Indian instant coffee: description, recipes, reviews

What is instant Indian coffee? How is he good? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. According to some reports, India became one of the first powers located outside of Africa, in which trees were grown to make a refreshment drink. Consider Indian coffee below.


Instant indian coffee

According to an ancient legend, it was something like this. At the end of the 17th century, a tired traveler, the Yemeni pilgrim Budan Baba, returning from pilgrimage, approached the gates of an ancient Indian city along a dusty path. He kept his way from Yemen, where he managed to get a real treasure - seven coffee beans. He hid them in the folds of his clothes.

He later planted them in Katanaka, on the Chandragir hills, and the first coffee trees in India grew from them. Centuries later, grateful descendants called this area the hills of Bababudan - in honor of the man who brought fragrant grains to the country. Gorgeous Indian coffee is still grown in these hills today.

Coffee in the USSR

Indian instant coffee

What did Indian instant coffee look like in the USSR? Very slowly, this drink “reached” our power, having gone through all the prohibitions and restrictions. The proportion of flavored grains supplied from India to the USSR since the 1960s amounted to approximately 10-15%. There was coffee, but it still remained in short supply. That is why strange changes very quickly appeared in the country in the form of coffee from barley or acorns.

The outstanding Indian coffee, made under the name Indian Instant Coffee, left its greasy mark in the history of the USSR. What did he look like? The food was packed in a tin, reminiscent of the shape of a puck. They still recognize her. The Indian dancer, frozen in bizarre poses on the surface of the can, still causes warm feelings in the hearts of the “eyewitnesses”.

A citizen of the USSR could buy Indian coffee in an iron can in the store "Birch", having defended a huge queue. Nevertheless, it was worth it. Especially when you consider that you could later use this jar in everyday life in the form of a piggy bank or a container for storing a variety of small things: nails, spices, fishing tackle and so on.

Indian instant coffee

You can buy Indian coffee, familiar to us from the time of the USSR, today, but only in the form of an attractive souvenir. It is unlikely that anyone will specifically search for this item on store shelves, because at the present time, a refreshment drink is not a shortage. On the other hand, our parents often talk about the fact that earlier sausage was more natural, tea was tastier, coffee was more aromatic, and now you can’t buy “the same tea” with elephants and instant coffee in a tin can with golden patterns.

It is interesting

Amazing coffee

What is the best instant coffee? We will answer this question further, and now we will talk about India. Today, this country is in sixth place in terms of coffee produced after the leading countries such as Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia and Ethiopia. For example, in 2010, more than 5 million bags of fragrant grains were collected from Indian plantations.

At the same time, the domestic market is constantly growing, and over the past 10 years, coffee consumption in India has doubled. But, despite this, India continues to give the world a large share of its products - 70%. The total area of ​​coffee plantations in this country is 388,000 ha. It hosts about 124,000 households.

More than 3 million workers in India go out to coffee plantations every day, roast grains and engage in other manufacturing processes. India is a country of grandiose antitheses, but special attention is paid specifically to the production of a refreshment drink. This is amazing! The state has a powerful scientific base engaged in the development and study of coffee agriculture, and a developed system for verifying product quality.


what is the best instant coffee

What is good about instant coffee Maximus (India, soft packaging, 70 g)? This is a delicious natural drink made from selected varieties of Indian Arabica. Due to the specifics of growing coffee in India, it has a slight sourness, a rich aroma and a mild balanced taste.

The current freeze drying sublimation method (freeze-drying) preserves the natural rich taste and aroma of fried beans. That is why chemical flavors are not used in production.

Coffee "Maximus" is easy to transport and manufacture, so you can take it with you to nature, on a trip or to work. It is packed in a lightweight convenient bag with a reusable zip-fastener, which has a special inner coating that does not allow other smells and moisture to pass through. The packaging has a colorful design, so this brand stands out among similar products on the shelf.

Infiniti original

Instant coffee Infiniti Original (100 g) is a high-quality product from an Indian company, which uses only elite local varieties of coffee in the production. In the form of a raw material base, there is a selected 100% arabica, the grains of which are processed according to current gentle methods. That is why they save the brightness and richness of the bouquet.

The blend has a soft, restrained taste with touches of cocoa beans and spices, tones of baking. The convenient format of the food allows you to brew a fragrant drink in just a few minutes. Packed up in cans. One package costs 205 rubles.

