How to make a car trailer with your own hands?

A car trailer is a very convenient and practical vehicle for transporting goods at any distance. If you have one, you don’t need to be afraid for the interior and condition of the chassis, which at full load entails a loss of control, not to mention the stained seats and trunk. That is why today we will consider the question of how to make a trailer with our own hands.

do-it-yourself trailer

Getting to work

To begin with, we need to prepare all the tools and devices, including pipes of rectangular and square cross-section. To make a trailer with your own hands, you need to prepare several meters of pipes with a cross section of 60x30 and 25x25 mm, which will later be used for spars, traverses and racks. At the first stage, you need to combine the frame with the body, namely with its frame lattice. Electrode welding is involved here, so the availability of specialized equipment is mandatory. In order for the resulting frame to be durable, it is possible to further connect the pipes using self-tapping screws, however, to achieve maximum efficiency, several more cross-members must be welded between the body and the frame. 5 metal corners are enough for a car trailer. Next, we need to install racks on the crossbars.

car trailers


Once you have installed the body on the trailer with your own hands, you need to take care of one more detail. The sides must be folded and preferably not only on one side. The thickness of the metal should not exceed 10 millimeters. As for the platform lattice, it should be covered with a duralumin sheet of iron with a thickness of about 2-3 millimeters. After that, you need to screw it to the first device. It is advisable to use, as a connecting element, not welding, but bolts marked M5. Thus, you will get a flat and durable floor on which you can safely transport any building materials.


As a beam, you can use a couple of thick channels, but here you need to take into account one caveat. If you use a very thin material, it may not withstand all the loads. However, do not forget that with each new corner and square you make the trailer design heavier. Therefore, choose a channel that, due to its low weight, will be able to withstand a load of 700-750 kilograms. In the course of work, it is also necessary to weld 2 wheel axles to both devices in advance. If gaps form, seal them with a thin piece of galvanized steel. As wheels, you can use elements from any old car. The same goes for springs. Why don't we use springs? Yes, because a load of more than 1000 kilograms (curb weight + extra load) is unlikely to withstand a pair of such devices. Remember to install and drawbar.

how to make a trailer with your own hands


All car trailers are currently equipped with at least a pair of turn signals and light lights. Therefore, the issue of illumination is in the first place. And since then you will need to register this vehicle with the traffic police, pre-install the place for the license plate on the trailer with your own hands and the backlight for it.


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