Interpretation and meaning of the Tarot Three of Wands

Fortunetellers in fortune-telling are traditionally responsible for power and ambition, describe the opportunities and prospects that open to a person in various areas of life. They are convenient when you need to get an answer to a specific question. Of course, each card has its own meaning. Tarot Three of Wands - what does it promise? The answer to this question is contained in this article.

Tarot Meaning Three of Wands: General Information

So what is known about the map? To understand the meaning of the Three of Wands Tarot, it is necessary to carefully consider the figure depicted in the picture. You can see a man standing alone on a high hill. The manโ€™s gaze is directed towards the sea, which extends all the way to the horizon; the pose speaks of confidence. Nearby are three rods, one of which a man holds tightly. They have already managed to grow into the ground, to shoot.

meaning tarot three rods

How does a drawing help to understand the meaning of the Three of Wands Tarot? The map informs that finding a solution to existing problems is easy. All that is required of a person is to remain calm, not to succumb to feelings, and not to commit rash acts.

Direct position

What is the direct position of the Three Rods Tarot card about? The value of this image is vital energy, which a person can easily activate in himself if he demonstrates initiative and confidence. The card carries two significant symbols at once. First of all, this is a wanderer, who has a long and difficult road, who managed to climb to the top as a result. He is also a sage who has reached the height from which the secret meaning of the universe was revealed to him.

the three wands tarot meaning

The direct position of the card informs that everything that is happening to the person is planned for him by fate itself, which should not be rebelled in order to avoid consequences. Obstacles that arise in his way, it is easy to eliminate by showing diplomacy and carefully thinking through each of his actions.

What in conjunction with other cards does the Three of Wands (Tarot) warn? The value of the alignment, in which the Emperor is also present, implies the prompt receipt of the necessary information. In conjunction with the Wheel of Fortune, the Three of Wands ensures that the planned project will soon move or have already moved off the ground.

Inverted position

What is the warning of the fortunetelling Three of Wands inverted (Tarot)? The value of the card in this case signals the excessive haste shown by a person who wants to know his future. Thoughtless actions and deeds can lead to the fact that he will not be able to achieve the desired goal, will not notice the unique opportunities that fate itself provides him. Having obtained such a result, it is worth stopping and thinking.

the three wands of tarot meaning in a relationship

In addition, the Three of Wands can warn of stubbornness and arrogance, which have become a stumbling block in a personโ€™s relationship with the outside world. In this case, you need a long work on yourself.

The combinations in which the inverted Three of Wands are present are also interesting. Say, paired with the Hermit, the map indicates that the fortuneteller risks being left completely alone. Relations with friends deteriorate due to the stubbornness of a person, his unwillingness to compromise. Also, his bad character discourages potential partners, an alliance with which can turn into a profit. In conjunction with the Tower, an inverted map indicates a wrong path, at the end of which fatal failures, losses in different areas of life are possible.

Career, business: direct position

What is the significance of the Three of Wands Tarot in terms of career, business? If the card has a direct position, such a sign should in most cases be regarded as good. There is no doubt that a person never allows himself to break the law, conducts business in good faith.

Tarot Cards Three Wands Meaning

In addition, it is worth suggesting that the fortuneteller was not mistaken in choosing the work of his life, he receives only pleasure from work, which will not disappear in the future. Finally, the card may indicate that the business of interest will be successfully completed, progress has already made itself felt. If the Three of Wands goes in conjunction with the Priestess, the fortuneteller will soon have influential friends, relations with which will turn into substantial benefits. Combinations with the Hierophant indicate a reverent attitude to the letter of the law, which helps in business.

Career, business: upside down

The inverted position of the card, on the contrary, indicates that the fortuneteller has a constant risk appetite, dangerous adventures attract him. It is possible that a person is too keen on dreams, forgetting to soberly assess his chances. Such an approach may turn out to be a mistake for him when choosing a direction, as a result of which all efforts will be in vain or even result in significant financial losses.

three rods inverted tarot meaning

In addition, the inverted Three of Wands is capable of predicting difficulties into which the first successes will soon be transformed. It is very likely that a person will be unprepared for obstacles, and in the end will not be able to successfully overcome them. The presence of the Jester in the scenario indicates a dangerous disorder in matters, with which it is advisable to start fighting right now to avoid serious consequences. The loss of the Three Wands in conjunction with the Devil indicates that a person uses the wrong methods, trying to achieve his goal.

Love, relationship: direct position

If a fortuneteller is interested in issues related to the romantic sphere of life, what can the Troika of Tarot Wands in the upright position warn about (meaning in a relationship)? The appearance of the card suggests that the long-awaited mutual understanding finally reigned in the relationship of the couple, secrets disappeared. Lovers do not hide from each other their intentions.

three rods inverted tarot meaning

The Three of Wands in most cases indicate the strength of the union; a person should not doubt his partner. For those who have been married for a long time, a card can promise a change of residence, a long joint trip. Also, the birth of a long-awaited child is not excluded. People who have not yet married may soon receive a marriage proposal that they have long been counting on. It increases the chances of this event falling out of the Lovers in combination with the Three Wands.

Love, relationships: upside down

Which flipped card matters? The Tarot of the Three Wands in the layout of the relationship in this case warns of problems. It is possible that the cause of the difficulties is the stubbornness of a person, his disagreement with the arguments of reason. It will be possible to correct the situation if the fortuneteller agrees to take the advice of experienced people.

the value of the tarot three wands in the relationship

In addition, the inverted Three of Wands can signal an unpreparedness for a serious step, an unwillingness to deal with emerging difficulties. This value is enhanced if Five Cups goes in conjunction with the card. The union with the Moon, on the other hand, indicates that a man by all means avoids any changes, wanting to maintain relations in their current form. Perhaps he does not want to marry, on which the partner insists, or he refuses to live together.


What is the meaning of the Three of Wands Tarot in health? A card with a direct position generally makes a favorable forecast. However, this does not apply to people suffering from a serious illness. In this case, the Three of Wands testifies to the rapid development of a disturbing ailment. Be sure to consult a doctor, you need a comprehensive treatment.

Should I be afraid if the card is upside down? This symbol indicates sluggish processes. It is possible that the disease from which a person suffers will soon pass or has already passed into a chronic form.

Map of the day

What does the Three of Wands Tarot mean as a card of the day? It is likely that a person has finally taken a strong position from which it will be easy for him to climb the desired peak. It is also likely that this has already happened, that the fortuneteller has opened up enormous prospects, which cannot be taken. Now is the best time to realize your abilities, think over long-term goals, since all plans will certainly be implemented.

Card board

Regardless of the current state of affairs, a person should not allow himself to indulge in doubts about his own abilities. Luck will certainly turn to face him, this may happen in the near future. At the moment, it is worth relaxing and allowing yourself a little rest. The Three of Wands card indicates that the time has come to begin to enjoy life. Existing problems are insignificant, and they will soon resolve.


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