Infiniti selected

coffee set

Infiniti Selected instant coffee (100 g) is a high-quality brand made according to high international standards. In production, high-mountain elite arabica grown on the lands of India is used. That is why the bouquet of the drink makes it possible to enjoy the shades of hazelnut, cream, vanilla and citrus.

The blend can be brewed in a cup, which is very convenient in a limited time. The food is perfectly combined with various additives - sugar, milk, cream. Packed up in cans. One package can be purchased for 205 rubles.


Avanti instant coffee powder (50 g) is a quality Indian drink made on the basis of selected Arabica. Packed up in cans. Due to the average frying of fruits, a blend with a mild harmonious taste is an excellent version for everyday use.

The bouquet of this coffee delicately sounds bread echoes, fruit motifs and almost no bitterness. A pack of this coffee can be bought for 81 rubles.

Indian Instant Coffee Lux

Nic Indian Instant Coffee Lux instant coffee powder (90 g) is packaged in cans. This is a fragrant and affordable drink, characterized by a relatively small strength and speed of manufacture. To create a brand, several varieties of grains grown on highland Indian plantations are used at once.

First they undergo medium frying, then they are crushed, then they are sent for processing. Under the influence of steam, water and high pressure, a powder appears from which you can brew a drink that has a spicy bitterness of dark chocolate and a mild flavor. In the bouquet, fruit and floral aromas, shades of oriental spices are also heard. One package costs 127 rubles.


types of indian coffee

So which instant coffee is the best? It is known that this provision is obtained by complex processing of fried grains. There are such types of it:

  • Powder. The advantage of this variation is its low price. But the resulting drink has a mild aroma and taste.
  • Granulated. It differs from powder by the manufacturing method, and therefore it costs a little more. As a result, special processing quality coffee saves much better.
  • Sublimated. This is the best instant coffee. It is expensive, but in it all the qualities of ground grain are maximally preserved. It is this elite food that is best to buy.

A refreshment drink from Moskofe: reviews

This coffee is packed in a tin can, the weight of the package is 90 g, you can buy for 120-170 rubles in a supermarket. It can often be found on store shelves, just many do not pay attention to it. This Indian coffee gets mostly positive reviews, because it is a nostalgic drink.

Many customers claim that this product dissolves quickly. The drink lacks a taste of over-burned, and after drinking at the bottom of the cup there are no foreign inclusions. But some customers are disappointed with this coffee. They claim that it lacks an invigorating aroma and taste. Of course, something is heard, barely reminiscent of the smell of an invigorating drink, but still this is not something that so circles and beckons. Nevertheless, they recommend tasting Indian coffee from Moskofe and touching our past. After all, it is always interesting to find out how the food is transformed over time.


Having made instant regular coffee according to the oriental cuisine recipe, you will give the drink an even finer and richer taste, only slightly transforming the everyday recipe. This technique is used in India, as well as in some other Asian countries. We take:

  • one cup of fresh milk;
  • 1.5 tbsp. l instant coffee;
  • two tbsp. l water;
  • two tsp brown coconut or palm sugar (you can take plain white sugar);
  • a pinch of cinnamon powder (optional).

Manufacturing process:

  1. Boil water and milk in different containers.
  2. Mix sugar, cinnamon powder and instant coffee in a cup.
  3. Pour boiling water over the mixture and mix well, whisking until completely dissolved.
  4. Pour in hot milk.

To serve such a drink, it is good to have a coffee set: the drink will look attractive, and guests will be satisfied.

indian coffee reviews

Delicious drink recipe


  • 1-2 tsp sugar (optional);
  • boiling water - 1 tbsp. (240 ml);
  • 1-2 tsp instant coffee;
  • cream or milk (optional);
  • cocoa, vanilla extract or spices (optional).

And also you need to have a coffee set for serving a drink. Follow these steps:

  1. Boil one cup of water for one serving of coffee. If you want to make more drink, take more water.
  2. Pour instant coffee into a cup. If you like a strong invigorating drink, put a little more, if a weak one - less.
  3. Dissolve coffee in cold water (1 tbsp. L.). Such a soft dissolution, in contrast to the shocking dilution with boiling water, will better reveal the taste of the food.
  4. Pour the hot water carefully into the cup. Remember to leave room for cream or milk, unless you intend to drink black coffee.
  5. Add spices and sugar if you wish. As a result, your drink will have a richer flavor.
  6. Add cream or milk (plain, soy, almond or otherwise).
  7. Stir the invigorating drink until sugar is completely dissolved and serve.

Bon Appetit!


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