Do-it-yourself double beds: a simple assembly algorithm and possible creative solutions

Do-it- yourself double beds are quite possible. It is two times cheaper and not at all long (a couple of days). And exactly how, from what, let's see ... It will take a milling cutter for cutting holes and screws for fastening parts, bolts when you need to fasten parts from the outside, visible side. As well as vinyl glue for greater reliability of fasteners (parts are lubricated at the joints).

  1. Without a blueprint, it is not worth starting any “initiative” at all. In it, you will reflect both dimensions, and proportions, and additional details (for example, shelves). The drawing will guarantee a perfect (or almost perfect) handmade work.
  2. Like any other design, do-it-yourself double beds are built on the basis of the frame. We will make it from 4 thick (3 cm) wooden beams, preferably from pine. We connect them together with screws and get a rectangle, the length of which is equal to the length of the future bed, and the width, respectively.

Be sure to strengthen it along the entire length. Otherwise, your wooden bed, assembled with your own hands , will not long delight you with its reliability. For a strong body, four beams are not enough. In parallel with the bed base (headboard and headboard), we strengthen three more, evenly distributing them along the length of the rectangular frame.

  1. Nail the legs. For them, take wooden bars (better from oak, only he can withstand such a load) of the required height and quite thick.
  2. The whole structure obtained must be sanded and varnished.
  3. From above, the upper dense layer of plywood 1 cm thick is screwed onto the frame with screws.
  4. The bed is upholstered with fabric, a thin layer of foam rubber is placed under the fabric in sharp places, and it is possible along the entire perimeter. The fabric is attached to the wooden frame from the bottom of the bed by any improvised reliable means, the buttons will also work, but as additional fixtures.
  5. It remains the headboard of the desired shape and color, as well as the back (legs), if one is planned. Headboards can be picked up at a hardware store so that the bed fits perfectly into the interior of your bedroom. And you can order the masters. You will instantly cut backs from plywood of any shape you say. Fasten the head with bolts, and since they will be visible from the outside, select “more attractive” (there are decorated bolts specially for this purpose for sale).
  6. A mattress for a bed is either purchased at the store after measuring the bed, or is made independently of the desired length and width, also from foam rubber lined with strong fabric.

So, now we know how to make double beds with their own hands. The only thing left is to implement his most daring drawing, without departing from the specified algorithm of actions.

By following these steps, you can plan, as stated at the beginning of the article, the construction of additional parts. Do-it-yourself double beds are decided to be made specifically for the realization of such original ideas. For example, they construct boxes inside the frame of the desired length and width, which would include all the sleeping accessories. This is not the case with drawers for beds and sofa beds sold in furniture salons. There you can remove from your eyes only bedding. But what about pillows, mattresses and blankets ... Or drawers on wheels, sliding out from the sides of the bed ... What else can you think of?

Do-it- yourself bed transformer is also possible, but more difficult. You can create a design that changes from bed to table or cabinet. On sale there are also multi-tiered transforming beds for a children's room (the number of sleeping places changes). The easiest way is to make a bed-table. It is a structure made of frame, plywood sheet and legs. Remove the bed with the mattress - and this is the table. Such a round-shaped transformer will look more original. You cannot buy a mattress for such a bed, but you can make it yourself from foam rubber.


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