter to make sure the original fortress.

In our example, to make forty-degree moonshine of forty-degree, we take a liter of raw materials and add 514 milliliters of water to it. This is exactly the amount indicated in the table. Try to do it yourself, and you will see that there is nothing complicated in the table. We increase the amount of water exactly as much as how many liters of moonshine will need to be diluted.

than dilute moonshine to 40 degrees so that it does not cloud

What water is it worth breeding moonshine?

So that your work does not turn out to be in vain, it is worth taking seriously the quality of the water that will be diluted with alcohol. How to dilute moonshine to 40 degrees or to another fortress? Clean water.

It will be ideal to use distilled water, it is sold in any hardware store or in the salon where car batteries are sold. Such water is very inexpensive and will not reduce your budget.

There is an option for diluting moonshine with well or spring water. Only in this case, we advise once again to run it through the filter in order to completely clean it.

If you are thinking about the question of how to dilute moonshine to 40 degrees without turbidity, and use collected water from the tap, then you can not try. Even boiling such water, you will not save it from heavy metals and impurities that will make the original drink cloudy.

Worth remembering! It is important and how to dilute moonshine, and how to do it correctly. For dilution, you need to pour moonshine into water and in no case not vice versa.

how to dilute moonshine to 40 degrees with lemonade and how

Lemon tincture on moonshine

Many believe that there is nothing easier than diluting moonshine to 40 degrees with lemonade, and in what way they do not use it: they add lemon juice to the already diluted moonshine, even dilute with a carbonated drink! But you can’t dilute with soda in any case, because the bubbles, coupled with alcohol, can give an unexpected reaction of the body: nausea, colic, severe intoxication. It also affects the stomach.

It is best to make tincture of moonshine on a lemon than dilute moonshine with lemonade: both vitamins and taste are more noble, no harm from a natural fruit. You need to take five ripe lemons, peel them. Use the pulp to cook some dishes, and only the crust is useful for tincture. Place the crusts in a container, fill with a liter of moonshine. Cover, clean in a cool place. Shake the jar daily for a week, and after that time bottle the drink. Naturally, you need to strain, dilute to the required strength with water. How to dilute the moonshine to 40 degrees so that it does not cloud, and how to do it right, we wrote above.

Than to brew moonshine to 40 degrees without turbidity

Why is moonshine becoming cloudy?

How to dilute moonshine to 40 degrees, we examined. It becomes clear that in order to properly prepare a weaker drink, only crystal clear water will be needed. The question remains: why does moonshine get cloudy at all? Here are a few reasons:

  1. The main reason is spray mud. This is when, with strong heating, the mash begins to boil and a milky foam appears on it. It enters the coil of the moonshine (refrigerator) and begins to condense together with the distillate. In this case, the turbidity appears in the drink immediately. To prevent the foam from getting into the rest of the moonshine, it is necessary to reduce the heating, and it is better to stop the distillation altogether, after cooling the apparatus, completely clean the system. After such a manifestation, it is advisable to install a sukhoparnik on the apparatus, it will prevent the foam from getting into the coil, and it will go to the bank.
  2. The presence in the Braga of essential (fusel) oils. These are by-products of fermentation, there are more than forty species of them, and they are toxic. Such oils have either a lower or higher boiling point than ethyl alcohol, after distillation they precipitate and give an unpleasant turbidity.
  3. Poor moonshine. This is the most common case, because everyone is trying to save money, and beginner "winemakers" do not understand the difference between an expensive and cheap device. Details of cheap are made of poor materials, where the material is oxidized. The body, coil, various tubes are subject to oxidation.
  4. Incorrectly selected water. Again, back to the question of how to dilute the moonshine to 40 degrees so that it does not cloud. Only bottled, spring or distilled water!
  5. Obstructed construction details. There is only one prevention: after each haul, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all the details of the device.

than to brew moonshine to the desired fortress

If moonshine is still cloudy

About two hundred years ago there was only muddy moonshine, and until now, many believe that high-quality home-made alcohol of this type should be with a milky tint. The films show huge bottles on tables in which cloudy liquid is poured, this is done so that the viewer immediately understands what is there. In fact, high-quality moonshine is a pure transparent liquid, which sometimes can not be obtained. A completely unbearable swill comes out with sediment, which smells terribly, and it damages one’s health terribly. That is why clouded moonshine needs to be cleaned.

  1. Re-distillation. Initially, we dilute the β€œfirst” to 20-25 degrees. How to dilute moonshine, we already wrote. After that, again overtake, dilute to the desired fortress, leave for three days in a cool dark place.
  2. Charcoal cleaning. Clouded moonshine is good to drive a filter through such a plan. It helps in most cases.
  3. Heating. This is an extreme method, and it does not always work. Moonshine must be heated to 70-80 degrees, and then cool sharply. After a couple of hours, sediment should appear at the bottom. Gently pour clean alcohol into another container.

Using tips on how to dilute moonshine and how to do it correctly, you will save yourself from unnecessary torment when cleaning. In most cases, a drink correctly diluted to the desired strength will not cloud.


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