Who wants to know how to solder?

Any of normal men, whether a programmer or a plumber, will say that a soldering iron is an indispensable thing, as it is the main assistant in connecting various plastic and metal parts, from microcircuits to pipes.

How to solder, every self-respecting man should know. If you do not know how to do this, do not be upset, because by reading this article you will learn everything you need.

In order to connect two or more parts you need, you need to use a soldering iron, that is, solder them to each other. Soldering can be called the process of melting solder (special metal) on all surfaces intended for subsequent connection, which, after cooling, fastens these parts. Using a soldering iron and solder, you can strengthen parts and seal unnecessary holes. How to solder:

  • Using sandpaper to clean the surface of the connected parts, then degrease them with acetone or gasoline. This will remove all excess substances from the soldered surfaces. In order for the adhesion to be just perfect, you need to clean the surface of rust, grease and other oxidizing agents. Such cleaning is carried out using special solutions like flux. As a result, you protect the soldered surfaces from rust for a rather long time.
  • It is not enough to find out how to solder a soldering iron correctly ; in addition, you must be able to properly clean it. To do this, immerse the already heated soldering iron in ammonia powder or in rosin, which in turn will clean it of oxidized metal and prolong its service life. You should be very careful, since a heated soldering iron can very easily cause a fire and no one is safe from this.
  • Solder is a kind of mixture of a large number of fusible metals, which, with slight heating, melt and serve as glue, that is, firmly hold the soldered parts. The shape of the solder is not fixed, which means that it can very well be anything, from leaves to chopsticks. With repeated use, the solder takes the form of a shapeless lump, which, in turn, significantly complicates its use, since heating such an area takes a long time. In order to avoid this, it is enough to cut a small piece from it. We will figure out how to solder correctly: we touch the hot soldering iron to the solder, and wait until it heats up, after that it must collect on the soldering iron sting and envelop it. Carefully captures the solder that has enveloped it and at least accurately transfer it to the soldering point of the parts, after which we level it over the entire surface. Next, repeat this operation until the connection reaches a certain strength or all the necessary area is closed. At the end of the hardening of the solder, wipe the soldered surface with a damp cloth and clean it with a file or sandpaper. During stripping, try to make the surface as even as possible.
  • How to solder wires? The secret to this soldering is very simple. Due to the fact that the wires are very thin and prone to damage, they should not be treated with various solutions like flux. It is enough to dilute a little rosin in a small amount of ethyl alcohol and with this mixture strip the bare wires immediately before the weld.

So you have learned how to solder correctly, now you can consider yourself a knowledgeable person in this area. However, to fully master this technique, practice is necessary.

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