Fashionable pedicure ideas

Female legs need care and beautiful design no less than handles, especially in the summer, when closed shoes are replaced by open sandals, shoes and slates. Therefore, fresh ideas pedicure will come in handy. At the same time, it is not necessary to contact the nail master.

pedicure ideas

Harmony in everything

The most fashionable and sought after are those pedicure ideas that imply a complete combination with manicure. That is, both are performed with the same design. It is best to do a pedicure with gel or gel polish in the summer, because it will last a very, very long time, which means that you do not have to worry about frequent repainting of the marigolds on the legs.

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How to do

First, a manicure is performed with the selected design. When it is completely ready, you can start decorating the legs. First, they are steamed in a bath, the coarse layer of skin is removed from the heels and feet. Excess hairs from the fingers are either cut off with scissors, or plucked with tweezers, or shaved. The keratinized layer of skin from nails is best removed using a special machine. If it is not at hand, then you can use the cuticle remover. The free edge of the nail is filed with a nail file. Nail plates are degreased, stained with a base coat for gel or gel polish. It must be dried in an ultraviolet lamp, because the material in another way simply does not harden. Then the nails are coated with color gel or gel polish in one layer. It is advisable to first separate the toes with a special delimiter or cotton swabs. When the color layer dries, the action is repeated to get a more saturated shade. The final step is to fix the pedicure with a top coating. It also dries under an ultraviolet lamp. Pedicure gel polish lasts an average of about three to four weeks, after which it will be necessary to make a correction.


There is only one difference between gel technology and gel polish: material removal. Otherwise, the procedure for performing the pedicure is the same. The gel polish is removed using a special liquid in which the nails are soaked for some time specified in the instructions. But then the gel will have to be cut off with a nail file or a pedicure machine. It is not recommended to do this on your own, as there is a risk of injury to the nails and skin, without having experience with the tool. It is worth contacting the master who did the pedicure. The price of removing the gel from the nails of the feet is higher than that of a similar procedure on the hands - about 800 rubles per work. Gel polish can be removed independently at home, following the instructions for the selected product.

pedicure gel polish

Dot design

Simple pedicure ideas do not require special technologies for their implementation. Take the point design as an example. To do it, you need only dots. This is a special brush that looks like a needle, but with a ball on the end. For example, to create such a pedicure, as in the photo above, it takes only a few minutes. First, the nails are painted with varnish of the selected color. When it dries, dots randomly dot all fingers with the help of dots. You can complement the design with stickers on a large nail. The result is a stylish summer pedicure, the price of which, by the way, in the cabin will be rather rather high - about 700 rubles.

Beat design

Spot design is the easiest and most affordable option at home. And you can beat it profitably and interestingly if you wish. For example, making a drawing in the form of a ladybug. In addition to the dots, you will need to draw the head of the insect and the separator strip for the wings. You can draw such simple pedicure ideas from everywhere. For example, using dot technology, you can create simple patterns that, when decorated with the most ordinary rhinestones, will look fashionable and original.

gel pedicure

Varnish patterns

The pedicure master most often offers his clients the options on which he already has a full hand. But you can come up with a simple design, which is not difficult to create on your own. For example, as in the photo above. The following materials and tools will be required to complete:

  • nail polishes in three colors (white, black, coral);
  • toothed stencil for french manicure (or home-made, from adhesive tape).

First, the nails on the thumbs are coated with white varnish. All the rest are coral. Or alternating at will. When the varnish dries out completely (you can immerse your fingers in a bath of cool water to speed up the process), glued serrated stencils onto large nails. Black color over the free space. When the varnish dries, the stencils are removed. To fix the design, you can cover the nails with clear varnish or a special top.

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Which material is better to choose?

Despite the fact that the pedicure with gel polish lasts long enough, and is removed simply, it is problematic to do it yourself at home. Firstly, not every girl has all the necessary materials and tools. Secondly, at least minimal experience with them is required. But the lacquer pedicure is very simple, because almost everyone can use it. Gel as a design aid is not very good, since it is very difficult to remove. It is recommended to visit the wizard. In addition, it is worth remembering that pedicures are not just nails covered with the selected material, but also treated heels and feet. Be sure to make a relaxing nourishing bath, massage and apply a softening cream. It is better to remove keratinized skin yourself only with a special grater for feet or pumice.


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