How to chat on a site with Wordpress using plugins and without

Communicating with guests of an online resource is a key element of any blog. Some people have questions, the answers to which he can get by writing them to the chat site. For such cases as an analogue, a commenting system may appear, but this is not suitable for those visitors who want an instant response.

If the site has an online store, then the online chat function will help to answer all user questions in a short time. This will allow the user to quickly determine the purchased goods and make payment.

To solve the issue of how to make a chat on the Wordpress website, you can use ready-made solutions in the form of plug-ins. But in order not to load the system with unnecessary extensions, we will consider a way to make chat on a site using HTML code.

WP Live Chat Support

how to make a chat on the site

An extremely easy to install plugin running on AJAX will help if caching is enabled on the site. It is completely free and does not place any advertising, which will help not to create negative impressions about the site visitors.

The main characteristics of this extension are as follows:

  • Using AJAX technology.
  • Contains no ads.
  • Chat notifications on the desktop.
  • The chat window pops up automatically.

My live chat

how to make a chat on the site yourself

This plugin has a more professional look of the interface and gives the user some additional communication opportunities, also monitors all guests of the Internet resource and displays all data on their activity.

With the free use of this extension, it can be placed only on 1 site. To activate additional functions, you will need to purchase the PRO version.

Key features of the plugin are as follows:

  • Communication with site guests in online mode.
  • Professional looking interface.
  • Search system for keywords and phrases.
  • Broad chat settings.

Formilla Live Chat

how to make chat on html site

This plugin helps to communicate with users browsing the site from both computers and mobile devices online. The operation of the extension on mobile phones and tablets will help make the site a little more visited.

In addition, Formilla Live Chat allows you to change the language of the buttons for online chat. You can replace the chat buttons, its forms, as well as offline forms for email.

Basic data for the plugin:

  • Support not only PC, but also mobile devices.
  • Support not only Russian, but also other languages.
  • Online communication.
  • Monitoring guests online resource.

YITH Live Chat

how to chat on wordpress

The second plugin from this collection, based on AJAX technology. It helps to respond to a user’s request with a greeting message, which is sent in automatic mode, and can be configured in the extension settings menu.

YITH Live Chat supports several tabs, which will help to conduct a conversation with several users at once.

It has the following characteristics:

  • It works on AJAX (the plugin can work when caching is enabled).
  • When a visitor enters, displays an informational message.
  • Ability to communicate in several chats in different tabs.

Tidio Live Chat

how to create a mini chat on the site

No less popular plugin that helps answer the question about how to make chat on the site. There are various design options for mini-chat, from which you can easily find a more suitable design. There is support for other, more than 140 languages.

If the site visitor is not online, then a message is sent to him by email.

It has the following characteristics:

  • 3 variations of the type of online chat.
  • Support 140 languages.
  • Work with different devices.
  • Sending an email message to the user when he is not on the site.


how to make a chat on the site

This multifunctional plugin helps in the matter of how to create a mini chat on the site. It can be configured so that it is displayed only on some pages of the web resource.

This plugin will help in promoting your services by using the pop-up window at the bottom of the page. Wide settings will help to adapt the chat to absolutely any site.

Main characteristics:

  • Many plugin settings.
  • Chat resizability.
  • Extension support service.

WP Chat

how to make a chat on the site yourself

The creators of this extension have a powerful server that helps in the smooth operation of the plugin. You can choose both a paid and a free version of the plugin.

Key points:

  • Allows you to create multiple chats at once.
  • Convenient management.
  • Monitoring
  • Offline posts.

How to make a chat on the site yourself without plugins

In the question of how to make a chat on the site, there are some nuances. If you use ready-made plug-ins, they can load the CMS and make the site less fast.

There is the easiest way for a resource to bring a minimum of load and will not affect the speed of loading an Internet resource.

The question of how to create a mini chat on the site in the form of a side widget on the site will help scripts, and if you want to make a chat on a separate page, you can use another ready-made code.

How to make chat on HTML site? Numerous online solutions can help. HTML chat you can edit and change its design, which will help to tailor it to any web resource.


This article contains a wide selection of various plugins to help you find the answer to the question of how to make a chat on the site. All of them are absolutely free to use, but they also have paid, more advanced versions. All of them differ in some characteristics, design and functions.

Among them, you can easily choose a plugin that helps in the matter of how to make a chat on the site. You can also use the last option, which will help not to load the system with unnecessary extensions. HTML code does not load CMS in any way, and all Java scripts are located on third-party resources. The performance of the CMS and the site itself is not affected in this case.


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