Social marketing in modern business

Among all the companies of the modern commercial sector, those are distinguished that, in addition to making profit, also set socially significant goals. These goals include improving the living conditions of orphans, combating the effects of natural disasters and pollution, and creating a healthy and safe lifestyle. In such cases, there is such a thing as social marketing.

The Importance of Social Marketing

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The larger the company, the greater its impact on society. Thus, the scale of tobacco and alcohol companies affects people and instills in them a mindset that is beneficial to manufacturers. But there are those companies that set goals in their activities, the achievement of which will really have a beneficial effect on society. Companies use social marketing to promote their ideas.

Social marketing is the activity of an enterprise that does not bring profit to it and is not aimed at selling products, but at implementing projects that are beneficial. For example, one can quite often see advertisements that call for quitting smoking, countering alcoholism and domestic violence. Such advertising does not bring profit to the company, but informs people about its social orientation.


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Social marketing companies can conduct both specialized charitable foundations and public organizations, as well as those companies whose main activity is the sale of products or services. The first type of company exists through sponsors and volunteer activities. They are entirely dedicated to combating bad habits, illness or social discrimination.

Companies whose social activities are complementary to the core conduct events at their own expense. There are several reasons for socially significant events. These include goals related to reducing taxes and other fees; goals based on creating an image in the eyes of society; goals that are associated with a personal interest in a better world.

Ways to conduct social campaigns

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Social marketing can be done in many ways. Charitable activities of the company can be both announced and kept secret. Social media marketing includes the use of all interactive means of interacting with the audience. These include television, radio, blogs and sites, social networks. In most cases, social media marketing is aimed at encouraging the audience to take action.

Another type of social marketing is practical activities. This type of activity is aimed at directly providing assistance to those in need, raising funds for orphanages, hospitals and other socially significant institutions.

The role of social marketing in society is very large. It is he who gives hope for a better future, shows that people are still ready for activities that will not bring them profit.


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