What is lasagna and how to cook it?

What is climbing, many know. But if you have not tried this Italian dish, we strongly recommend making it. Depending on the region of preparation, lasagna recipes may be different. Some make it with tomato sauce, others use bechamel. The filling can be not only minced meat, but also various sausages, seafood or even vegetables, fruits and berries. Lasagna is popular all over the world. Over time, it has undergone significant changes. What is climbing today? Rather, it is a cooking method that involves baking dishes prepared from a layer of pasta sheets with various fillings. There is no specific recipe that must be strictly adhered to. However, some nuances and recommendations should be considered.

what is climbing

Proper dough is the key to a delicious dish

Lasagna paste is now sold in almost every supermarket. But cooking it yourself is not at all difficult. This does not require any specific skills. To prepare the dough for lasagna, you will need two types of flour - premium wheat and the second (durum). In order not to be mistaken when choosing durum flour, look at the label. It must indicate GOST 16439-70. Take the flour (250 grams of each type), mix and pour it on the table with a slide. Make a depression in the center, pour in four large eggs. Add salt and 1 tsp to taste. olive oil. Now you need to knead the dough. When it is ready, it must be wrapped with cling film and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, form a sausage from it. Cut into equal parts. Sprinkle a small amount of flour on each slice. Using a special machine or a rolling pin, roll the dough into thin sheets. However, do not get carried away too much - the dough should not be transparent, otherwise it may break. The optimum thickness of the finished sheets is 1.5-2 mm. Now cut the dough with even, long and wide stripes. Lasagna paste is not recommended to be stored for a long time, so it is better to use everything at a time.

The main thing is the filling

the right dough
To prepare a delicious filling for lasagna (stew), we need meat of any kind. Minced meat is often fried with vegetables and onions, and then stewed with tomato sauce or finely chopped tomatoes. Very tender stew is obtained if you mix pork, chicken and low-fat ground beef in equal proportions. Fry finely chopped onions in olive oil. When it gets a light golden hue, add the minced meat and sauté for 5-7 minutes, stirring continuously. The main thing is that the stuffing does not burn. After that add tomato sauce or chopped peeled tomatoes to it. Salt and add spices - leaves of parsley and black ground pepper. Stew for 20 minutes over medium heat, remembering to stir constantly. The finished filling must be cooled and add bechamel.

Lasagna sauce

What is climbing without this component? Of course, it's hard to imagine. After all, there are many different sauces for lasagna. They are creamy, broth and, of course, tomato. But nevertheless, Bechamel sauce has become a classic and loved by many. Prepare it from butter (50 grams), flour (2 tablespoons) and cream (500 ml). Pour flour into the melted butter, fry for a couple of minutes. In another saucepan, bring the cream to a boil (but do not boil), add salt. The hotter the cream, the less likely there are lumps in the sauce. Cream must be poured into the toasted flour in small portions and constantly mixed thoroughly. The finished sauce should be similar to sour cream in consistency.

main stuffing

Be sure to cook this dish to know firsthand what lasagna is. It is very tasty and satisfying!

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