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In order to gain power, health, money, love and respect, it is not necessary to influence people. This error should be avoided. One must act gently, through the energy of the world. Try to create the necessary energy configurations. And in this case, the circumstances themselves will be such circumstances that are necessary. Wise to attract money, influence, good luck - a combination of fingers, hand gestures . With their help, you can create energy threads that will connect us with the environment.

wise to raise money

Who needs this?

Who needs wisdom, which helps to gain inner strength, helps to get out of stagnation and crisis?

  1. People who find themselves in a financial hole that cannot be pulled out of.
  2. Wisdom to raise money may be required for those who are unable to cope with poverty.
  3. The combination is suitable for those who do not have the strength to cope with the circumstances.
  4. It will help if there is a desire to succeed, but can not do it.
  5. Mudra is also useful to those who are overcome by laziness.

In order for actions to bring results, you will need to gain special strength. So far, desires lack energy. That is why failure follows failure. Energy cannot be received from without. It must be formed inside a person.

What results should be expected?

In such a situation, wise to attract money, good luck and influence will help build capacity. They will provide a person with firmness of spirit and charisma, increase intelligence and intuition. And accordingly, abundance energy will be formed.

Mudras to attract money help clear the internal source of power. All superfluous that once interfered will disappear by itself. Negative emotions will recede. You will begin to flourish and unfold, you will become resistant to external circumstances and to the opinions of the people around you. After that, you can completely rely on yourself, trust your strength and intuition. Nothing can lead you astray.

Not only the internal source will be opened. A restructuring of the circumstances that exist around you will also start. Attention must be paid to everything. Opportunities will arise, happy coincidences. Show attention to your dreams. They can become clues, directing on the right path. There will be signs around you. Usually, a personโ€™s attention clings to them on their own, without much effort. Start thinking, analyzing, and trusting your intuition to correctly recognize all the prompts.

wise to attract money good luck influence

This kind of wise to attract money, good luck, influence is strong enough. Accordingly, the combination should be used within 3 days. Once a day - preferably in the morning. However, it should not be done immediately after waking up. The duration of the mudra is 3-5 minutes.

Accept the correct position

  1. Place your hands in front of your chest, with your palms facing each other. The side ribs should be pointing down, and the fingers forward.
  2. With your palms close together, connect their bases.
  3. It is necessary to bend the little fingers inside the palms, as well as the ring and middle fingers. In the end, it should turn out so that they are connected to each other by phalanges.
  4. Thumbs should be combined with each other on the side surfaces and raised up, forming an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the palms.
  5. Index fingers should be connected by pads and stretched forward.
  6. Eyes should be closed. Breathe measuredly.
  7. Concentrate all your attention on the solar plexus. Imagine that this is where the formation of a powerful source of internal energy takes place.
  8. In consciousness it is necessary to create a support, a core of energy. You must feel how the internal strength is growing to help get out of the crisis.
  9. In this position, you need to stay a few minutes.

wise to raise money reviews

If you need to break the deep financial abyss

There are still wise to attract money, good luck, influence. One of them will help people who do not know what financial success is. Those who have difficulty making ends meet. In such a situation, you should not give up, believing that you are doomed to poverty.

Practice should begin with this mudra. It will help correct the unfavorable energy structure that is programmed for poverty. If you have any specific goals, you should still start with this mudra. When you fully master it, you can move on to other combinations.

Please note: such wise to attract money, good luck will help with the presence of total bad luck. If successes, failures took place in life, and periods of lack of money were replaced by weeks of prosperity - you do not need such combinations of gestures. In this situation, it is worth using other combinations.

Operating principle

wise to attract money good luck

How does this combination work? Mudra for attracting money, wealth contributes to the formation of such a powerful energy flow, with the help of which the unfavorable configuration, the construction aimed at poverty, will be corrected. All energy flows will be straightened. It is known that the internal psychological state depends on energy. Accordingly, after performing the mudra, you can feel more powerful and confident. There will be a feeling that you are worthy to be successful, prosperous and rich.

The mudra for urgent fundraising should be performed within a week. It is recommended to do this after waking up in the morning for 5 minutes. After this, you need to take a break for a week, after which you can begin to perform a combination aimed at a specific goal.


  1. Place your palms upright in front of your chest. They should be parallel to each other at a distance of 5-7 cm. Fingers slightly apart and point up.
  2. After that, connect the base of the palms. Only those places where the wrist ends should be pressed against each other. All that is above must be directed upwards and given them a shape similar to a blossoming flower bud.
  3. Without joining hands, close the little fingers and thumbs in the area of โ€‹โ€‹the pads. The fingers themselves should remain straight.
  4. After that, slightly round the middle fingers. They need to rest against each other.
  5. Forefinger with ring fingers should be open, pointing up.
  6. Eyes should be closed, breathing - energetic, but measured.
  7. Focus all your attention on the coccyx, presenting a strong connection with the ground.
  8. The palms should be presented in the form of a cup, which is filled with all that you require.
  9. This position must be maintained for several minutes.

How to get peace of mind?

wise to urgently raise money

Wise have been described above to attract money, good luck, influence. But what combinations should be used to cure the soul, gain peace of mind? Liam mudra will help to achieve this. She is known as the healer of the soul. Using it, you can neutralize negative emotions.

You need to sit as comfortable as possible. The spine should be straight. On your hands, connect forefinger and thumbs. Brushes should be relaxed. Usually this combination to attract mental health is performed in the lotus position. In this position, hands can be placed on your knees. To stop thinking, focus on your breath. Inhale - you are overwhelmed with happiness and prosperity. Exhale - the negative leaves you. Breathe should be deep and measured.

Can I find my soul mate? Reviews

wise to attract money health and love

Naturally, many are interested in the wise to attract money. Reviews demonstrate this quite well. But what if you canโ€™t find your soul mate? What if you dream of mutual feelings? To do this, use one fairly simple combination. As the reviews show, the results after performing the mudra are not long in coming.

The combination should be added 2 times a day - after waking up and before bedtime. It must be performed within 4 minutes. It should be understood that the maximum effect of the mudra can be obtained only if you really want to find your soul mate. Make sure that this desire does not impose society on you.

  1. The right hand, clenched into a fist, with a raised thumb should be put on the palm of the left.
  2. The left hand must be shaped into a bowl by closing his fingers.
  3. Keep your hands in the abdomen, with your elbows out and slightly forward.


wise to attract wealth money

In this review, wise men were considered to attract money, health and love, as well as luck and influence. We hope that they will help you achieve your desired goal, get out of the crisis, find your soul mate and gain peace of mind.

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