Program for the manufacture of seals and stamps

Today, any enterprise can not do without stamps and seals in documents. Those times when they were made only by hand have long passed. Now in the world of computer technology it is possible to make a stamp without leaving the monitor, and completely free of charge. There are special programs for making seals for this.

program for the manufacture of seals and stamps

A very useful product called "Stamp" has appeared in the software world. This program for the manufacture of seals and stamps is completely free, and you can download it without any financial costs.

What is it intended for and what functions does it perform?

This program is a virtual process for the manufacture of seals and stamps. Their creation takes place in 3 simple steps. To begin with, you choose the layout for the stamp (ice cream, seal, seal, dater, and so on). Then create an inscription, choosing a font and length. Then save or email your work organization. She, in turn, will produce a stamp according to your template. All, nothing more to "wise" is not necessary!

In the "Stamp" there is the opportunity to place an order for the release of a series of sealers, seals and so on. And you can send an order by mail along with the template you created.

making seals

If you need quality stamp products, you should use this particular program. It will greatly simplify the creation of the stencil you need.

Here are a few of the benefits that a program for making seals and stamps has:

1. When working with it, you do not need to know what Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator, and so on are.

2. No need to be a certified designer.

3. No need to know the state standard specifications of seals for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

4. By filling out the order form in the program itself, you can create an order for the production of stamps and seals.

5. Assistance in filling out order forms and the possibility of sending it by e-mail.

software for making seals
Additional features provided by the program for the manufacture of seals and stamps:

1. There is a huge selection of mock seals, seals, dies, ice seals, daters that meet the requirements of GOST.

2. You can make them quickly, in three elementary steps.

3. Editing and entering text on the layout of the stamp products will not take a lot of time.

4. Support raster field and microtext.

5. Instantly save your layouts.

6. Making an order for the production of sealers and other products using the "Order Form" button.

7. Quick printout of his printer.

8. Sending by email.

9. Ability to save the “Order Form” on the computer itself, diskette or flash drive.

The size of the application in the archive is only 12 MB. The language of the program is Russian.

This is useful to know!

The Stamp application is recommended by the Association of Professional Seal and Stamp Manufacturers in the Russian Federation. Many who have taken advantage of this program have already seen how easy and quick it is to create their own standards for the company.

A computer program for the manufacture of seals and stamps is a real helper for every enterprise. See for yourself!


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